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  1. The new Venom movie was carnage, I mean garbage. Whoa, was it terrible. And I like Carnage the comic character. Shang Chi was really bad too, and I like Marvel movies (which I know is not common here).
  2. Started the replay of Horizon Zero Dawn. Want the story to be fresh for me when the sequel comes out.
  3. Ugh, I'm trying to start a replay Horizon Zero Dawn or Deathloop, but my controller seems bricked now. Camera points straight up or down on both games.
  4. I finally beat Returnal. What a game. I definitely had to go to YouTube to explain the story. It's hard to put together unless you know Greek mythology well. I have four of the six things I need to get the true ending, but probably won't bother for the other two as game crashed in middle of the search for the fifth. I'll probably replay Horizon Zero Dawn next.
  5. If Dishonored 2 a) had a better story and b) had every level be as good as the clockwork mansion and crack in the slab, it would be a best of all time consideration.
  6. Beat boss three and almost beat boss four on Returnal. I may be able to beat this game! Unrelated, Death Loop is getting 10/10 review scores. Looks dope. I loved Dishonored 2 and Prey.
  7. I beat the second boss in Returnal. Had a few cracks at the third boss, but no luck. Really cool game. Never played anything like it.
  8. I finally beat the first biome / boss in Returnal. Unfortunately, I got smoked by a mini boss in the second biome. Didn't have much health left.
  9. Got to the first boss in Returnal. Got destroyed by his charge in the second phase of the battle. Game is very cool.
  10. I beat Hitman 3. It was pretty fun. There was a sale at Gamestop, and I had a bunch of credit, so I bought Returnal and Skyward Sword. I started Returnal. I love it so far. I'm getting destroyed, but I love the vibe and the visuals. It definitely feels like a PS5 game. I hope I get good enough to beat it.
  11. I watched the Suicide Squad. Wow, this was beyond terrible. I just don't understand how it has good reviews. I rewatched Snatch and Knives Out. Snatch definitely isn't as good as I remember, but still fun. More contrived than I recalled. Knives Out still excellent.
  12. I got the platinum for Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Now I'm working my way through Hitman 3. Got most of the achievements for the first level, and just beat the murder mystery level.
  13. Just finished Resident Evil Village. Great game. Really enjoyed it. I'm firing up Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart next. Only ever tried the one they gave away for free last year and didn't like it enough to finish it.
  14. I loved this game. I started Resident Evil Village. Pretty cool so far. Lots of well designed characters. Going to go more campy I think. I prefer the conspiracy side of Resident Evil vs. the campy stuff, but oh well.
  15. Yeah do that first. May even have a bundle still.
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