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  1. i'm listening to this now and it's good and you mentioned FROG DREAMING aka The Quest. that film rulz, freaked me out as a kid... ooh and now The Quiet Earth has been mentioned. excellent tastes! edit: if anyone likes Quiet Earth they might like The Last Wave too https://youtu.be/KwAlxpRxsv0
  2. aww yiss.. still catching up, only listened to the first 3 eps so far. v enjoyable tho. i have podcasts going pretty much all day while i'm at work and this rambling style is great for that. thx dudes!
  3. Vessel - Queen of Golden Dogs https://vesseluk.bandcamp.com/album/queen-of-golden-dogs i love this! it got what i think of as Jlin technique, but with a totally different palette and style..
  4. i really like this one. especially the wwwwooooowww sounds and how they fit with the rest. extremely ear bathing loveliness, it's relaxing :) (i'm not too good at wide focusing on the story either, small details and general vibe is what i usually notice fwiw.. so not very useful feedback but.. i could listen to an hour of this..)
  5. thanks for posting this.. i've been meaning to listen to them since the 90s.. i heard the name from a reference in Jeff Minter's shareware game Llamatron (the end boss was called the Ozric Tentacle iirc), figured it was just a cool sounding name he'd made up, then saw Sliding Gliding Worlds in a music shop and went whoah! didn't buy it though. i've been listening to them the last few days... faves so far are There Is Nothing and Sliding Gliding Worlds. their old cassette stuff ticks so many boxes for me.. 70s sad weird last unicorn vibe, 80s reverb drums and keyboard stab feel, 90s psytrance arps or whatever...dubby echo drums..fast shimmery spinning vibe ... they would've probs been my fave band if i'd found em in my teens, a bit before getting into thee IDMz.. definitely filed under GUILTY PLEASURES now, next to Shpongle. :::)
  6. spooky! it fits the musics well
  7. these are cool beats! well they're amazing tbh. my fave is choke.4 because i loves its slightly squishy and down toned drum sounds
  8. wow, i love the sound design/production/whatever it's called, on this...immediately grabbed my attention and then kept it... everything works so well with everything else. good stuff!
  9. my own lil hectic arcade game.. been working on an update for it the last few days and playing it way too much while testing.. my eyes have gone wrong... (it's at https://eryngi.itch.io/forget-me-not-r ...self promotion yehhh... if anyone on here wants a free copy just message me tho hey)
  10. that looks like a great bit of spooky forest! my stupio...
  11. it's a cool start.. i'd love to hear more variation over time, eg with the main synth riff that comes in around 0:15 (and continues for the whole song), it sounds like just the same synth stab played over and over.. it'd be cool if that had some automation/knob twiddling/fx on it, eg to give it a churning sort of sound, or dubstep wobbs, slideyness, rhythmgate stutter, or whatever suits :) just an example thought anyway... i think some more automation on the various parts (if possible with whatever tools you're using) could bring it to life!
  12. yess, nice =) these moments do sound quite melty fave track atm: cascade i love a lot of the stereo field washes that happen, very earbathing sounds
  13. cool :D i especially love how it starts the sounds have a real nice quality to them... you can feel the electricity... it somehow reminded me of the music from level 1 of bionic commando for c64 (tho i went and listened to that and it's nothing like it..just something about the feel of that arp bit..)
  14. this has an interesting vibe to it..sort of an unexpected mix of sounds,i like! sounds like live recordings of some unknown kind of chamber ensemble.
  15. no vinyl for me. not particularly on purpose or anything. i've never had a turntable or played a record in my life. if i had cash and space i'd love to get into it :) got back into tapes a couple years ago just for fun and nostalgia when i found a crap old boombox, ended up finding it really enjoyable and satisfying in every way, got obsessed.. bought a couple good decks and walkmans (guess i only ever had cheap players as a kid, i had no idea cassettes could sound so good).. only gots a few proper cassette releases, mostly i record stuff myself. i listen to stuff off laptop or phone when not chillin' at home. CDs, haven't bought one in years, totally happy to just go 100% nonphysical + whatever tape foolery i do for fun.. ps i miss my minidisc recorder
  16. i grabbed that second last code..thx ignatius! this is full of cool sounds. i love how it's sort of, to me, constantly melting into background music but at the same time being the right amount of unpredictable to keep you on your toes..good music to work to..
  17. updated mosquito album...if anyone downloaded it, grab it again. redid track 4 mastering... better.. i added a second bonus track too ;P can't figure out how to make bandcamp send an email to people..paid feature i guess?
  18. they're rad =) i think hard snack's my fav the gamelan one, i wish the gamelan sounds would come through to the foreground more, but it's nice
  19. yep :) (mine came, yay) i know it's kinda silly but i really enjoy cassettes. i listen to them literally every night.. couple hours before bed, turn off all the computers and screens, listen to tapes and read books. relaxo time. i've been doing this for a few years, it's good.
  20. fwiw your stuff i've heard sounds really good to me!
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