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  1. they're rad =) i think hard snack's my fav the gamelan one, i wish the gamelan sounds would come through to the foreground more, but it's nice
  2. yep :) (mine came, yay) i know it's kinda silly but i really enjoy cassettes. i listen to them literally every night.. couple hours before bed, turn off all the computers and screens, listen to tapes and read books. relaxo time. i've been doing this for a few years, it's good.
  3. hope my tape turns up today... rural orstrayla delay.. really looking forward to proper listening. i've still only heard 96k (OH, just noticed i have access to all tracks from the webstore now, yay!)
  4. 1st 44's my fave i think! tho they're all rad (when will my cassette get here, who knows, probably not til next weeeeek)
  5. at first i liked some of it, but then i loved all of it, when i was half asleep s'good. can't stop listening same thing happened with syro
  6. i'm in love with Okami all over again. it's beautiful and rad on switch. Dead Cells is excellent too yeah! so instantly good.
  7. eryngi

    Now Reading

    i like CS Lewis's space trilogy: Out of the Silent Planet / Perelandra / That Hideous Strength. especially the third. the first two are very old fashioned sort of sci-fi with spaceship trips to mars and venus, but the third takes place back on earth and has the best kind of sleepy-english-village-with-SOMETHING-WRONG atmosphere, conspiracy weirdness, cosmic horror creeping in at the edges, comedic farce, slight mushroom trip flavour, druidic ancient elemental power stuff.. of course they're full of sort of but not really, but sort of, christian stuff. my grandpa was a church dude (actually he met CS Lewis once as a kid) and the religious aspect of these reminds me of him - totally open and questioning and interested in everything. so, those are cool books.. anyway i just found out about this writer Charles Walter Stansby Williams, who was mates with Tolkien and Lewis, who wrote all these similar sort of occult thriller books in the 1930s - set in current times/real world, with weird spiritual/magic/unknown-science stuff that breaks through and turns everything into fantastical high stakes farce. i read the first few so far, they're great! one was about the holy grail turning up at a rural parish church and bad primal emotional magician guy + his cold, intelligence oriented researcher acquaintance trying to get hold of it, another about archetypal forms becoming material, another about the stone of solomon which could be divided without diminishing the original. ie, break off a chunk and now you have two stones of solomon, infinitely. they're fairly low key, and fairly obvious to someone reading nowadays.. he has a really evocative turn of phrase though.. especially when characters experience visionary, hallucinato times. diggin' em. edit: eg in the book about tarot cards there's an amazing sequence where the primal matter of creation is breaking through into mundane reality and everything dissolves into a golden fog emitted from within the atoms, through which the characters stumble around half corporeal and half not, with archetypal idea forms superimposed on their psyches and bodies, acting out a cosmic battle in an old country mansion (while at the same time sort of wobbling around bumping into the furniture because they, except for the lady who has an extremely jovial and open mindstate, can't see through the fog, and their own bodies appear to have the consistency of pudding..)
  8. eryngi

    Now Reading

    Hearts in Atlantis (specifically, the novella called Hearts in Atlantis which is part of the book called that - this is NOT what the film is of) might be a good King tale for if you don't like King too.. i really liked that one (though, been years since i read it, maybe it's awful!). it's not even horror, or supernatural or anything like that. except it has this amazing weird doomed atmosphere..
  9. eryngi

    Now Reading

    fully. same. i'm up to the last one now, Return to the Whorl.. they've been amazing all the way through, some of my favourite things ever now. as well as the very evocative placeness of them, i love how he sort of, often doesn't explain things which have already been implied. not in a being-cryptic way, but a really natural feeling way. like he almost always omits things which are potentially obvious. book weird. book good.
  10. way into Hollow Knight. i didn't expect to like it much, and for the first hour or two was right but then...whoah. it rules. incredibly characterful.. that world feels like a place. first obviously-Souls-and-Metroid inspired game i liked..feels like totally its own thing. i am so lost somewhere down there and i love it
  11. i agree with what goiter sanchez say about production/automation/etc, it's all a bit sort of..dry.. but man your stuff has a good feel to it the bro! really dig your composition.. take me there and funk jam 3 are my faves so far.
  12. that rules.. i love the idea of a synth with a radio in. i'm unfamiliar with legowelt.. was looking through his site just now and.. OH, he made smackos tape station! i love that thing so much but had forgotten where it came from.
  13. eryngi

    Now Reading

    thanks for mentioning this, i'd not heard of it but been way into scifi-ish zone lately so i grabbed these. i love them.. so very excellent. i'm halfway through The Urth of the New Sun now. before these i was reading every CJ Cherryh book i could get my hands on. some of them much better than others but there's something about her stuff i really like.. the emphasis on communication/translation between different modes of thought that runs throughout all her books.. some standouts for me from her 'Alliance-Union' megaseries: Cyteen, and the Chanur sub-series (Pyanfar Chanur must now be my favourite spaceship captain ever). also, the setting of Heavy Time (1991), set early on in her Alliance-Union timeline... well, The Expanse was surely heavily inspired by this. it's straight up almost the same in so many ways, right down to the hairstyles of belters.
  14. same. it rules! i see why everyone raved about it back in the day
  15. i started up Shiren the Wanderer for the first time in months.. it rules! probably my favourite roguelike..satisfies my Desires for both infinite dungeons and bright cheery colours! i played this Vita version to death when it came out and beat the main story mode or whatever, now i'm right back into it and there are all these other weird dungeon variant modes i'd forgotten about, yesss... it's making me really want to make a proper mystery dungeon style game argh..
  16. no music shops sold this kind of stuff where i lived but i somehow became obsessed with aphex years before ever hearing him.. from the BBS ANSI art scene.. there was an artist called aphin twix, which i thought sounded cool.. then saw mention of some band called aphex twin in a zine i downloaded. "oh, like that ANSI guy! i guess it's the same person.." then one day in highschool art class a girl brought this rad tape along. i asked what it was - aphex twin! whoahh.. she was drumming along to alberto balsalm with paint brushes on jars.. i borrowed and taped that off her. and also hard normal daddy.. then i ordered every afx cd i could from the local music shop. they used to take a couple months to come in. the one i really lusted after was saw2 but the shop did not have that listed, could not order. a couple years later on holiday in melbourne, met up with my best friend from irc, in person for the first time. SHE HAD SAW2. i taped that, omg, so happy. tripped with her and her bro on a beach for NYE.. next morning back at their place just before leaving, she's like, hey listen to this... puts on LP5. acroyear2 melted my mind, i could hardly understand what i was hearing, like a new language... a few months later i had my own copy =)
  17. Percival Pembroke is great, esp that album Concurrent 386 and A Course in the Theory of Drones. Arpeggiagorworld++ too,though that has a sort of different sound
  18. unsure how well these fit but, from a fave album, Grape Iris by D-Day.. and probably the least fitting but i love it so..
  19. super cool! i like it. sidechainsaw style. i gotta try this.. how'd you put it together, just all on one track, or multitracks and then cut intersecting bits out afterwards? (or, hardware or aomething)
  20. oh a game music thread! pls forgive me for posting my own stuff but here's my attempts at doing C64 SID music with GoatTracker, for a (now defunct) iOS game i made back in 2011.. man i love SID chip sounds. way cooler soundtrack than that really stupid game deserved, haha.
  21. cruisy :) i put this on in the car on the way to the shops just now, looked at the hills and clouds, it was good
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