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  1. this label is a nice little rabbit hole. shame about the vinyl/cd only tendencies. thanks for the tip.
  2. this is really good. on a darker tip.
  3. first track is lush as balls. love me some dj python. this is great. definitely some of his best work.
  4. don't think i've seen many hypnus releases mentioned here. new full length from birds ov paradise is wonderful. hardwax gets to the point: ""Heavenly sublime, deep, vibrant Dub Techno album" hypnus consistently releases deep dubby quality techno. the latest luigi tozzi album from a couple weeks back is also great. the primal code and wa we wu (sebastian mullaert) albums were both cool as well.
  5. never purchased a discography before but am tempted - but my question is if i do so does it make my new purchases feed completely insane and add every release? i am assuming it does, as what else would it possibly do. but i don't want this. who has bought a discography?
  6. a lot of the new stuff is great - some is mediocre. but nothing will ever top ship-scope.
  7. not sure what to make of those tracks to be honest
  8. this artist is new to me and holy shit am i impressed. whole discography is amazing. but damn - black buildings is stunning.
  9. extralife in with the solid recco. have the reagenz and synectics that are both great. will check the others. thanks!
  10. from mysterious to prolific. can’t wait to check this out.
  11. new discovery - some nice lush electro vibes from this guy. from his BC: "DJ/Producer from NL. The story is about the love for playing electronic music. During the covid19 pandemic Ray rediscovered his love for electro. What he likes about it are the eighties influences in this genre. Ray creates electro under his alter ego named Qamar Sol and plays electro sets in his weekly radio show called Space Is The Place Every Friday 21:00 CET at www.dreamstreamradio.nl" bio is bad but tunes are good 🙂
  12. inverted audio best of 2021 put me onto this: "With ‘Reflections on Intrinsic Value’, Ronan at last gave us a release broad enough to showcase the numerous facets to his sonic identity, roaming through downtempo, breakbeat and jungle, dusted with overtones of ambience and tastes of trance. One of several releases this year through his own label, Eternal Ocean, Ronan’s efforts here pay off in uncompromisingly high quality, with each track hallmarked by a certain blend of accessibility, nostalgic influence, and a foresight that places him at the head of the pack when it comes to the swathes of jungle-influenced music arriving in the last year." completely new to me and sounds fresh - really enjoying it. also released a pay what you want album "waking dreams" in december which is super good.
  13. excited to hear this. pretty cool it was lined up for AD93.
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