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  1. i only knew salv for a couple years, only talked to him a bit on discord, about alaska and north australia and weird .PDFs.. he was the very first person i *noticed* on watmm, mainly cos of his marilyn whirlwind avatar he used to have... i love northern exposure, that was my #1 fave tv show as a kid.. never seen anyone online reference it until that avatar.. i was like, i like this guy, i should join watmm..

    anyway he seemed like a bit of a legend and a very real dude.. great muso too! place won't be the same without you man.. feel a bit dumb posting anything since i hardly knew him but, i keep thinking about him the last couple days.. so so sorry, to all you people who were his friends for so long. x


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  2. it's nice. i'm a fan of plinly plonky things. doesn't immediately grab me like some of their others..less spectacle..but some bits are really lovely.. gonna keep listening until i Know it. second go now. (next up, quaristice and exai, my other two big blindspots, though i have at least listened to them before.


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  3. i keep thinking i might get an octatrack. i have 0 gear, just a laptop. octa looks really fun (i hadn't even really watched any vids of em in action until this week). it'd be nice to use something totally different from what i'm used to. haven't quite decided yet...could do without a case of GAS... >_>; dunnno

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  4. 7 hours ago, valleyinaire said:

    how is everyone storing this bad boi in their libraries? yall splitting it all into individual tracks, or keeping the two parts intact?



    ? love these tracks, really fun stuff

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  5. this is cool.. rad little sound world to sink into, with all those different synth tweaks, the bits where it goes all stereo or rhythm-gatey.. i don't think the drums sound detached from the rest.. they're just maybe a bit quiet in the mix, or lacking some punch compared to them really nice synths


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  6. listened to veliform as i was drifting off to sleep this morning...really nice stuff. it's so visual... drawing shapes in my head... love the quite gentle sound of it all... esp veliforms ii & i. probably the kind of thing where if i listened while up and about i wouldn't be able to sink into it but, half asleep at 5am it was perfect

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  7. 6 hours ago, cichlisuite said:

    Oh right, I forgot about The Spy Who Came in From the Cold, it was very good, but I didn't know it's a sequel to Ipcress. Gorkiy Park looks interesting, it might even be the "guy-who-screws-off-the-gearshift-lever" film I've been looking for.

    Do you mean Le Bureau des Legendes? It appears interesting so I'll check it out. Thanks.

    Thanks, will check out.

    yep, that's the one!

    and oh, sorry, didn't mean Gorky Park was the IPCRESS sequel..it's unrelated.. 

    the sequels are Funeral in Berlin & Billion Dollar Brain (60s) and then Bullet To Beijing & Midnight in St Petersburg (90s)

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  8. 2 hours ago, cichlisuite said:

    Hey you guys know any good spy movies? But real stuff movies, not james bond or austin powers please.


    not sure if it's exactly about spies but Gorky Park maybe.. i've not seen it myself but remember it was one of my mum's fave books (which there is a film of, obvs), on the shelf with all the Le Carres.. also, The Spy Who Came In From the Cold.. there are sequels to ipcress file too..

    and, well, this won't scratch your itch at all, but it's good - french show The Bureau.. modern day spy/political thingo. it has pesky relationships stuff etc - though it's not macho, much more realistic style - but also heaps of tradecraft, the difficulty of reintegrating into normal life for a returned spy, and those lovely sitting-around-in-offices-and-walking-down-corridors type bits.. one of my fave shows of recent times..


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  9. 3 minutes ago, Echolalia said:

    Is it a flatscreen crt? The later tech ones had hd component and vga ports on. Great picture, so vibrant.

    nah neither of these are flatscreen, though the small dying one has component and yess, looks awesome. it'd been many years since i used em, had forgotten how good they look. but i'm fine with composite and even mono audio, just really want 34cm-ish size :)

  10. i got a tv and it's too big

    (currently obsessed with CRT and the 34cm one i found in someone's garbage which was great for awhile has developed some nasty electrical buzzing and whistling, so been keeping an eye out for another better one. i specifically want it really small, i like the vibe and that's what i have space for. they seem rare around here.. finally found one nearby, listed as 34cm.. bought it.. went to pick it up and it's like twice the size, lol. whaddya gonna do)

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  11. 3 hours ago, TubularCorporation said:

    Video day.  Just waiting for the raw footage to arrive and the sun to set and then I'll fire everything up.



    ooooh. lovely ? what're you doing with it? i'm messing around with VHS atm, tho just recording off laptop.. it's fun.. i want an analogue vid mixer so bad

    edit: are those commodore monitors as great as their reputation suggests? seriously considering trying to get one.. i just have a 34cm crt tv found in hard rubbish. it's fine, but has started sporadically making a horrid whining noise which doesn't stop til you thump it. (not normal crt whine, much louder nastier one)

  12. 6 minutes ago, chronical said:

    I'm a bit torn on dragon's dogma, am I supposed to accept all quests on a board and run around the map? And there's no fast travel, just stones you can travel with once? 

    oh i thought you could just keep using those travel stones? dunno, i like walking everywhere ?

    quests... i just accept them all and then ignore them until i'm at a loose end some time and feel like it.. not a fan of list-of-tasks-to-check-off style games really.. i mostly just wander around.. 

    it's so generic and sort of drab, but d-dogma really shines in DUNGEONS.. going down that well in the starting town was when i first fell in love with it....it's really good at darkness and night, and a sense of exploring dank places. the enemy grabbing mechanic! and the thing pawns do where they learn stuff about the world while off journeying with other players, then act on it when they come back to you, is real clever. does take ages for the battling to get more interesting - you can eventually change to new classes.. magic archer's fun, it's like Rez multi-lockon with bow & arrow.

    DD so sort of terrible and videogamey af ("wolves arisen! they ill like fire" x5000) but def has some magic hidden depths i reckon..

  13. Umihara Kawase Fresh! demo off the JP eshop.. love this series of games. bouncy fishing line grapple madness. this one has a bunch of basic story/quest type stuff i could do without but apart from that, it's rad! as maddeningly difficult and satisfying as ever.

    also Dragon's Dogma again... why is it so good... 

  14. 4 minutes ago, triachus said:

    someone quote my post so i can hear the blip


    i still can't view/edit my payment method, or add a new one, for the store thing.. all it'll let me do is edit my billing address, click "confirm & pay", then error out saying to use a different payment method

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