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  1. I love this track. Such a playful vibe and very satisfying sound design


    thanks much! glad you like it =)


    trying to finish a little album in the next week or so of which that is probably my fave track. it's all arpeggiated cheesy keyboard sounds + synth wind & string-ish sounds + simple drums also triggered with arps.. sort of my take on new age + fourth world music, or something. sort of.


    here's another of the more drumsy ones https://picosong.com/wmyVw/

  2. Katamari Damacy! been wanting to get into it for yeeeears - i'd only briefly played it before, the Japanese version which i couldn't read.. god it's a joy  :wub:


    also, SpinTires: MudRunner. strangely engrossing! wasn't sure if i'd get into it but the amazingly detailed Getting Bogged physics are satisfying AF to play with.

  3. another nicey :) it's great hearing your sound palette with a less crazy onslaught than usual (well i haven't listened to alll your stuff, might've missed some other chilled pieces). that one sounds like a weird christmas song with those twinkly bits that come in!


    Some really good stuff on this salts megamix, Wobbe. Glad you released it. It's got a certain vibe to it, so far,  that's really doing it for me.



    hey thanks very much! i do quite like those old tracks, was surprised by how listenable i found it when compiling this, after not listening to them for years.. i feel like i've lost something since those days, used to find it a lot easier to.. dunno..just, get in a vibey creative headspace? aka being high all the time haha. i got old and got boring :D getting better at other aspects though so it evens out. 

  5. If I get angry it gets worse and it's very connected to the reason why coffee is responsible for a worsening too in my opinion

    interesting.. i don't suffer from tinnitus (yet. well on my way, no doubt!) but have noticed that too much coffee seems to make me go a bit deaf. i rarely drink it but every now and then will coffee up for a few days in a row, then have muffled hearing for a few days after that. took me ages to connect the two but it seems consistent. it makes my sinuses feel all blocked too. inflammation of inside face bits? who knows, i just googled it and most of the results were saying coffee may *reduce* tinnitus...

  6. ta zylinderz! glad you like.


    that jurate track is giving me so much trouble. i love it but can't get the frequencies to behave at all & can't replicate the feel of the rhythm with different instruments. i was fighting with it all last night. OH WELL. i really wanna put it on this simple little new EP i'm working on... will see...


    i just put a lightly remastered collection of my old tracks from the 2000s on bandcamp for fun -> https://eryngi.bandcamp.com/album/salts-megamix-00-07 whee! it's all pretty half baked but better than letting them gather dust until i am dead. merry xmas ye alls!

  7. that makes me think, when i was a kid i watched a movie where there were some kind of aussie or south african woman who was in a small house in the bush and i think her husband was away for months and she befriends an aboriginal man and he eventually tries to communicate that he loves her and she tries to explain she has a husband and then he hangs himself in a tree. i always try and remember what that movie was and I can't

    was it Walkabout? the details are different but it has small house in the bush, unrequited courtship and hanging

  8. acquiring the taste podcast #7 up featuring theo, your host, and guests Salvatorin and exp-weirdshit crew Spiral & Andi. Enjoy the aound of Spiral shouting into the mic and talking about Sainsbury's.



    i'm listening to this now and it's good and you mentioned FROG DREAMING aka The Quest. that film rulz, freaked me out as a kid... ooh and now The Quiet Earth has been mentioned. excellent tastes!


    edit: if anyone likes Quiet Earth they might like The Last Wave too


  9. Something new, a true WIP. Any feedback on any aspect of it welcome. It's feeling a little sloshy and busy atm.




    i really like this one. especially the wwwwooooowww sounds and how they fit with the rest. extremely ear bathing loveliness, it's relaxing :) (i'm not too good at wide focusing on the story either, small details and general vibe is what i usually notice fwiw.. so not very useful feedback but.. i could listen to an hour of this..)

  10. thanks for posting this.. i've been meaning to listen to them since the 90s.. i heard the name from a reference in Jeff Minter's shareware game Llamatron (the end boss was called the Ozric Tentacle iirc), figured it was just a cool sounding name he'd made up, then saw Sliding Gliding Worlds in a music shop and went whoah! didn't buy it though. i've been listening to them the last few days... faves so far are There Is Nothing and Sliding Gliding Worlds. their old cassette stuff ticks so many boxes for me.. 70s sad weird last unicorn vibe, 80s reverb drums and keyboard stab feel, 90s psytrance arps or whatever...dubby echo drums..fast shimmery spinning vibe ... they would've probs been my fave band if i'd found em in my teens, a bit before getting into thee IDMz.. definitely filed under GUILTY PLEASURES now, next to Shpongle. :::)



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