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  1. it's a cool start.. i'd love to hear more variation over time, eg with the main synth riff that comes in around 0:15 (and continues for the whole song), it sounds like just the same synth stab played over and over.. it'd be cool if that had some automation/knob twiddling/fx on it, eg to give it a churning sort of sound, or dubstep wobbs, slideyness, rhythmgate stutter, or whatever suits :)

    just an example thought anyway... i think some more automation on the various parts (if possible with whatever tools you're using) could bring it to life!

  2. cool :D
    i especially love how it starts

    the sounds have a real nice quality to them... you can feel the electricity...

    it somehow reminded me of the music from level 1 of bionic commando for c64 (tho i went and listened to that and it's nothing like it..just something about the feel of that arp bit..)

  3. no vinyl for me. not particularly on purpose or anything. i've never had a turntable or played a record in my life. if i had cash and space i'd love to get into it :)


    got back into tapes a couple years ago just for fun and nostalgia when i found a crap old boombox, ended up finding it really enjoyable and satisfying in every way, got obsessed.. bought a couple good decks and walkmans (guess i only ever had cheap players as a kid, i had no idea cassettes could sound so good).. only gots a few proper cassette releases, mostly i record stuff myself. i listen to stuff off laptop or phone when not chillin' at home.


    CDs, haven't bought one in years, totally happy to just go 100% nonphysical + whatever tape foolery i do for fun..


    ps i miss my minidisc recorder

  4. Question for people who bought the tape.


    Will you actually ever listen to it?


    yep :) (mine came, yay)


    i know it's kinda silly but i really enjoy cassettes. i listen to them literally every night.. couple hours before bed, turn off all the computers and screens, listen to tapes and read books. relaxo time. i've been doing this for a few years, it's good.

  5. I use a Waves multi band and limiter on my stuff with a tape emulator. I honestly don't know if it sounds better because of it. I do very little referencing against other music and i really should :/

    fwiw your stuff i've heard sounds really good to me!

  6. yeah too pricey for me, i'm happy enough with wot i got. for now. not too bothered by how technically good it is if it makes my ears happy and isn't WILDLY uncomfprtably different volume level from pro produced stuff..

  7. i should probably put "mastering" in quotes haha, i don't know what i'm doing.


    i used to do some multiband compression but it feels like overdoing it now.. now i concentrate on getting the mix as good as i can beforehand..


    so lately just been doing a bit of EQ if needed, followed by smackos tape station (ableton rack plugin thing). i turn off the fake tape noise and warble, and usually turn the lowpass and bias knobs right up (so, not trying to make it sound like tape but just using smackos's compression/limiting).. start by turning boost and compress right down, then turn one and/or the other up as needed. sometimes only slightly, sometimes heavily depending on the track.. cuz i love how it sounds.


    then i look at the spectrum analysis and if it's noticeably lopsided, tweak the pre-smackos EQ slightly to even it up (again depending on the track, some are meant to be lopsided)..


    sooo basically i use a magic loudness plugin and make actual mastering engineers cry =)


    sometimes i look at/listen to reference tracks that have a similar sound to what i want, compare their freq spectrum and try to shape mine similarly. i usually forget tho.


    i seem to have totally overdone it on 'ancipital', it's way more squashed and dead sounding than intended..


    edit- sometimes for "mastering" i record to cassette, trying out different levels to see how much tape comp/saturation sounds good.. eg 'the kwem' is straight off tape, i liked how it sounded with that. preferred straight digital for mosquito tho..


    edit2- oh yeh and i'm doing this on headphones, i don't have studio monitors.. dunno how alright it is compared to proper mastered tracks.. i listen back on laptop speaker, earbuds, crappy car stereo, some 1970s hifi speakers, and my good headphones at the lowest possible volume, to try to step back and get an idea of what it ACTUALLY sounds like as a whole..

  8. yeah maybe bass just a little bit quieter relative to the drums would be good.. i agree with QQQ that a bit more humanising would be sweet. love the little crackly, echoing textures throughout. the choir sounds work really well. sinister!

  9. stickfigger: hey thanks man! sorry i somehow missed your post until now :O


    i've removed that track + others from my soundcloud, because i put finished versions of em on an album.. can't remember what it was like before.. i know i changed the drums a fair bit.


    album is here: https://eryngi.bandcamp.com/album/mosquito-coaster


    here are a couple new little early sketches.. i'm in the mood to make some happy-go-lucky tropical sounding tracks with bad keyboard noodling in...





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