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  1. lots of stuff today! gonna be some good beers and listening tonight.
  2. they are variations on this or something? which is also very good https://lockedgroove.bandcamp.com/album/3-variations-sur-un-th-me
  3. all good. was more just proud that i finally beat dcom to a release 🙂
  4. existing thread - but yeah really stoked to check this out today!
  5. saw this on redeye and did a quick google: https://clone.nl/item69572.html "Another beautiful WeMe release. EOD delivers a lovely collection of tracks in his well-known sound signature. Late Rephlex, and braindance influences are obvious but (Also considering he did release on Rephlex), but EOD did add his own fingerprint which is influenced by early Amiga sounds and Deeper Detroit Electro. Ingest and enjoy. (A special word of thank from EOD go out to Lucy Nate Dean Derek Cole Daniel Tom)" nice surprise
  6. nice new remix of jacques greene:
  7. dude who runs peak oil (topdown dialectic label) and some other dude. nice dubby dreamy spaced out stuff. "Smoke Point is a duo composed of Brian Foote (Peak Oil, Leech, Kranky) and Sage Caswell (Spring Theory). With their self-titled debut LP on Geographic North, the Los Angeles-based duo takes a captivating cruise through heady ambient drifts and ruthlessly rhythmic loop dreams. Foote and Caswell first teamed up to create a series of improvisational atmospherics throughout a multi-room art gallery. The pair conceived of a sprawling, dynamic experience with tones, rhythms, and textures that varied from room to room, yet were inextricably tuned and melded together. Visitors could serve as a sort of human crossfader, moving through the gallery and dialing up or down aural aspects as they pleased. And although the collaboration came together to create music for a specific physical space, the concept was never fully realized until what is now the duo’s first record. Smoke Point brings five extended, cruise-controlled exercises that calmly violate the Venn diagram's overlap between boundless dance music and unfathomable ambiance. But beyond the boundaries of an album as a set of songs, Foote and Caswell cracked things wide open and recontextualized the album as an actual DJ tool onto itself; ambient leaning and melodically focused. To achieve this, Smoke Point offers a bounty of loops in the form of endless locked grooves on the vinyl edition and brief but equally utilitarian snippets on the digital edition of the LP. credits"
  8. "For the best part of 10 years, For Those That Knoe has maintained its position as a platform for obscure and under-represented artists of recent past, (re)introducing their music to the world in the form of a stories told in chapters and specially crafted albums. Taking a slightly different tack, For Those That Knoe is looking to the present rather than back in time with a first LP outing for Slovenian producer Vid Vai. Vid Papez has had a succession of quality EPs under his belt, originally classically trained on violin, lute and guitar, his sound has developed into a lush mix of catchy breakbeat rhythms, precise intelligent percussion and other-worldly melodies and sound scapes. In constructing Laminar Flow, Vid has taken inspiration from fluid dynamics and coupled it with early influences in the form of UK bleep, IDM and breakbeat sounds. The result is a timeless piece of liquid-smooth sonic art that is strongly relevant in 2022 whilst also giving a gentle nod to the pioneers of the deeper end of the rave scene."
  9. fyi there is a new barker remix of planetary assault system
  10. honestly have no idea who the hell noisia is. should i?
  11. severant 2lp now. hopefully bonus shit.
  12. at last! a new kuedo album coming out on brainfeeder. very much looking forward to this.
  13. wow bummed hbo cancelled raised by wolves. by far one of the more interesting things out there.
  14. be annoying to not release digis. but exalt does stuff like that.
  15. good read. thanks. not familiar with this guy. really enjoying aonia!
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