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  1. Finished The Last of Us Part II. I thought it was great, if a little easy. I played on hard and was able to stealth through most of the game. I love stealth so that is cool with me, but expected to be forced into more manic encounters than I was.
  2. I didn't love the story, but the gameplay (especially two of the levels in Dishonored 2) is crazy inventive and fun.
  3. It will lay flat. I think event was just to show they will have games worth buying. Horizon sequel enough for me, but def interested in Death Loop, Ghostwire, and the Spider-man expansion.
  4. Trending toward 15 hours me thinks. But hard to tell exactly.
  5. Replaying The Last of Us in prep for the sequel coming out this week. I can definitely see how gameplay has evolved since it came out, but story holds up.
  6. Whenever I need a laugh I go straight to the extended wine scene on Youtube. It's incredible.
  7. Ready or Not (2020): Loved the concept. Solid film, not exceptional. The Gentlemen (2020): Colin Farrell not even trying runs circles around the rest of the actors in this one.
  8. Dead Ringer (1964): I never finished this movie before, so I watched the whole thing yesterday. It's kind of interesting, but doesn't stand the test of time as a classic or anything to me. I imagine the tech wasn't easy to pull off at the time.
  9. Return of the Obra Dinn was pretty cool. I got all the fates correct, but it took some doing. With The Last of Us Part II coming so soon, I'm not sure I'll start something else before then.
  10. I just finished Days Gone. It was pretty good, surprisingly long with a lot to do in the open world. It got very glitchy in some parts, which was disappointing. I think I'm going to start Obra Dinn next.
  11. I had to give up on it. I love the atmosphere and the mechanics too (love stealth), but kept getting my ass kicked by some of the bosses. May get back to it at some point.
  12. I wasn't enjoying The Outer Wilds, so I just watched the rest of Youtube to see the story. There's something really frustrating about an exploration game with time limits, especially when the controls are so clunky. I started Days Gone, and I like it so far.
  13. I watched a lot of Hitchcock too when I was younger. My favorite is actual Dial M for Murder.
  14. Sekiro was too hard, so I switched to Outer Wilds. It's still pretty early in the game, but seems good.
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