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  1. Machinedrum, A View of U Real Estate, The Main Thing Matthieu Faubourg, Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication Andrea, Ritorno Kelpe, Run With The Floating, Weightless, Slowness Grimes, Miss Anthropocene Kelpe, If Not Now When Grant, Perception Move D & Benjamin Brunn, Let's Call It A Day Shinichi Atobe, Yes Crackazat, Valentine EP
  2. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2. I used to be really great at these games. Trying to get the feel with a very different controller (I played on Gamecube).
  3. The reviews say the PS5 is remarkably silent actually. Apparently, saves crossing over is work that has to be done by the developer. But it sounds like a bunch aren't doing it, which is annoying. I'm going to wait until Horizon: Forbidden West comes out to buy a PS5, but I have to admit their game slate looks pretty impressive.
  4. I beat Hyper Light Drifter, but there are still doors I can't open. I don't really understand why. *shrugs* I don't have my PS4 hooked up, so working my way through Steam/Epic Games Store games. Next is either Kentucky Route Zero, Superliminal, or Untitled Goose Game.
  5. Raised by Wolves got weird. Not sure I'll continue. Tried the first episode of Succession and liked it. Tried the first two episodes of Perry Mason, and it's okay so far.
  6. I finally beat the West boss in Hyper Light Drifter after dying an endless amount of times. I didn't realize there were upgrades available to buy in the town, and then didn't buy the dash one once I did, which would have helped a lot. Now working on the North.
  7. Started Hyper Light Drifter and beat the East. I die a lot.
  8. They are far away from each other and never interact. So, no. Technically, they are given a couple square miles to stay within that don't overlap.
  9. I watched season 6 of Alone. They drop 10 contestants in the Arctic. Whoever survives longest without giving up wins half a mil. It was interesting. Also watched the first three of episodes of Raised by Wolves. Interesting enough to keep going.
  10. I started Sky: Children of the Light. It's from the makers of Journey. I should be playing this on anything besides an iPhone.
  11. I actually rewatched eXistenZ recently because my roommate hadn't seen it. Still great. Also rewatched City of God and Michael Clayton. Both still great. Tried watching The Double. Turned it off not even halfway through. Also watched Stoker, which was okay.
  12. I finished Far Cry 5 and really liked it actually. A lot of fun. I couldn't get though Far Cry 4, but did love Far Cry 3. I think I'll play The Outer Worlds next.
  13. I remember playing it endlessly on my GameCube in college while using Plaid's Parts in the Post as the soundtrack. Those two things are inextricably linked for me now.
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