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  1. yeah too pricey for me, i'm happy enough with wot i got. for now. not too bothered by how technically good it is if it makes my ears happy and isn't WILDLY uncomfprtably different volume level from pro produced stuff..
  2. i should probably put "mastering" in quotes haha, i don't know what i'm doing. i used to do some multiband compression but it feels like overdoing it now.. now i concentrate on getting the mix as good as i can beforehand.. so lately just been doing a bit of EQ if needed, followed by smackos tape station (ableton rack plugin thing). i turn off the fake tape noise and warble, and usually turn the lowpass and bias knobs right up (so, not trying to make it sound like tape but just using smackos's compression/limiting).. start by turning boost and compress right down, then turn one and/or the other up as needed. sometimes only slightly, sometimes heavily depending on the track.. cuz i love how it sounds. then i look at the spectrum analysis and if it's noticeably lopsided, tweak the pre-smackos EQ slightly to even it up (again depending on the track, some are meant to be lopsided).. sooo basically i use a magic loudness plugin and make actual mastering engineers cry =) sometimes i look at/listen to reference tracks that have a similar sound to what i want, compare their freq spectrum and try to shape mine similarly. i usually forget tho. i seem to have totally overdone it on 'ancipital', it's way more squashed and dead sounding than intended.. edit- sometimes for "mastering" i record to cassette, trying out different levels to see how much tape comp/saturation sounds good.. eg 'the kwem' is straight off tape, i liked how it sounded with that. preferred straight digital for mosquito tho.. edit2- oh yeh and i'm doing this on headphones, i don't have studio monitors.. dunno how alright it is compared to proper mastered tracks.. i listen back on laptop speaker, earbuds, crappy car stereo, some 1970s hifi speakers, and my good headphones at the lowest possible volume, to try to step back and get an idea of what it ACTUALLY sounds like as a whole..
  3. thx :) just realised i'm not happy with the mastering on one of those tracks.. i think i'll fix and update it tonight..
  4. hope my tape turns up today... rural orstrayla delay.. really looking forward to proper listening. i've still only heard 96k (OH, just noticed i have access to all tracks from the webstore now, yay!)
  5. extralife, ifeelspace, thanks for the tips =) a lot to dig into but their stuff is gorgeous
  6. just want to say: i loove the production of the drums and bass on this.. so punchy and silky hollow solid. my ears say thankya
  7. yeah maybe bass just a little bit quieter relative to the drums would be good.. i agree with QQQ that a bit more humanising would be sweet. love the little crackly, echoing textures throughout. the choir sounds work really well. sinister!
  8. stickfigger: hey thanks man! sorry i somehow missed your post until now :O i've removed that track + others from my soundcloud, because i put finished versions of em on an album.. can't remember what it was like before.. i know i changed the drums a fair bit. album is here: https://eryngi.bandcamp.com/album/mosquito-coaster here are a couple new little early sketches.. i'm in the mood to make some happy-go-lucky tropical sounding tracks with bad keyboard noodling in... https://soundcloud.com/eryngi777/toucan-jam https://soundcloud.com/eryngi777/isthisisthmus
  9. do you have ableton live? i love SMACKOS Tape Station by Legowelt, available on his website.. mega tape compression sim rack.. though i always turn the tape hiss and warble dials right down. whatever it does to squash everything is magic.
  10. excellent.. only listened a little bit so far but i'm into your sound world, glad of this mega collection of rhythmictexture!!
  11. first time i've heard of Yimino.. love what i'm hearing!
  12. new one! mosquito coaster https://eryngi.bandcamp.com/album/mosquito-coaster
  13. 1st 44's my fave i think! tho they're all rad (when will my cassette get here, who knows, probably not til next weeeeek)
  14. at first i liked some of it, but then i loved all of it, when i was half asleep s'good. can't stop listening same thing happened with syro
  15. iambic5poetry is my megafave also and and lol oh yeah and
  16. thanks for listening eczem! yeah, very hit or miss for me too. mostly miss :D but now and then something happens i like. when i'm not in the mood to start something new i love loading up an old session and just changing all the instruments to totally different ones, but leaving notes and automation etc in place.. and see what happens.. that's what this one was, a mutation of an older track.. secret of mana!! cool.. it's been a long time since i played that, can't remember any of the music but i love the wild lush foliage vibe of that game
  17. got a new music laptop, it is good. first jam off it: https://soundcloud.com/eryngi777/dusktangleseafarer just messing around....some kind of ponderous atmospheric track about ancient mariners.... it's nice being able to chuck in whatever i want and the computer doesn't freeze or burn my fingertips off. but maybe it's bad and limits are good.
  18. i love it! super floaty and morphing yet rock solid. i'm definitely into this sort of acid coming through a stickfigger glitch style toolchain..
  19. i'm in love with Okami all over again. it's beautiful and rad on switch. Dead Cells is excellent too yeah! so instantly good.
  20. eryngi

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    i like CS Lewis's space trilogy: Out of the Silent Planet / Perelandra / That Hideous Strength. especially the third. the first two are very old fashioned sort of sci-fi with spaceship trips to mars and venus, but the third takes place back on earth and has the best kind of sleepy-english-village-with-SOMETHING-WRONG atmosphere, conspiracy weirdness, cosmic horror creeping in at the edges, comedic farce, slight mushroom trip flavour, druidic ancient elemental power stuff.. of course they're full of sort of but not really, but sort of, christian stuff. my grandpa was a church dude (actually he met CS Lewis once as a kid) and the religious aspect of these reminds me of him - totally open and questioning and interested in everything. so, those are cool books.. anyway i just found out about this writer Charles Walter Stansby Williams, who was mates with Tolkien and Lewis, who wrote all these similar sort of occult thriller books in the 1930s - set in current times/real world, with weird spiritual/magic/unknown-science stuff that breaks through and turns everything into fantastical high stakes farce. i read the first few so far, they're great! one was about the holy grail turning up at a rural parish church and bad primal emotional magician guy + his cold, intelligence oriented researcher acquaintance trying to get hold of it, another about archetypal forms becoming material, another about the stone of solomon which could be divided without diminishing the original. ie, break off a chunk and now you have two stones of solomon, infinitely. they're fairly low key, and fairly obvious to someone reading nowadays.. he has a really evocative turn of phrase though.. especially when characters experience visionary, hallucinato times. diggin' em. edit: eg in the book about tarot cards there's an amazing sequence where the primal matter of creation is breaking through into mundane reality and everything dissolves into a golden fog emitted from within the atoms, through which the characters stumble around half corporeal and half not, with archetypal idea forms superimposed on their psyches and bodies, acting out a cosmic battle in an old country mansion (while at the same time sort of wobbling around bumping into the furniture because they, except for the lady who has an extremely jovial and open mindstate, can't see through the fog, and their own bodies appear to have the consistency of pudding..)
  21. eryngi

    Now Reading

    Hearts in Atlantis (specifically, the novella called Hearts in Atlantis which is part of the book called that - this is NOT what the film is of) might be a good King tale for if you don't like King too.. i really liked that one (though, been years since i read it, maybe it's awful!). it's not even horror, or supernatural or anything like that. except it has this amazing weird doomed atmosphere..
  22. fold4,wrap5 birthday presents for lp5 my first ae album.. acroyear2, rae, f4w5 and corc are my faves and i love them forever.. i once dreamt that that silver-on-both-sides lp5 cd had a secret side B if you flipped it over..it was really good..
  23. thanks for checking it out =) yeah you're right about that bass...dunno what happened there..i listened in the car and the bass i thought was there, was not. will fix!
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