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  1. nice dubby/ambient chain reactiony vibes from canadian producer. fits nicely on motion ward. previous release on NAFF (prioris label) is great too.
  2. new project/album/mixtape from fracture. i am by no means a jungle expert - but am really enjoying this. nicely realized art/execution/idea. been rocking the mix - its an extra track added to the album on bandcamp.
  3. first album was cool. that was a long time ago. knife/fever ray are overrated. and the associated imagery and aesthetic these day is just plain ugly.
  4. another new collab album featuring Florian T M Zeisig - who is definitely one to watch. really deep dubby greatness. digitals are real cheap. he also released a collab album on 3xl with PVAS recently as NUG. ambient jungle wonderfulness. both great!
  5. this is nice stuff from a newcomer to kick off the return of jonah sharp's reflective records. "Reflective Records reopens its catalog with the "Every Moment" E.P., the debut release by Cahl Sel. This homegrown San Francisco artist has been playing live in California with a minimal hardware rig for the past few years and these four tracks reflect his beat driven but melody-led sound. This limited release features the last of the original hologram die-cut center stickers from the 1990's."
  6. just so damn good. hessle still killing after all these years.
  7. another new full length from ben kaczor after this years also amazing "sun chapter one". this is a nice long one on dial records which is a nice fit. def has that dial sound. deep stuff. love this guy.
  8. lush hypnotic techno from new london label "E2-E8" releasing some interesting stuff. check their bandcamp. also includes a lush ass marco shuttle remix definitely worth checking out.
  9. little boomkat discovery. cool producer - worth checking. "Washington D.C. don Jackson Ryland serves wickedly gritty beatdown and trip hop moonshine via his home-brewed label. Rolling left after a near decade in the game, Ryland’s ‘New Cat’ frames a gauzier spirit at work for the afterhours and headphone crews. Somewhere between living room stagger and crashed on the sofa, the mode resonates with classic SAW / I Care Because You Do-era Aphex and generally that mid 90’s sweetspot, a time when the crackling embers of jungle and UK soul splintered off in myriad directions. Wrecked but still not ready for bed, the set has a satisfyingly hazy grip primed for tenderised minds and feet, from the drifting choral samples and reverse-looped slope of ’Sup Beat’ to the slanted & enchanted grid-smudge ‘Correctamundo’ to trampling breaks on ‘Eggheads’, and proper ‘90s illbient on ‘Evolution Beat’, with the moody ‘Sax’ acting as a palate cleanser for the album’s 2nd wind on the sexy ‘Rooftop Pool’, and the slow/fast sizzle of ‘Fat Chance’, before crashing out on ‘Kinetic’. Hearing a lot of this mid 90’s vibe atm, but this one’s done proper." this one is on the chill tip. also grabbed another album - more on the tougher edge, bit skee mask vibes. some good beats.
  10. new old artist to me. opened up a bit of rabbit hole for me. responsible for the seemingly praised "Frequencies From The Edge Of The Tektonic Plate" compilation. mysticisms is a cool label that digs deep.
  11. very much hell yeah. at this point anything on peak oil is amazing. such a sick label.
  12. do we know who GGGG is? are there any other releases by this artist?
  13. firescope is prob my favourite label. double release drop. stoked.
  14. looks like digis have surfaced: https://www.junodownload.com/products/indio-phoenix/5781668-02/
  15. new full length on ilian. this should be good. out now.
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