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  1. R'lyeh makes me real happy and bouncy.. that's my fave so far... v good music <3
  2. king oyster eryngiiiiiiii! those witch boletus are real funky lookin, i want some
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    fully. same. i'm up to the last one now, Return to the Whorl.. they've been amazing all the way through, some of my favourite things ever now. as well as the very evocative placeness of them, i love how he sort of, often doesn't explain things which have already been implied. not in a being-cryptic way, but a really natural feeling way. like he almost always omits things which are potentially obvious. book weird. book good.
  4. thanks noairbag! :) some different stuff from me.. getting back into tracker music made of samples.. simple little ditty... i never messed with drumloops much back when i started trackering, feel a bit of an impostor, i dont know what i'm doing. but it's good fun after years of ableton and softsynths..
  5. these rule! life jungle's my fave.. reminds me of the music from that show Monkey!.. i had hardly listened to any oldschool jungle outside of old squarepusher, if he counts, til a couple weeks ago. figured it was time to get into it.. and the last few days i've been getting back into trackers after being ableton'd up for years now.. drum loop+offsets are so fun, tho i'm not good at it yet.. there are obvs many tricks i must learn.. your beats are amazing! really inspiring stuff :)
  6. (i don't know anything much about this, just something i found somewhere sometime and liked)
  7. way into Hollow Knight. i didn't expect to like it much, and for the first hour or two was right but then...whoah. it rules. incredibly characterful.. that world feels like a place. first obviously-Souls-and-Metroid inspired game i liked..feels like totally its own thing. i am so lost somewhere down there and i love it
  8. i'm a bit late, just catching up.. gosh i adore Echolalia from the previous page.. when those bendy notes come in near the end...! *swoon*. really sweet stuff :)
  9. i agree with what goiter sanchez say about production/automation/etc, it's all a bit sort of..dry.. but man your stuff has a good feel to it the bro! really dig your composition.. take me there and funk jam 3 are my faves so far.
  10. yeah this is cool! got a good flow to it. i especially love the wet squishy claps, they're very pleasing
  11. that rules.. i love the idea of a synth with a radio in. i'm unfamiliar with legowelt.. was looking through his site just now and.. OH, he made smackos tape station! i love that thing so much but had forgotten where it came from.
  12. The game Spore from about 10 years back used an embedded PD runtime to create its sound effects. https://www.uni-weimar.de/kunst-und-gestaltung/wiki/images/Usage_of_Pd_in_Spore_and_Darkspore.pdf ooh that's really cool.. so much power O_O
  13. Zeffolia: thanks :) but that's not quite what i meant.. i think Csound is more, a tool which you can use to program sounds in its own language (iirc? been many years since i tried it) .. what i want to do is make my own such tool from scratch(ish), so that it can be built into my games so they can generate their own sound effects, for example, rather than use an already existing external tool. i get that it basically comes down to filling a buffer with numbers and sending it to the soundcard.. it's the specifics of coding that in C i know nothing about. (Csound might be a good way to learn what kind of things to do when it comes to actually filling that buffer with numbers tho!)
  14. hey a programming thread! i'm a hobbyist coder, made a few little arcadey games, like this i've been playing lots of shmups on the switch lately (current faves: quad fighter k and gunbird 2) so started making one of those. except i need a way to make maps and script levels, enemy waves etc, so started working on a game editing tool for that (instead of just learning how to integrate lua or something because i'm an idiot maybe. it's fun tho :)) i program in C and OpenGL. well technically C++ but i mostly just use C style code.. much nicer using a C++ compiler because the slightly more modern syntax of is less of a hassle, but i don't have a clue about probably 99% of what's in it, lovely old C is where i'm at. about having to do it all the time to get good at it - totally. i started as a kid with C64 BASIC.. long phases of not doing any programming.. limited spare time nowadays.. etc. only in the last few years am i in a good place with it, where most things are second nature and i can sit back and let the code flow. not to be discouraging or anything. things will click at a certain point! (and open up whole new realms of further things to learn, haha).. sometimes i want to get a bit more serious and learn some modern stuff like Unity, make more ambitious games. but nahhh i'll probs just stick to my ye olde arcade games in C. in the last few years i learnt how to do shaders so can make trippy visual fx and such.. what more could i need.. although. i would love to learn how to do proper audio code, to make a little synth/modtracker format i could build into my game engine... one day..
  15. thanks for listening pplz! that's just what it is auxien :) maybe i tend to put stuff on soundcloud way too early, like "here's what i did tonight, may as well upload it".. this track i was trying to get to grips with Reaktor's "New School" drum machine - cellular automata thing that i never get very cool results out of yet..
  16. new weird one.. bad mixing.. i kinda like some of it tho, might keep working on it.. https://soundcloud.com/eryngi777/ooparts-c
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    thanks for mentioning this, i'd not heard of it but been way into scifi-ish zone lately so i grabbed these. i love them.. so very excellent. i'm halfway through The Urth of the New Sun now. before these i was reading every CJ Cherryh book i could get my hands on. some of them much better than others but there's something about her stuff i really like.. the emphasis on communication/translation between different modes of thought that runs throughout all her books.. some standouts for me from her 'Alliance-Union' megaseries: Cyteen, and the Chanur sub-series (Pyanfar Chanur must now be my favourite spaceship captain ever). also, the setting of Heavy Time (1991), set early on in her Alliance-Union timeline... well, The Expanse was surely heavily inspired by this. it's straight up almost the same in so many ways, right down to the hairstyles of belters.
  18. cassette would be rad yeah :)
  19. thanks much! (haha i didn't notice that cursor was in the vid til afterwards, whoops)
  20. those background acoustic sounding sounds are amazing and that beat thing in the centre is so.. splashy and weird. octopus gamelan!
  21. these are sweet.. meandering acid meditations.. i love your sound, it's so round feeling, somehow feels like underground. as in literally below the ground. i think because of the gentle, sort of sneaking along quality it has plus all that reverb (one of these tracks has some quiet sound off in the far left channel that kept making me think there was something in the room, i kept looking over to my left) :) great drum programming, and especially how the drums and rhythmic basss interact.. and those pads.. ace sounds!
  22. same. it rules! i see why everyone raved about it back in the day
  23. not a track WIP but, one of the videogames i'm slowly making (an evolution of the one in the video earlier in this thread), not really feeling inspired to take it further as a game, but it looks pretty cool so thought i might try to turn it into a simple VJ/lightsynth tool, for doing a one-off music video with. it's very one-note so far. here's a test vid from last night - i put in some controls to make the camera move in and out randomly / geometry turn inside out. it's somewhat random and unpredictable. there's no automatic beat syncing or anything like that, it's manual only, so this is me playing it live, vaguely attempting to do some stuff in time with the music. except when i'm not. music's an old abandoned track of mine. very early build / placeholder graphics / etc, not particularly effective as a music video yet.. but it came up with some bits i liked, here and there..
  24. thanks very much guys! i've not heard exm, tho seen em mentioned on here, i'll go have a listen!
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