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  1. Sekiro was too hard, so I switched to Outer Wilds. It's still pretty early in the game, but seems good.
  2. Yeah that game really is fantastic. I've enjoyed all three of the new Tomb Raiders.
  3. I only played the first two Assassin's Creed games and quit them both because they were too boring, predictable, and grindy. But Origins looked cool because of the setting, and I normally love stealth games. Eventually, I might try this.
  4. Let's see. A bunch of updates. Brick: A re-watch. I still enjoy it. The Lighthouse: can't say I enjoyed this one. Rough slog. Ash Is Purest White: a bit boring Knives Out: Re-watch. I love this movie. Uncut Gems: A bit over-hyped, but decent movie. Thief: this was pretty cool, but 80s relationships on screen make no sense. Proto-Heat in a way. The Irishmen: I loved this, and never found it boring except for perhaps the very end. Joker: I mean this was okay, and I get it's a modern Taxi Driver, but I could also just watch Taxi Driver. Jojo Rabbit: stopped halfway in because it was boring Ad Astra: should have been better
  5. I finally beat Death Stranding. Story is crazy and doesn't quite come together for me. I loved a bunch of the ideas in it. I never found it boring like some reviews. Overall, it was fun and inventive. I'm going to try Sekiro next, but skeptical I'll be able to get very far.
  6. I liked A Hundred Days Off, but agree after that it hasn't been good.
  7. I started playing Kentucky Route Zero in addition to Death Stranding because I had a long flight. Love the art style so far. Story still picking up steam.
  8. Finished new season of The Expanse and series finale of Mr. Robot. Also Watchmen. Started on Homecoming, and liking it so far. It's Esmail's new show, but weird that it's in 30 minute increments.
  9. Just got the platinum for Control. Interesting game. A lot I still don't understand. Going to start Death Stranding next.
  10. Beat A Plague Tale: Innocence. Pretty good game. A little wonky controls on a couple things toward the end. Mixes a lot of different elements of different games to feel unique. I think I'm going to start playing Control next, which I bought on Black Friday.
  11. I beat GRIS, which was a pretty cool, short platformer/puzzle game. I fired up A Plague Tale: Innocence, and I like it so far.
  12. I watched The Man from Nowhere after receiving a recommendation from a friend. It's a pretty good Korean film. A little bit of Leon influence there as well as more gangster revenge stuff.
  13. I did, but I don't remember it. I also don't remember the Ahmad Szabo stuff in general. I forgot about Diamond Watch Wrists, but yes, it was very terrible.
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