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  1. Umihara Kawase Fresh! demo off the JP eshop.. love this series of games. bouncy fishing line grapple madness. this one has a bunch of basic story/quest type stuff i could do without but apart from that, it's rad! as maddeningly difficult and satisfying as ever. also Dragon's Dogma again... why is it so good...
  2. yay, it works now! thanks ?
  3. bloop i still can't view/edit my payment method, or add a new one, for the store thing.. all it'll let me do is edit my billing address, click "confirm & pay", then error out saying to use a different payment method
  4. hey.. just noticed my subsription had expired last december and not auto-renewed.. tried to pay it but it just says "There was an error processing the payment. Please try a different payment method or contact us for assistance.".. whatever payment method i used last time should still work.. can't find anywhere which will let me check or change it - only the billing/shipping address. any ideas? ? (unsure if this is to do with the new forum sw or not) i think i accidentally changed my subscription type while messing around clicking on things but, no biggie..
  5. yep, similarly low resolution and pixelly, tho this can do high rez too.. love all the little trippy graphics demos people do with pico-8. i tried recording that video to VHS tape and playing back on a small CRT tv, looks rad all blurry and glowing... now waiting for hdmi-to-composite video converter box to arrive so i can record hours of this live because ???
  6. cheers manju! =) if anyone has a go i'd be interested in hearing if it....well..made any sense whatsoever... probably will never get so far as to make it actually useful to anyone but me. s'fun to tinker with tho..
  7. haven't made any new traks but i made this little generative art program/lightsynth thing, like, a somewhat unpredictable visual instrument.. basically, it draws low resolution abstract patterns & you control it in realtime with the computer keyboard... i want to eventually get it to where it can be used to make live visuals for music. (at the moment there's no saving of states, so there are always awkward moments of finding a good colour palette, beginning to generate shapes etc... this can look cool in a glitchy kinda way but i'd like it to have the ability to be more seamless & varied). it'd be cool to make it able to generate MIDI CCs too so it could sync up with gear, or be used as a sequencer. video of me playing it... (music's from my last EP but it's not meant to be a music video, i just pasted the tracks in afterwards so the video wouldn't be silent) you can download the program here if you wanna give it a go: https://eryngi.itch.io/oobaculi it's probably super opaque and impossible to figure out, haha, i haven't made a manual yet...
  8. yess that's got a rad groove to it! great stuff
  9. TWO HOURS CASSETTE the tracks sound mad.. want! *waits patiently for payday*
  10. i put a couple new remastered versions of old things on bandcamp for archival purposeses.. defunct aliases.. let's lie on the stars & look at the ground... my first album thing from around 1999.. i'd forgotten most of this til i found a CD at my grandma's place a couple days ago. https://eryngi.bandcamp.com/album/lets-lie-on-the-stars-look-at-the-ground cities in thee sun - unreleased album from early 2000s.. of course it was unreleased, everything was.. https://eryngi.bandcamp.com/album/cities-in-thee-sun oh and i see i didn't post this one here yet - a big 2000s random track dump compilation 4096 SALTS MEGAMIX https://eryngi.bandcamp.com/album/salts-megamix-00-07
  11. thanks UnaPeaks! ah cool, reversed audio often seems so sort of cheesy now, but i liked what it did to the rhythm. do like the idea of doing a cheesy little effect and then doubling down and keeping it going for ages until it becomes the whole track :) thx for listening
  12. really enjoyed this! uhgv8 and fallv4 my faves so far i love the whole texturalness of it
  13. thankses! (that ep is here if you didn't already see my ekt new releases thread - https://eryngi.bandcamp.com/album/breath-bird - thanks for grabbing it ppls who did! i appreciate it & hope you enjoy :)) started some stuff last night but nothing came together that i really like yet. uploaded to sc anyway...minimal...
  14. this is ace! had preordered as soon as i heard all the birdy sounds. this is my first bjarki. been listening every day and i'm really into it. ps i too noticed the corc sample right away.. i love corc and had sampled that same bit and used it in heaps of tracks back in the day :)))
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    Is it a little weird with all the centaur sex? Or a lot weird? How was the trilogy altogether? sorry, only just saw this.. yeah it was weird.. it goes into it, and like, breeding, love, genetics, in scientific detail. they aren't really centaurs but a race (titanides) resembling them, created sort of as an experiment by a super ancient advanced, but now quite mad, alien mind.. (the books take place inside a space environment which is (/appears to be) the giant body of this mind)... they have two different sets of genitals, one for romantic/fun type sex and one for breeding. there are 28 (or some number like that, i forget) different possible breeding group configurations. there are some small diagrams in the book explaining these a bit. the alien mind has, as partially a cruel joke and partially a measure to avoid overpopulation, made it so that for their eggs to be fertilised requires the saliva of one specific human................ yeah i really liked those books! can't really say smart things about them or anything but they went places. (i was surprised, after the cover art makes em look like some kind of pulpy fantasy). i really love very vividly conjured landscapes, that's sort of my favourite thing in books, and these were great at that..
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    I'm reading the Aegypt series of books by John Crowley, who i'd not heard of until a couple weeks ago.. love em so far! I was first drawn in by seeing them described - sounds like secret history / occult / religion type stuff, with bits starring fictionalised versions of historical personages set in the 1500-1600s, something i always enjoy - but they're not quite what I expected.. beautifully low key.. vivid rural scapes.. the second book so far has been almost entirely a super detailed bit of Kentucky mountains childhood memories.
  17. this is great! haven't gotten to properly know much of it yet (bought after listening to track 1 cuz i really liked that) but it's constantly interesting and lively.. nice production too
  18. ooh, really into this stuff..lovely. i'd not heard of him before.. going to explore his bc..
  19. ooh this is lovely so far!
  20. great atmosphere building! looking forward to hearing the rest
  21. this is superior ? glad you like!
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