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  1. i only knew salv for a couple years, only talked to him a bit on discord, about alaska and north australia and weird .PDFs.. he was the very first person i *noticed* on watmm, mainly cos of his marilyn whirlwind avatar he used to have... i love northern exposure, that was my #1 fave tv show as a kid.. never seen anyone online reference it until that avatar.. i was like, i like this guy, i should join watmm.. anyway he seemed like a bit of a legend and a very real dude.. great muso too! place won't be the same without you man.. feel a bit dumb posting anything since i hardly knew him but, i keep thinking about him the last couple days.. so so sorry, to all you people who were his friends for so long. x
  2. oh yeah, this amiga was modded with a CF card as a hard drive, so i copy files over on that via a CF card reader.. works nicely! your tracks even sound great blasting out of CRT telly speakers ? goteks look good. though i have been enjoying using actual floppies just for fun...
  3. these are rad!! yeah awesome stuff. and thanks for uploading the mods.. i just got an amiga, gonna check em out =o)
  4. i like that, especially the bit in the middle from 1:40 or so, really nice sounds!
  5. cheers darrei! ? i think it gets worse as it goes on, haha.. track 1 had the most attention paid to it..
  6. hi for the first time in awhile! music hasn't been coming easy lately.. too busy with stupid life n stuff.. but i did this ep the other day- https://eryngi.bandcamp.com/album/phonegg-1 getting back to my roots with some lite IDMish cheesiness done in Buzz tracker. just a quick little thing.
  7. really love this one.. eod keeps outdoing himself.. so good!
  8. i really liked this.. nicely atmospheric and interesting all the way through.. it was cool reading the little mini stories about the samples in the bandcamp text too
  9. my future egypt arrived today.. got a slightly cracked case on the way to australia but the tape's fine. fave track so far: bonk. sweet bonus stickers too ?
  10. eryngi


    thanks much pplz = )
  11. eryngi


    new one i did this weekend.. came out less strong than the last one maybe. a different vibe..crab style impressionist acid/lounge? perhaps i should have edited it down shorter but, nahhh ?i was having a nice time..
  12. no idea if it's obscure or not but i love plux quba
  13. it's nice. i'm a fan of plinly plonky things. doesn't immediately grab me like some of their others..less spectacle..but some bits are really lovely.. gonna keep listening until i Know it. second go now. (next up, quaristice and exai, my other two big blindspots, though i have at least listened to them before.
  14. i used to use it a lot for recording bands.. it was really good. my fave DAW for that kind of stuff. i've not done any electronic musics/midi/composition etc with it tho, so dinno how it is for that..
  15. i'm going to listen to this for the first time, tonight.
  16. eryngi


    cheers Spiral!? LP5 eh.. hmm i can't hear it.. but, makes sense, that's seeped in deep..by far my most listened ae.. really have to do something about that. i somehow never find the time to catch up. maybe this week..! yeah i'm gonna make that my mission..
  17. watched Embrace of the Serpent the other night. i loved every minute of it.. seriously captivating film.
  18. eryngi


    thanks ecz! your recent tracks have been especially inspiring to me, sort of thinking like a language of movement and sound shapes, more than beats n tunes.. this was a beginning attempt at moving in that direction, tho hopefully with my own flavour.. so anyway, glad you like it ?
  19. eryngi


    thanks very much auxien ❤️
  20. eryngi


    https://eryngi.bandcamp.com/album/ambivalent2metacontent made this last night, longform melodic drone/ambient/noise ish stuff. live trackpad twiddling, one take, all mistakes left in.. except track 3 is from another time.. i wanted to do something more raw than my usual, just hit record on tape and go, no chance of going back to fix automation etc.
  21. i keep thinking i might get an octatrack. i have 0 gear, just a laptop. octa looks really fun (i hadn't even really watched any vids of em in action until this week). it'd be nice to use something totally different from what i'm used to. haven't quite decided yet...could do without a case of GAS... >_>; dunnno
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