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  1. Hey guys! Due to the strong demand we decided to press the standard Black copies also as 3x12”, putting on wax all the 9 Muta tracks! Here you can Preorder! https://electroniqueitrecords.bandcamp.com/album/muta
  2. Leo Anibaldi: Muta - First Ever Reissue An essential piece of the Italian history, and more precisely of the early Rome’s rave scene in the ’90, is finally back after almost 25 years. Reissue of the classic album Muta by Leo Anibaldi is now available. First 100 copies in 3xLP Blue. All in Audiophile 180gr. vinyl https://electroniqueitrecords.bandcamp.com/album/muta A mysterious yet enormous record this one, channeling some of the blackest ambience of the Italian maestro, blowing up the ‘techno’ term into eight slow burners that easily recall the most quieter side of Coil and the r
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