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  1. play this loud. new listens show the quieter details buttressing the chords/pads. very much like their middle era stuff, like others have said. i think some of the simplicity in the harmonies is deceptive for a first listen
  2. ooo I'm gonna touch my weiner, this is good shit.
  3. Bars and restaurants will be closed in WA state, as well as "entertainment and recreational facilities". Events of 50+ now banned. Will be really interesting to see what happens next to reimburse all of these businesses and employees.
  4. I'm also a WA resident, sorry to hear about your situation man. I've heard there are definitely state resources for people whose employment is affected by this virus. Employment Security Department: https://esd.wa.gov/newsroom/covid-19 Best of luck.
  5. I can understand the sentiment, but also noteworthy is how readily people ignore the effects of day-to-day living this has for everyone. You can consider immediate effects on your life and also the global and life-threatening implications of the virus, too. These aren't mutually exclusive.
  6. Seattle update, schools are closed in three counties until April 24. 250+ person events are banned. Kremwerk and many venues have all but completely shut down and tickets are being refunded. I predict a lot of these measures will in fact roll into summer, which means my hopes of not being depressed all year long are definitely in jeopardy
  7. I live downtown and have been ordered to work from home until May. if this restriction on large events creeps into my June/July Seattle festivities, this completely spoils the only good season in the region and I'm going to cry.
  8. I just saw their performance in Seattle last week and it was incredible. You won't be disappointed. Since the concert I've had Riceboy Sleeps on steady rotation. Looking forward to giving this a listen.
  9. Bias and everything after it are pretty damn good. My friend recommended this, and I can see the placement with Jon Hopkins, Jamie XX, Four Tet, etc (and I listen to them, too) but there's a sparseness here laid out in every track. I haven't hooked deeply into it yet. It's still great though? Sea-Watch leading into Apoptoses is a beautiful thing.
  10. I threw a little money at some 12"s. But I reallly wanted to throw more money at ae. for some reason I kinda like the art, i'll call it punk because that artwork doesn't give a shit that nobody thinks it looks good.
  11. The Light Brigade is a solid piece of work. Like, my favorite piece of work from Daedalus in I don't know, a decade. I'm pretty sure nobody listened to it but it's minimal, intimate stuff. It takes me places I don't normally go, and I don't often put it on. When I stack it next to his other recents (Labyrinths, Taut?) I'm baffled, I don't get it. Really. But I'm a little hyped for another history-album. and I kinda like anticipating a return-to-form, the track here is pretty cool. I'm into the raw half-assed singing over what's grinding, this is good. I want raw fuckery tbh.
  12. alchemical


    WNSN bloomed for me finally, and, what a track. The first 60 seconds is not welcoming; I opened the wrong door at a party. Someone's having a coke freak-out?, and probably they meant to lock this door, and this is NOT Theswere pt. 2, Hey I'm sorry let me just- But I can't retreat, Quaristice is about facing these wrong-turns because there's some truth to un-cover at the bottom of all of this? The track settles into a tighter chambered groove that reminds me of something earlier in the evening, was it Simmm? I'll hang out here. As it turns out the chaos was a front, because now these
  13. I downloaded this hours after it was posted, but completely forgot to listen until I was stuck at home a month later, wisdom teeth freshly extracted from a swollen bleeding mouth and nothing for me to do with myself really except blast tunes and play video games. With a double dosage of percocet starting to kick in, what proceeded was pure magic, I was not properly strapped in for the rich and entrancing pleasure these two hours had in store for me. Fucking. Perfect. worth forgetting to listen to, I wonder if this will still be my favorite 'chre when the 'cet wears off.
  14. Listening to this now accompanied by video makes me appreciate the music even more. Great video, it feels like a work of passion. Thanks for sharing man.
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