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  1. I liked A Hundred Days Off, but agree after that it hasn't been good.
  2. I started playing Kentucky Route Zero in addition to Death Stranding because I had a long flight. Love the art style so far. Story still picking up steam.
  3. Finished new season of The Expanse and series finale of Mr. Robot. Also Watchmen. Started on Homecoming, and liking it so far. It's Esmail's new show, but weird that it's in 30 minute increments.
  4. Just got the platinum for Control. Interesting game. A lot I still don't understand. Going to start Death Stranding next.
  5. Beat A Plague Tale: Innocence. Pretty good game. A little wonky controls on a couple things toward the end. Mixes a lot of different elements of different games to feel unique. I think I'm going to start playing Control next, which I bought on Black Friday.
  6. I beat GRIS, which was a pretty cool, short platformer/puzzle game. I fired up A Plague Tale: Innocence, and I like it so far.
  7. I watched The Man from Nowhere after receiving a recommendation from a friend. It's a pretty good Korean film. A little bit of Leon influence there as well as more gangster revenge stuff.
  8. I did, but I don't remember it. I also don't remember the Ahmad Szabo stuff in general. I forgot about Diamond Watch Wrists, but yes, it was very terrible.
  9. Started playing GRIS on the Switch because I had a long flight. Pretty cool so far. also hooked up the Dualshock to my laptop to play Ori and the Blind Forest. I am so bad at platformers. I die a lot, and may give up.
  10. Watched The Shining after having not seen it in a long while. Still great.
  11. Early stuff was amazing. Agreed he fell off bad. A Cloud Mireya super slept on. Still one of my favorite artists overall. Also ❤️Machinedrum who started this style at the same time. Delarosa + Asora stuff: 7/10 Folk Songs: 8/10 Vocal Studies: 10/10 92 v. 02 Collection: 10/10 One Word Extinguisher: 10/10 Extinguished: 10/10 Reads The Books: 8/10 Piano Overlord: 7/10 Surrounded by Silence: 10/10 A Cloud Mireya: 10/10 Security Screenings: 4/10 Preparations: 3/10 Ampexian: 8/10 Oversensitivity: 8/10 Only She Chapters: 3/10 Rivington Nao Rio: 7/10 Fudge Beats: 7/10
  12. I "beat" No Man's Sky, or at least two of the three things to beat. Now I'm trying to get to the center of the galaxy, and I don't think I'm doing it well.
  13. Watched Parasite. I didn't like his other films. This one was good, but I felt it would have been better as a TV show. He would have had more time to explore all the characters and the motivations.
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