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  1. there is also a new vinyl compilation / digis as well: https://ampoulerecords.bandcamp.com/album/cheeky-speaker
  2. @theburglar thanks for these. can't wait to dig in. any plans to release digitals of forced hypnosis?!
  3. dig this. straight up good vibez. going well with my beerz.
  4. have not - will check. this one def has some lasting power. been listening to it all week. can’t get enough!
  5. this is fresh. Incienso is excited to announce ‘basement, etc…’, the debut album from Brooklyn producer downstairs J a.k.a. Josh Abramovici. Combining elements of Trip-Hop, Acid House, Dub, Korg Triton timbres and a healthy dose of the most chilling beats of the ‘20s, J steps out into the world from down below with an entrancing set of seven songs that warmly elude to his previous releases under the aliases snacs and VOSE 106, but taken in new directions and heights - strangely familiar but fresh, friendly and uniquely J…
  6. always been a fan - love family portrait. looking forward to this!
  7. super cool release. ilian always delivering.
  8. well this is something to look forward to: RECORDED 2018. OUT ON VINYL + DIGITAL + TAPE SEPTEMBER 2021 A1 - Dream Song Of The Woman (11:11) A2 - In The Great Night My Heart Will Go Out (12:08) A3 - Formula To Attract Affections (6:59) B1 - The Story Of My Ancestor The River (8:02) B2 - The Poor Boy And The Mud Ponies (9:21) B3 - Sometimes I Go About Pitying Myself While I Am Carried By The Wind Across The Sky (17:45)
  9. wonderful dubby ambient shit a la vladislav / west mineral crew etc. this one stands out. he released an excellent tape on motion ward under his ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ alias, also that folder album on experiences ltd. https://nikolaykozlov.bandcamp.com/album/outtakes21
  10. volume 3 incoming: Vol. 3 by Topdown Dialectic
  11. haha. gotcha. i thought you were referring to some dj mix or something. and yes this does sound wonderful - i grabbed the vinyl and its a beautiful package.
  12. has some dope tracks. can take or leave the talking bits.
  13. yeah, its on streaming services. was mentioned that there will be a vinyl release on furthur electronix as well.
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