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  1. yeah I bailed on this one pretty quickly. Kept dying. Had no idea what to do.
  2. Elden Ring update: Defeated the Raya Lucaria dungeon. Rannala was easier than Radagon for me. I went back to the Roundtable, and the guy said to go to the end of the game, and I was like lolwut. Before he told me there were five bosses to kill, and I've only killed two. So gonna roam around and try to find what to do next.
  3. They have a massive hidden section you can easily miss around mid-game that is worth exploring. I would not say the game is small, but it's also not true open world.
  4. Yeah I just bought Sable on sale. Next on my list. Elden Ring update: beat the rest of Weeping Peninsula and Godrick at Stormveil (getting the cooperator was key). Now in Liurnia trying to get the Flintstone key. Most unpleasant thing was losing all my runes to an invader in the Roundtable which I thought was a safe space. Beat the fucker after 30 tries and for some reason still didn't get the runes back. Thought I grabbed them every time before the fight began.
  5. Godrick was a big step up in terms of diffriculty, so instead I explored Limgrave East and did a bunch of those story lines (the fort, the man-wolf, the mariner). Just went down to the peninsula and beat that fort. When it displays a message on the screen and you can't fight, but enemies still attack you is the worst. What a design flaw.
  6. I beat some more caves in Limgrave, found the big sword, then rode past the ogre on the horse like it was suggested. I beat Margit with the help of a cooperator (I died a lot) and am now in the middle of Stormveil Castle. That knight in the dark room fucked me up many times. I still can't use incantations, so wondering when that unlocks.
  7. Limbo, Flow Free, Prune, Monument Valley I & II, Hook
  8. Whoa, optional? That's where the light of grace points to, and when I went south the bridge was blocked and I got instakilled by some fireball. So I thought this was definitely the place to be going. When I tried to ride into the castle on the horse, the horse disappeared, so I thought the game was telling me I couldn't use the horse in this section. I'm level 15 by the way.
  9. Well so far things are not going well in Elden Ring. It took me a dozen tries to beat the mini-boss in the cave, and now I'm stuck at Stormgate. I beat the Ogre once, but got sniped by the archers after.
  10. Prognosis does not look good then. What I hated most about Sekiro is making me redo like 10 minutes of clearing enemies to get to a boss that basically two shots me before I get a single hit. Giant fuck you to the player. And can't use any of the stealth skills against the bosses either. And respawning enemies on save too! The stealth parts were fun until you're doing it for the 30th time.
  11. Now I'm bummed I never played the DLC. If you haven't played Returnal, that is also worth it. I just beat A Plague Tale: Requiem. Brutal story. Harder than the first game. I'm actually going to try Elden Ring, I think. I can never make it far in FromSoft games. The early bosses always pretty much instakill me. And I beat a lot of games on hard in the first go, so I don't just suck at video games. Something doesn't click for me with them, and I hate redoing everything just to get slaughtered again at the end. But too many accolades to not give it a try.
  12. Prey is also excellent. I played it on hard, and it legit builds real tension. I just started A Plague Tale: Requiem. I loved the first, but this hasn't grabbed me yet.
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