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  1. That Fracture mix is where it’s at.
  2. Remaining cautiously optimistic about this.
  3. Late here but also attended and still processing how mindblowing this set was. Still can't believe I've seen RDJ live yet.
  4. I may not have the most posts here but I'm a constant lurker, Brooklyn-resident and Aphex fan of about 12 years now. Seeing Aphex Twin would be a dream come true for me. He's a bucket-list act that I had never even included on my bucket-list because the idea of seeing him live seemed so unrealistic until this week. I'd love to hear anything from Drukqs played at this show, like how he dropped Vordhosbn live in Berlin, but really I'm just looking forward to hearing the set he puts together and combing through the artist ID's once it's over. I'm also hoping he sells those subway map collapse posters at the show because they are a thing of beauty, I tracked down the Williamsburg location while the glue was still wet on Sunday to try to peel one off for myself to no luck. Thanks for doing this & best of luck to everyone!
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExTtXmV7S2I
  6. Yes, me: https://m.soundcloud.com/seaburn-1/allendlores
  7. Got mine today, very spooky and ethereal score. Unmade is an absolutely beautiful track, probably his best solo song to date.
  8. Didn't see a thread for this one, really enjoyed it! The Field is a consistently good artist but this one stands above some of his more recent work to me.
  9. Not big on either of these tracks, they're a fun distraction but I'm more interested in seeing what direction his next album goes in.
  10. nineFly comes together by the end quite nicely. The rest falls into place after that. Here's two: 1. gonk steady one 1. tt1pd
  11. There's a new album in the works based on some clues Nigel Godrich has dropped.
  12. This life is one of my favorite things Tim Hecker has released in a while. The album gets looser and looser as it goes on, I thought. Did enjoy my first listen a lot though. Will have to give it a few more listens before I can compare it to the rest of his stuff.
  13. NTS could perhaps be my favorite ae release ever. It flows incredibly well and really only drags in a few areas, which is no easy feat for 8 hours of music. It contains not only some of their greatest bangers ever (gonk steady one, tt1pd, violvoic, glos ceramic), but also some of their best ambient works of all time (column thirteen, shimripl casual, all end). Did I mention that those bangers are 15-25 minutes long? I can't name another electronic artist who can keep my attention for that long on a single track. To me it seems like a fully realized version of the sound they were going for on elseq 1-5. It retains the same "difficulty" of sound design all while somehow being more accessible at the same time. Ae are at the top of their game right now and NTS 1-4 is a monumental testament to that.
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