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  1. that shit looked intense. how often does richard come to the US to play?
  2. that first track is some gnarly shit, love how the main synths go up and down.
  3. thanks man appreciate it. dark ambient is definitely very useful for passive listening, which is just as fine as active listening. i was kinda going for an isolationist and desolate feel with this but I definitely understand you wanting some more samples and sound design to grapple with as a listener. again thanks for the feedback.
  4. i like it, love the very submersed intro leading into the melodies that take over throughout the rest of the track. I repeat what 1000 club said, fleshing out the latter half of the track wouldn't be a bad idea but i dig it how it is right now.
  5. My latest dark ambient track. All comments/critiques welcome. https://soundcloud.com/sanctivv/final-hour
  6. these are so fun to listen to omg
  7. 12.2.b is fucking lit, love the intricate sound design
  8. I dig this, some pretty unique sound work going on over that beat.
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