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  1. Started Hyper Light Drifter and beat the East. I die a lot.
  2. They are far away from each other and never interact. So, no. Technically, they are given a couple square miles to stay within that don't overlap.
  3. I watched season 6 of Alone. They drop 10 contestants in the Arctic. Whoever survives longest without giving up wins half a mil. It was interesting. Also watched the first three of episodes of Raised by Wolves. Interesting enough to keep going.
  4. I started Sky: Children of the Light. It's from the makers of Journey. I should be playing this on anything besides an iPhone.
  5. I actually rewatched eXistenZ recently because my roommate hadn't seen it. Still great. Also rewatched City of God and Michael Clayton. Both still great. Tried watching The Double. Turned it off not even halfway through. Also watched Stoker, which was okay.
  6. I finished Far Cry 5 and really liked it actually. A lot of fun. I couldn't get though Far Cry 4, but did love Far Cry 3. I think I'll play The Outer Worlds next.
  7. I remember playing it endlessly on my GameCube in college while using Plaid's Parts in the Post as the soundtrack. Those two things are inextricably linked for me now.
  8. Everyone making Spotify out to be the villain should really look at their contracts with the labels. The reason they still lose money and pay artists so little is that the major labels take all of Spotify's revenue and don't share it with artists. It was the only way the labels would agree to give them the back catalog. If they could have relationships with artists directly and pay artists more in the process, they would. It would be much more profitable for them. But since most recorded music is owned by a major label, most of music consumers would want to listen to wouldn't be available on Spotify anymore. So what you have is a great consumer experience, a "valuable" company from a stock market perspective, but no profits, and an entrenchment of the music label industry which has treated artists terribly for decades. Spotify is actually trying to push into podcasts, an industry that doesn't have this entrenched power structure. I think they'd like to sign artists directly, but fear it would cause the major labels to pull out.
  9. I loved the first game, but didn't like the second. Removing the constraints kind of killed the whole vibe. Never checked out the third.
  10. Finally finished The Americans. Started Battlestar Galactica.
  11. I finished Observation on the PS4. Pretty cool game.
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