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  1. I downloaded this hours after it was posted, but completely forgot to listen until I was stuck at home a month later, wisdom teeth freshly extracted from a swollen bleeding mouth and nothing for me to do with myself really except blast tunes and play video games. With a double dosage of percocet starting to kick in, what proceeded was pure magic, I was not properly strapped in for the rich and entrancing pleasure these two hours had in store for me. Fucking. Perfect. worth forgetting to listen to, I wonder if this will still be my favorite 'chre when the 'cet wears off. When 33:50 (pt1) came on, all I could do is close my eyes and drool in a blood swirled state of bliss.
  2. Listening to this now accompanied by video makes me appreciate the music even more. Great video, it feels like a work of passion. Thanks for sharing man.
  3. I'm hearing pt2ph8 in column thirteen.
  4. alchemical

    elseq 1-5

    7th Slip is my favorite portal to hell
  5. Ban pls but i love all of those things about it
  6. dummy casual pt2 is soft in the head, it's a hudmo song sieved thru an autigre reverb patch and played on iphone speakers
  7. the concept of the javascript framework was a mistake. making it a personal goal to submit my next website to this
  8. NTS 2 is the hiphop album i have always wanted. oh my effing gerd, this is off the dick.
  9. I've listened to this more than a dozen times and I can't answer this question, but I have to say the proper way to hear north spiral is thru your torso. BBQ is somehow profound. better than elseq. I want to hear this in a live venue
  10. I watched his 2015 lectures on youtube a few years before all of this political diarrhea, and there wasn't a single controversial sentence uttered. just a survey of some great thinkers (Nietzsche, Piaget, Jung, Dostoevsky) made relevant with a modern lens psychology and social science, and the good kind of science that is actually backed up by empirical data I found it pretty interesting, and his ideas really cover all kinds of ground. I tuned out of the gender bullshit. What is with all of the reactionary commentary surrounding this psychology professor at UofT? why's it another line in the sand, throwing "alt-right" (this dude is not) around and moving on? The ideas this professor talks about aren't even his own, they were baked up in early 1900s by geniuses. Sooo why aren't we talking about that stuff? weird ass identity politics and online discourse these days
  11. I'm not getting into this, and i can't figure out why but her self-titled is holding up really well. That and Silent Shout are exactly the irreverent swedish syntesizer music our world deserves and I cherish them both
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