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  1. I think it was Gore Vidal (or possibly Alistair Cooke) who said America is like an arrogant teenager with a fast car. I suspect the 'invincible teen' is growing into an unsure college student still trying nail-down their adult identity. I personally really like individual Americans, it's the tribalism that grates. That said, seems like my country is devolving into the same shit with Brexit
  2. I've had it for just over a year, but have spent much more time with my eurorack stuff than programming anything with the OT. It's powerful, but I haven't given it the time it deserves to be comfortable with it and not have to think about the process to achieve what I'm trying to do while using it. I have all my modular stuff running through the OT, and it works like a dream. I often don't even bother with analogue vcas anymore; just run a quantised signal straight in, and use the gates, effects and lfos of the OT to make the magic +of course sampling capabilities to take it to the next level. My guess is if you combine the OT with your euro stuff, getting to know the machine will feel less like hard work.
  3. Not really liking pt.2. What I've heard so far sounds like a 5 year old who has a penchant for silly drum patterns has just discovered my studio Pt. 1 was pretty good tho
  4. Mother!- Whacky allegory mash-up Phantom Thread- Brilliant if slightly twisted relationship drama Amy- Surprisingly touching (one of those that digs in and catches you unawares) Yeah, I'm surprised by that. I thought it was a great concept executed really well on a tight budget. The final mirror-choreography thing was proper creepy (enhanced by a great piece of music).
  5. Have started watching the Frankenstein Chronicles. Is a rather dull period procedural, but an interesting and quite realistic depiction of early 19th century English society.
  6. The Cure For Wellness, interestingly surreal (with great cinematography) until the focus-grouped ending was tacked on and made it shit
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if it was released as part of a retrospective. I can't imagine Villeneuve would object.
  8. Yeah, one of those 'happy' accidents (while I love modal synthesis, it is a weird, dark-art form of synthesis, and once you start getting twiddle happy, it is easy to induce cutouts and strange artifacts). This is what I think will happen. It is a nice intro, and the bass part will bridge into the main track
  9. For sure: props for the purists who keep it simple, and build from the ground up. Using some of the more complex modules can feel like cheating (and is not a good way to learn about synthesis). I have gone in the other direction, largely due to limited rack space, but I often wonder what I'm missing in terms of sound design and control. Maybe I should invest in a second Doepfer rack
  10. Microdosing's leaving me tired

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    2. Hugh Mughnus

      Hugh Mughnus

      Have you tried microdosing less?

    3. Bechuga


      Switch to macrodosing

    4. cwmbrancity


      what would Shaun Ryder do?

  11. Can't get no sluttyfaction

  12. or even replace them with the amazon R.A.E.D. rap skills: Holy shit, I see a restraining order on the horizon...
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