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  1. i ended up buying swinsian (24€), and having used it for the last couple of days i must say i'm impressed! my setup: three macbooks. old one is sharing the usb hard drive on the local network. (until i can afford something like a mac mini). the two others are "normal" laptops which mount the usb network disk locally and they have swinsian installed and pointed to that disk. indexing happens fast and playback is good! thanks for the tip @species8472!
  2. does this mean you can upload all your files to apple music and sync them to all your devices? no flac support then?
  3. ay, swinsian looks good! just downloaded it now, checking it.. does it do auto-tagging, or is that a manual thing you need yate or other apps for?
  4. i also found some others: * jriver: looks oldish, but very customizable and does indexing and metadata things pretty nicely. focus on "bitperfect" audio. https://jriver.com/audio.html * audirvana: looks modern, but a little dummed down interface. i can't customize how it does indexing. also focus on "bitperfect" audio. (not that i need that) https://audirvana.com/ * traktor: i'm currently learning traktor for dj-ing, so i'm considering to just try and use that. but i'm not sure if it will give me artwork, metadata and simple library functions from what i see?
  5. morning watmm! i have a lot of music on my external disks. alot of which is just sitting there waiting to be discovered. i used to be happy with foobar2000 but now i'm on a mac, so i'm stuck with gnarly vlc. vlc is a very good video player, not a very good music player. having used the good itunes (back in the days) and spotify now i'm also realizing that i need more of a music library app – not just a player – to categorize, shuffle, search and discover my music. it's uninspiring and boring to dig through tons of files and directories with no album art or categorization, as you all know. i'd really like to just index a directory with all my files, have the album art and metadata automatically inserted and be presented with something like a grid view with albums/artists/songs. i've searched the net for something, and i found the open source "clementine" which says it shall do all of this, but it is very in progress, slow and buggy when loading many files. any tips for a good application out there? i'll give my money for a good, stable application that can handle large amount of files and support all the normal file types FLAC, WAV, MP3, AIFF
  6. share a disco tune! i don't admin publicly that i like disco, but it is.. dunno.. has an essential place in my musical space-time spectrum. it is proto-everything that i listen to. there are some good feels to be had this for instance (first discovered the other day from warp30 boc mix):
  7. made a little mini-version: html snippet for those who want to play around with html themes and stuff (@joyrex):
  8. let me take you back for a moment: https://web.archive.org/web/20070105192457/http://www.warprecords.com/ i remember seeing warprecords.com in its old glory for the first time back in the early 2000s on my friend's computer screen. it was really a piece of art at the time i thought. how creative and colorful, with the _amazing_ logo animation and inventive layout system. looking at it now, i still think the same. think about all the nice websites that are forgotten every time somebody needs to "modernize". really glad archive.org exists and of course, the creators, the designers republic (still rolling with flash-based websites) http://www.thedesignersrepublic.com http://www.pho-ku.com/ do you miss the old?
  9. people, can't you see this is simple trolling? don't fall into the trap..
  10. thanks mate. appreciate the feedback. yes, the drums need more love and crispness! will investigate more..
  11. really nice selection! thanks for letting me know about mike dred + peter green and panasonic (pan-sonic)
  12. only me: me and sigwint (https://soundcloud.com/sigwint): feedback much appreciated! just starting to learn how to master, post process etc.
  13. another one for the lovely morning tea, ever so gentle
  14. maybe a detail, but i can't help but notice the quite long FOUC [1] appearing whenever i load a watmm page. there is about 400 kb of css and 750 kb of js loaded in <head>. all of the script tags loads the js synchronously. it may slow down the page rendering, since all scripts must be fetched, parsed and executed before even parsing <body>. maybe loading some scripts not needed at once with `<script src=''.." async>` could solve the issue? or putting some right before </body>. another method to patch the fouc issue is to provide a small inline <style> tag containing a minimal set of needed styles (basic layout, resets, colors, empty/placeholder styling) for the page on load time. this inline stylesheet is applied immediately, so the flashing effect is reduced when the rest of styles are applied.
  15. a track i made from a little while ago. not really mastered or beefed up. cheers
  16. airvpn been using it for at least three years. you can't be safer. it works great too
  17. show your neighbours just how much you appreciate a good ol' listening! exploring new sonic landscapes and such
  18. cheap ass beer, peanuts, tubes, wires
  19. this is insanely good! sort of like blowing your speakers up without actually blowing them up
  20. what about this heart/like button? i know it's a common social media thing, but i feel it is weird for this forum. at least the smileys look weird. maybe it's useful to reduce "me too" "+1" "lol" posts, but i really think those posts are what makes watmm threads so insanely good. and the range of emotions (sarcasm and irony included) the users will try and incflict upon each other can't be expressed with a simple smiley (or a trophy? huh?). i might be missing the point. is it really only meant to be used for bookmarking things by liking them?
  21. some general css feedback: * block quotes looks indistinguishable from normal text. suggested fix: give the css class .ipsBlockquote same styling as .ipsQuote. see an example of block quotes current styling here: https://forum.watmm.com/topic/92805-4-to-the-floor-appreciation-thread/: * embedded content is now 100% wide. it takes forever to scroll down a forum post like (https://forum.watmm.com/topic/96885-stompin39-industrial-acid-or-gabber-music/) because of the huge videos. suggested fix: provide a maximum width for <iframe>, <video> and maybe also <img> and <object> less than 100%
  22. really lovely tracks everyone! woa! these are ACE
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