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  1. Lets not put Dave off from releasing more material I’d pay £100 for a studio version of that Madrid Track
  2. Wow it’s somehow even better than Caprolactam lp
  3. So potentially there might be one or two more releases on this label. Bring it on.
  4. Hmm sounds very basic and uninspired from those two Bandcamp tracks :(
  5. I spent way too much money on a Diesel hoodie only to realise after removing the tags and wearing it out for one day it is way too gangsta/wigga for me.
  6. I've been consciously learning social skills because its been too long existing without them. I want to be weird and cool at the same time. The gallowed hallowed dark horse.
  7. I also got this version and prefer it to the actual album. Sounds legit to me but it could be a well made fake I guess. Having both versions shuffled together is best! Moves between the bitter sweet sounds of the leak to the crazy weird raving sounds of the official. The mix sounds the same in both versions as does the sound pallet, although the arrangements are very different, which makes me think it is genuine Bogdan. But the leak is a bit quieter overall (maybe it isn’t mastered). Both of these versions are of such immense quality that it would be really sad if the leak isn't officially released.
  8. I can't be the only one who obtained/was forced at gunpoint to listen to a leaked version which sounds completely different to the official version, but just as good and without doubt a Bogdan production. The Bandcamp picture of the CD also shows a second jewelcase...bonus CD maybe?
  9. SLSK records 128kb ION turntable edition
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