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  1. RIP i haven't been here as long and as often as many of you but it's really nice and touching to see the community come together this way. hearing the mozex vocals again brought a wide smile to my face
  2. i've given some thought to how piracy, and most likely cloud services, and the following availability of the content offered makes art less dear to us and how we simply add things to playlists/download and catalogue them without actually enjoying them. maybe because we stream/download things we'd otherwise not buy, or because there's just so much other stuff to go through we feel we don't have time to give to the stuff we've already got. as consumers, we become less picky. or maybe it's just me. i've got so much shit in my backlog i don't feel like going through. what's that supposed t
  3. *spotify doesn't pay artists enough, so i'll download their stuff illegally, for free instead* while i wholeheartedly agree with how spotify's business model is as disgusting as daniel ek's quote, i gotta disagree with how a lot of posters seem to think it offers a bad user experience etc. etc. i was a subscriber for several years, tried to do without it for a number of months, and ended up resubscribing because of the convenience offered. (@dcom i've also thought of convenience as a problem, but haven't heard of the article. looks interesting) i'm not an extremely busy person, but f
  4. what did you end up getting? bought and finished disco elysium this month. really immersive and entertaining, despite the choppy gameplay on my 2015 macbook air. am usually disappointed with games that allegedly have a "great story". sometimes i feel like gamers/critics/developers haven't watched a single decent movie. that wasn't the case this time though. great writing indeed. will definitely play through once i've given my poor computer some well deserved rest
  5. dunno if this qualifies. it's their only song on YT and more electronic than the rest of their album. they've been active for a fair while, though the album is from 2010
  6. i work in a psychiatric ward in stockholm where i have two caretaker colleagues in their 30s-40s who look like they could be browsing watmm happy to hear you're doing better
  7. geg

    Shitpiss 15

    *italicized emoji*
  8. i mean, the real credit should go to zeffolia
  9. i mean he's just showing us what everyone else is wearing during their zoom meetings
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