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  1. whoops, got distracted, got out of music making mode and forgot to login here for awhile.. thankses for listenings! yeah that meltingwolve track is more semi-live reaktor twiddling. only thing i was trying to do was make all drums/fartsnares with a monosynth (the ensemble 'Deep Energy' in this case).. agreed it goes nowhere, just a bit of a test.. i like that splatty bit around 2:45 too, definitely want to try making it continue evolving in that direction :) thanks for the feedback! this is michael jackson: the video is just an unfinished/abandoned version of a game i was making..some kind of trippy racing/shoot-em-up thing.. (coding arcade games is my other thing i like doing. i'm in coding mode atm and not been doing any music...i cycle between these...)
  2. thanks for the feedback auxien! i feel lack of direction is almost always a thing with my tracks. the biggest thing i want to work on in general. but yeah there's something about Jurate i like. i'll keep at it. my workflow is pretty much: have a bit of spare time, make the skeleton of a new track, if i don't hate it upload to soundcloud for a bit of potential human interaction, plan to finish it later, repeat :)
  3. unsure how well these fit but, from a fave album, Grape Iris by D-Day.. and probably the least fitting but i love it so..
  4. like this very much. i've never listened to james blake before. i always thought he was the same person as james blunt until right now. better check out more of him! anyway just want to say the chorus vocal glitch stutter use in this is rad. at first it sounded like "oh yeah a glitch plugin cool alright..." to me, but later became an emotionally integral part of the song in the same way the vox messing around on Everything in its Right Place does. OR SOMETHINg. edit:just to get all defensive, it doesnt quite sound cliched to me but im fully underexposed to edm or whatever popular things (have never heard skrillex either haha) so what it sounded like to me was a pop music guy (i was still thinking about james blunt) slightly ineptly messing with sound manipulation, and the ineptness gave it some charm. just like when i first heard kid a. :D
  5. thanks for sharing! i'm into it. it is just my cup of tea for pre-bedtime relaxo music, and far more spacious with room to dream in than a lot of other such music i listen to.
  6. a thing i was going to say but couldn't get the words together before was, they all have a very unified, live recording type sound to em, as opposed to a more uh.. studio album type sound - like most everything is the same distance in the mix, or under the same reverb or something.. i reckon it could sound cool if some elements sounded like a different layer, so the different layers sit inside or outside each other in the mix. if that makes any sense... (ok maybe i still can't get the words together..). basic example: weird reverby messed up beats, with clean/dry synth lines surrounding them. or vice versa. sorryt if this makes no sense. anyway, not a bad thing at all, just what i was thinking when listening. and now i've read how you're making these and what they're for it totally makes sense how they sound.
  7. i'm really into Lucid Dust especially, great slightly melted feelgoos atmosphere.. would buy an album of this stuff. (and then record it back onto cassette because that's what i like to do)
  8. awesome vid!! do you want feedback on the track? if not, ignore: to me it's quite stilted and mechanical sounding - i kept wanting to speed the beats right up and make it looser n stuff. edit:this is just down to personal taste obvs. (but, sorry, i'm new and unfamiliar with your work, is this more just experimenting with that amazing looking modular gear you got there? having just tinkered with vcvrack a bit, making songs that way at all is prettty mindblowing to me! looks like a lot of fun). anyways, really enjoyed the video =)
  9. cheers TIMJ! the synths were just placeholder, got lazy.. i do like the beats tho, gotta turn it into something.. all that phasing is just the effect of my dodgy walkman. i like it but yeah it's just there through everything, unavoidable. next time i try tape stuff i might use a different tape deck, but i really like how that particular walkman, sony wm-d6c, sounds when it's working. you can hear a previous, clean iteration of that track in this video if you want to..
  10. super cool! i like it. sidechainsaw style. i gotta try this.. how'd you put it together, just all on one track, or multitracks and then cut intersecting bits out afterwards? (or, hardware or aomething)
  11. oh a game music thread! pls forgive me for posting my own stuff but here's my attempts at doing C64 SID music with GoatTracker, for a (now defunct) iOS game i made back in 2011.. man i love SID chip sounds. way cooler soundtrack than that really stupid game deserved, haha.
  12. thanks heaps! that one's really basic.. pretty much a pseudo-live jam.. set it going looping some stuff through some delays and whatnot, then record automation tweaking for the whole thing, over multiple passes (with the mouse, one knob at a time, haha.. i have a little midi keyboard but haven't yet got into the habit of actually using the knobs on it). eventually i'll go back and clean it up / get rid of the bad bits / etc..
  13. these are incredible.. hyperdetailed cities of sound.. and fun to listen to =) just been checking out your soundcloud a bit and loving everything i've heard on there...! i feel like your glitch/jump-around/granular/whatev sound messing up style is really musical and language-like
  14. wow thanks gemini archives! reckon that's the best thing anyone's said about my stuff =D will definitely mess around with tape more soon.. the walkman i used has something slightly wrong with it where the sound sometimes goes all muffled and pans around.. holding down pause part way makes it fix itself. might try with some noise reduction next time. or like, record with dolby C NR and then playback with it off - does some weird compression which sometimes sounds cool and sometimes sounds amazingly bad. friday night wip jam
  15. i totally feel this. i don't know much music theory, just go by ear.. some things i try which sometimes are good and sometimes horrid: (assuming sequenced/midi stuff) automatic scale changers - eg the 'scale' midi fx in ableton live. record my cheesy obvious tune and map it to a different scale afterwards. sometimes only a couple notes get changed, sometimes the whole thing. (sometimes i map it to a scale with only 2 or 3 different notes in so the melody becomes a rhythm line instead).. occasionally come up with some really pleasing total mood changes this way, which i probably wouldn't have done on purpose. arpeggiators - again, i often stick these on a tune i've already laid down & then tweak for unpredicted results, as opposed to setting up intentionally beforehand. can use them to change the timing, add little ornaments in between notes, set non-major-or-minor-key-preserving intervals so things sound wrong (maybe i put a scale changer on it afterwards to make it sound differently right again), etc. play the same tune through two different arps with different timing to catch/emphasise different notes & make more intricate rhythms. arp can sound too uniform & obvious as well so it's fun to automate it.. if i'm recording with midi keyboard (which, i can't really play keys, i just mess around with it) i try to just dwell on the feeling of playing it, the rhythm i'm playing instead of the exact notes. and wobble the pitch bend around in pattern-ish ways, like the pitch bend is a rhythmic element. if it's a repeating melodic line - delete some of its notes. delete a couple. delete some important ones. delete all of them except three, whatever. then delete different ones next time. so instead of a tune which repeats over and over, it's like different parts of the tune are revealed at different times and ur brain can fill in the gaps.. .. so yeah those are things i try to do, which aren't as cool as being able to just come up with and perform interesting stuff intentionally.. but at least maybe can be a way in, or a way to get ideas.. =)
  16. couple videogame ones.. Paranoid Android and this track from King's Field 4: Blade Runner end theme and this music from Judge Dredd for C64! .. well maybe..
  17. gzzzxxkchhhhhkzkx beep boop beep.. this rocks! i'm really into your sounds.
  18. cruisy :) i put this on in the car on the way to the shops just now, looked at the hills and clouds, it was good
  19. these are rad! love the production, esp on the first two.. softly powerful.. and their simplicity... 47tape just makes me happy
  20. hey cheers, thanks for checking em out! (music making ramblings) i don't really know how the mixing on any of my stuff is.. it's all headphones. things i want to practice lots: beats. never been good at programming them. the only times i'm happy with them it was accidental, haha. gotta try doing stuff more intentionally. almost all my sounds are Reaktor at the moment. i love it! planning to start learning how to make my own ensembles - so far just been using other peoples's. spaciousness and sparseness: i want more of it. my tracks usually end up super dense sounding. anyways.. it is fun. here's a silly track from last year which..has a horrid fake BoC synth sound but i tried doing pretend tape multitracking (recorded each part hot, separately, onto cassette and then combined them again on laptop). i love how it sounds, so i must try this some more.. https://soundcloud.com/eryngi777/disjecta-tdkd-muckaround
  21. hello! i'm new here, though been lurking on and off for ages.. really happy i finally joined! been vaguely making sounds for years but i'm getting a bit more into it lately.. at the moment i like making really long tracks to zone out to. couple little albums i put on bandcamp recently: Animism - https://eryngi.bandcamp.com/album/animism longform ambient/drone relaxo type stuff. Mossy EP - https://eryngi.bandcamp.com/album/mossy-ep don't know what you'd call this? and here's a WIP from the other night: https://soundcloud.com/eryngi777/the-kwem-4-nyee it's nowhere near finished.. lots of dodgy knob twiddling in there...... and miiight be a bit long....
  22. week 2 track is cool.. i love the vocals that come in towards the end! gives it a great dreamy sorta atmosphere..
  23. came to post Alice Coltrane too..i loves her.. couple of my faves: and, this isn't straight harp music but a friend of mine does processed harp stuff: https://kriskeogh.bandcamp.com/album/processed-harp-works-volume-2
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