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  1. https://igloomag.com/reviews/velum-break-cloaca-analogical-force Cheers for the love, sausage
  2. Enjoyed his welkin ep on af. Would make sense to see wisp there too
  3. A night of divine electronic music with... Plaid (Warp Records) LIVE AV Set Christ (ex Boards of Canada - Benbacula Records) LIVE Plus some very special guests DJs TBA... Saturday June 8th at Mama Roux's, Lower Trinity Street, Digbeth, Birmingham https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1222958?fbclid=IwAR0z2C4GVXD1L0C3rKdxU-Wx3oBu2mJ35qgwybEmshov8UktGqP8ZbhvQ0U
  4. Tickets: https://oscillate-club.eventcube.io/events/16712/oscillate-frank-bretschneider-hia Facebookevent: https://www.facebook.com/events/781327948912050/ See you there then :)
  5. Frank Bretschneider + Higher Intelligence Agency Live @ Oscillate, Saturday 11th May in Birmingham. Lovely venue in Summer, great soundsystem.
  6. fantastic news. ISAM was amazing and the live show was brilliant, one of the best gigs I've been to. hope theres new live stuff in the works
  7. very excited to be part of this. thanks to all involved :)
  8. B1 is Utopia Cloak. it was doing the rounds on soundcloud a while back. EDIT FILM label mate and the bwe connection so makes sense. Marina Garden worth checking out for sure
  9. Have spare ticket if anyone wants to get it off me for £10. Bad mate is bad.
  10. Really liked LD-fb. Gritty but friendly melody. Would like to hear a extended mix of amy's 1st half if that were ever on the cards. Thats one I'd like to jam out live.
  11. [bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=2592631383 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small] First album finished last year. A selection of songs covering period 2014-2017. Lot of synth love in this, Analog4, Blofeld, Ambika, Monologue, Volcas, microbrute. Mostly an East coast synth affair.... Any questions about those synths or anything, happy to answer :) Birmingham (UK) based, looking to start some gigs focusing more on weirder electronic so keep an eye out.
  12. Would most likely want a mixer. You can monitor the incoming audio input but thats it.
  13. not sure if aimed at me. OT and A4 (probs rytm too) had performance macros which made things pretty fun for doing stuff on the fly. Agreed, could just muck around with fx but linking sample speed, filter res, reverb sends etc etc to one knob was a simple way to make things mad. it wouldn't affect the track settings either so you could mad without bombing the song.
  14. Agree on blofeld's reputation. Its got character and its not all thin and heartless. Bit clicky though. Made nice use of it on this track. What did you do the bass with? I like songs that are mostly all one synth, get a good feeling of its character.
  15. Similar to above, bass line is infectious. Like the shuffle feel too and sprinkles of triples
  16. Got one a few months back. Smart little box, prefer it over the OT. Also got it for live use (mainly sequencing) but lack of performance mode is a let down. Hoping for something in a future update though. Good for a basis of a track i.e. getting away from pc to start. Possible to program everything you need. When I first opened it up, it was like techno in a box. Very fun to just get lost in.
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