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  1. yes this! i keep trying to achieve this sound but usually accidentally make the kick too big. not that there's anything wrong with that. but it's always pleasing when someone pulls off that sound well.. i think it kinda relies on the interplay between kick and its surroundings, like, reverbiness or sidechainediness or whayever that make a clicky little kick fit and seem powerful instead of thin. eg afx - tha. good kick!
  2. lush thebro! can hear some of that ozric tentacles influence in this one :) those pads!
  3. this is sweet. IMO the voice sample kinda detracts from it.. like it's a bit waffley? also doesn't quite sit well in the mix somehow.. apart from that, sounds pretty good! understated and quite dry sounding. it's got a great flow to it except the twinkly little musicbox riff throughout could maybe do with more variation - it has a slight awkwardness to its rhythm, which i like, but it'd be cool if it shifted around more.. a lot of the bass has gone away in the second part? i like how there's a quiet clicky sound that sounds like it's part of the musicbox sample(gives the impression of mechanical noise lile, a glockenspiel bar moving slightly), gives it an almost live recording vibe
  4. these are so fun to listen to :D BOiNG
  5. i don't know that much FNM but love mr bungle (disco volante especially <3).i was like, hey it's the mr bungle guy! when i first heard FNM hehe. my fave two tracks that i know are evidence and king for a day.. that KFaD bassline! should listen to more..
  6. this is one of the best things ever
  7. NV - Binasu. love this album! Sonic - 110174. jungley mixtape made on amiga! + nice purple blank tape from a charity shoppe
  8. thanks much! glad you like it =) trying to finish a little album in the next week or so of which that is probably my fave track. it's all arpeggiated cheesy keyboard sounds + synth wind & string-ish sounds + simple drums also triggered with arps.. sort of my take on new age + fourth world music, or something. sort of. here's another of the more drumsy ones https://picosong.com/wmyVw/
  9. Katamari Damacy! been wanting to get into it for yeeeears - i'd only briefly played it before, the Japanese version which i couldn't read.. god it's a joy also, SpinTires: MudRunner. strangely engrossing! wasn't sure if i'd get into it but the amazingly detailed Getting Bogged physics are satisfying AF to play with.
  10. another nicey :) it's great hearing your sound palette with a less crazy onslaught than usual (well i haven't listened to alll your stuff, might've missed some other chilled pieces). that one sounds like a weird christmas song with those twinkly bits that come in!
  11. kkah - the first thing i listened to in 2019! really dig that one! it feels so sparse and open with that delicate little bassline
  12. toucan style https://picosong.com/wmFnZ/
  13. hey thanks very much! i do quite like those old tracks, was surprised by how listenable i found it when compiling this, after not listening to them for years.. i feel like i've lost something since those days, used to find it a lot easier to.. dunno..just, get in a vibey creative headspace? aka being high all the time haha. i got old and got boring :D getting better at other aspects though so it evens out.
  14. cool! i'm well up fot an album of Land On type stuff in particular, love that one
  15. interesting.. i don't suffer from tinnitus (yet. well on my way, no doubt!) but have noticed that too much coffee seems to make me go a bit deaf. i rarely drink it but every now and then will coffee up for a few days in a row, then have muffled hearing for a few days after that. took me ages to connect the two but it seems consistent. it makes my sinuses feel all blocked too. inflammation of inside face bits? who knows, i just googled it and most of the results were saying coffee may *reduce* tinnitus...
  16. ta zylinderz! glad you like. that jurate track is giving me so much trouble. i love it but can't get the frequencies to behave at all & can't replicate the feel of the rhythm with different instruments. i was fighting with it all last night. OH WELL. i really wanna put it on this simple little new EP i'm working on... will see... i just put a lightly remastered collection of my old tracks from the 2000s on bandcamp for fun -> https://eryngi.bandcamp.com/album/salts-megamix-00-07 whee! it's all pretty half baked but better than letting them gather dust until i am dead. merry xmas ye alls!
  17. whoah Jack is amazing, i loves it. i like how it's like a freeflowing blend of jungleyness, acidity and 80s pop ballad. or something. v exciting track, i gotta go back through this thread now
  18. came here to post this.. love that album! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5W8bYWVc-Q
  19. another random jam that goes nowhere yet my attention's been too split with other stuff lately, it's being a struggle to get back into music making mode..gotta give up everything but sounds X_X
  20. i really like arche, esp tracks 2 and 6.. was zoning out to it early this morning.. looking forward to putting it on again tonight!
  21. hah yeah that film is super intense. i only saw it for the first time a couple years ago. i have, for some reason, hung out with the aboriginal actor guy from it tho (lived in same town, friend of a friend)... that was really weird...
  22. was it Walkabout? the details are different but it has small house in the bush, unrequited courtship and hanging
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