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  1. Listened to it the other day. Very varied but still goes well together. Nice job.
  2. Damn it. I was using it less and less for music lately but the house thread and techno thread were ones I checked regularly.
  3. Good, synchronized clapping on the start of every beat is the work of the devil. I'm willing to sacrifice ordinary applause to get rid of it.
  4. This one was probably posted already:
  5. Thanks for the encouragement :) I'll keep at it. Many lovely tracks already posted in this thread. Here's some more favorites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URsf56iNKf0
  6. I pretty much breathe this stuff for the last year. Especially Shlømo's stuff. Check out everything by: Shlømo Ness Deepbass Claudio PRC Donato Dozzy Luigi Tozzi Korridor Artefakt Cyspe Abdulla Rashim Acronym Refracted Alan Backdrop Dino Sabatini Iori AWB PVNV Wata Igarashi A Sacred Geometry Amandra Flogo CHPTR Ben Buitendijk Voices From The Lake Skymn Edit Select If you're interested, here's a short mix I recorded half a year ago that is a showcase of exactly this sound. The mixing isn't amazing at all times (still learning), but it's comprised of only this sort of music.
  7. No party, home alone, might have a beer.
  8. Is he the guy that played the young kid in Star Trek?
  9. Nice! Have any recommendations for house labels that press vinyl that you like? I don't really follow house music as closely as techno, but here are some labels that seem to be popular: Giegling Traumprinz Aniara White Material Sushitech
  10. People already do this all the time in house/techno. Usually it's very strongly advertised in web shops with "vinyl only!", as if it's a sign of quality or something. Still, some of it pretty good. But not any more often than for digitally available music.
  11. I like some of these. There's no way I'm buying the whole thing however.
  12. It's funny going to other countries where they take these things seriously, remember getting dirty looks in Amsterdam when crossing the road, same in Germany. Not even sure if they have jaywalking laws there, or do they just really enjoying following rules (you see everyone standing at traffic lights even when there's zero traffic, weird). Here in Norway we have the optimal solution. The red light on a pedestrian traffic signal means that the cars have right of way. This only makes it illegal to cross if you are hindering traffic.
  13. This is Actress btw http://www.residentadvisor.net/news.aspx?id=31190
  14. Further records are on a roll
  15. Hard chillout Club generative music Flute glitch Drone gabber
  16. I don't think I've ever noticed this tbh. Must not be a Norway thing.
  17. That thing is moving 14 km/s? Holy shit. That's more than 40 times the speed of sound.
  18. I really miss some deep or catching melody theme evolving throughout the song. What snares track actually has this?
  19. For what it's worth, I've always enjoyed your posts. You question things a lot, and I like that.
  20. I think techno is almost as good as IDM these days.
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