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  1. yeah i'm into that kind of thing, just the interactions between a couple rhythms (or two of the same rhythm with different sounds interacting) send me right into a trance, and if the rhythms are slightly aekward / unpredictable (but still repetitive) it only seems to enhance this. this track does have that cool trance effect on me but i'd love to hear it if the actual sounds shifted and morphed over time.. like, an evolving timbre keeps you interested, in addition to entranced. to word it less wishy-washy like: i'm into the direction but wish for More Lushness =)
  2. God Bless AMT. my fave Pink Lady Lemonades that i've heard are the two AMT & The Cosmic Inferno versions, with Afrirampo on vocals In O to Infinity.. love the weird gluey bass and backwards drum rush in track 1 tangentially related, speaking of Afrirampo.. track 4 from Suuto Breakor is magic
  3. reminds me of Oval somehow. pure poetry.
  4. Percival Pembroke is great, esp that album Concurrent 386 and A Course in the Theory of Drones. Arpeggiagorworld++ too,though that has a sort of different sound
  5. buycnnurightnow. OK i love how much of a soft touch lots of this stuff has.. so gentle and delicate but also super solid, playful and hyperactive af
  6. what's all this then been loving dunal chronicles for awhile, must've found out about it from here before i joined. but only just listening to EODS now, this rules! i'm IN
  7. this is cool. i'm not a connoisseur of the genre or anything tho i have loved some psy(?)trance in my life.. the flute in the first bit sounds too loud and overdriven, on my headphones at least. it's overpowering when i'd like it more to be all floaty feeling. but then in the next section about halfway through it's great the harsh frog synth in the mysterious-cities-of-gold-chords section in second half, is a bit too loud too imo, but yeah it might be totally different on speakers.. love the time change bit at the end. i keep wanting this track to bring in some big melody part in a breakdown, like the "nahhhh nahhh nuh nuh naaaaahh naaaah" bit in Dracul by Infected Mushroom or something :) it does come together in that good psytrance feeling of lots of parts of a machine clicking and churning together, especially in that little section in the middle, that's my fave bit
  8. yeah! i used to play in a gamelan anklung, the physical effect of that sound was amazing. i got no specific details but it felt very very good and weird just to be in the room with it, and much moreso to take part. https://youtu.be/MUBbS5ygt2Y the way you learn songs bit by bit is cool - nothing written down, you start by playing one bar over and over.. add a couple more.. add a few more.. repeat that whole section for a couple sessions.. start on the next section. etc. after a few sessions you intimately know every little detail of a 30 min piece of music. also i love this stuff.. http://www.viewzone.com/archeosound.html "Ancient Temple Architects May Have Been Chasing a Buzz From Sound Waves"
  9. thanks avnerheart! been tweaking that jurate track a bit more.. i think the bass drum might be toooo low, gotta wrangle them frequencies. i got in the habit of always using this fake tape megasquasher plugin on master tracks. like, right from the start of writing a track, haha. i really like the sound of this particular plugin (i forget what it's called) and it makes things very loud but i've been way overusing it i reckon. been happier with results since i gave it up and started trying to mix things a bit more properly.. i'll bring it out again once tracks are actually finished and already sounding alright, maybe
  10. love the jaunty vibe of this! the chip-ish sounds work nicely with the guitar-ish. i like when there's left and right guitar (or whatever it is) just playing the same note with little rhythm variances. only thing i'm not keen on is the fairly harsh high frequency/short attack clickiness of the drums, hurts my ears a bit.. cool catchy tune tho
  11. first track i've made since last time.. https://soundcloud.com/eryngi777/uland3 trying to break some habits, doing stuff in a different way than usual, forcing myself not to use my usual plugin crutches.. not worrying about mix/master/what all the notes are etc... this is kinda cheesy and annoying, i like it
  12. whoops, got distracted, got out of music making mode and forgot to login here for awhile.. thankses for listenings! yeah that meltingwolve track is more semi-live reaktor twiddling. only thing i was trying to do was make all drums/fartsnares with a monosynth (the ensemble 'Deep Energy' in this case).. agreed it goes nowhere, just a bit of a test.. i like that splatty bit around 2:45 too, definitely want to try making it continue evolving in that direction :) thanks for the feedback! this is michael jackson: the video is just an unfinished/abandoned version of a game i was making..some kind of trippy racing/shoot-em-up thing.. (coding arcade games is my other thing i like doing. i'm in coding mode atm and not been doing any music...i cycle between these...)
  13. thanks for the feedback auxien! i feel lack of direction is almost always a thing with my tracks. the biggest thing i want to work on in general. but yeah there's something about Jurate i like. i'll keep at it. my workflow is pretty much: have a bit of spare time, make the skeleton of a new track, if i don't hate it upload to soundcloud for a bit of potential human interaction, plan to finish it later, repeat :)
  14. unsure how well these fit but, from a fave album, Grape Iris by D-Day.. and probably the least fitting but i love it so..
  15. like this very much. i've never listened to james blake before. i always thought he was the same person as james blunt until right now. better check out more of him! anyway just want to say the chorus vocal glitch stutter use in this is rad. at first it sounded like "oh yeah a glitch plugin cool alright..." to me, but later became an emotionally integral part of the song in the same way the vox messing around on Everything in its Right Place does. OR SOMETHINg. edit:just to get all defensive, it doesnt quite sound cliched to me but im fully underexposed to edm or whatever popular things (have never heard skrillex either haha) so what it sounded like to me was a pop music guy (i was still thinking about james blunt) slightly ineptly messing with sound manipulation, and the ineptness gave it some charm. just like when i first heard kid a. :D
  16. thanks for sharing! i'm into it. it is just my cup of tea for pre-bedtime relaxo music, and far more spacious with room to dream in than a lot of other such music i listen to.
  17. i'm really into Lucid Dust especially, great slightly melted feelgoos atmosphere.. would buy an album of this stuff. (and then record it back onto cassette because that's what i like to do)
  18. awesome vid!! do you want feedback on the track? if not, ignore: to me it's quite stilted and mechanical sounding - i kept wanting to speed the beats right up and make it looser n stuff. edit:this is just down to personal taste obvs. (but, sorry, i'm new and unfamiliar with your work, is this more just experimenting with that amazing looking modular gear you got there? having just tinkered with vcvrack a bit, making songs that way at all is prettty mindblowing to me! looks like a lot of fun). anyways, really enjoyed the video =)
  19. cheers TIMJ! the synths were just placeholder, got lazy.. i do like the beats tho, gotta turn it into something.. all that phasing is just the effect of my dodgy walkman. i like it but yeah it's just there through everything, unavoidable. next time i try tape stuff i might use a different tape deck, but i really like how that particular walkman, sony wm-d6c, sounds when it's working. you can hear a previous, clean iteration of that track in this video if you want to..
  20. super cool! i like it. sidechainsaw style. i gotta try this.. how'd you put it together, just all on one track, or multitracks and then cut intersecting bits out afterwards? (or, hardware or aomething)
  21. oh a game music thread! pls forgive me for posting my own stuff but here's my attempts at doing C64 SID music with GoatTracker, for a (now defunct) iOS game i made back in 2011.. man i love SID chip sounds. way cooler soundtrack than that really stupid game deserved, haha.
  22. thanks heaps! that one's really basic.. pretty much a pseudo-live jam.. set it going looping some stuff through some delays and whatnot, then record automation tweaking for the whole thing, over multiple passes (with the mouse, one knob at a time, haha.. i have a little midi keyboard but haven't yet got into the habit of actually using the knobs on it). eventually i'll go back and clean it up / get rid of the bad bits / etc..
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