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  1. I got the platinum for Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Now I'm working my way through Hitman 3. Got most of the achievements for the first level, and just beat the murder mystery level.
  2. Just finished Resident Evil Village. Great game. Really enjoyed it. I'm firing up Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart next. Only ever tried the one they gave away for free last year and didn't like it enough to finish it.
  3. I loved this game. I started Resident Evil Village. Pretty cool so far. Lots of well designed characters. Going to go more campy I think. I prefer the conspiracy side of Resident Evil vs. the campy stuff, but oh well.
  4. Yeah do that first. May even have a bundle still.
  5. I platinumed the original, so more swinging around is always fun for me. Story slightly better than original, some new abilities, definitely shorter. It's pretty fun.
  6. Beat Miles Morales. Got to I think final boss of Streets of Rage 4 and can't beat the damn twins.
  7. Finally got a PS5. Beat Astro's Playroom, and midway through Miles Morales.
  8. These are so great. "Satisfaction Dub" and "Corticofugal Rainbows" are excellent.
  9. The 39 Steps: I had never seen it. Pretty enjoyable. Masculin Feminin: Also had never seen. This was pretty forgettable to me.
  10. Playing Pikmin 3 Deluxe on the Switch. Loved the first, but disliked the second. So far this is solid.
  11. Finally watched Tenet. Plot wasn't as hard to follow as I was expecting from what friends have said. But it felt like a dress rehearsal of a film rather than an actual movie.
  12. It looks awesome, but still can't get my hands on a PS5. And think i would play Resident Evil Village first if I did manage to get one.
  13. Okay, I got the Hand of the King boss in Dead Cells. Got destroyed. Kinda scared to try again as it takes an hour and a half to get that far.
  14. Started Dead Cells. Can't get past the bridge boss. I generally suck at these types of games.
  15. Was Streets of Rage 4 worth it? I was worried it wouldn't hold up (I beat the old games on the Genesis back in the day).
  16. Pretty easy platinum once you beat it too. Great game.
  17. I really don't like this. This duo made Iaora Tahiti, Autoditacker, Instrumentals, Niun Niggung, Idiology, and Radical Connector, all of which I love to death. Varcharz was pretty solid too. Maybe they should have stopped after that. Parastrophics was okay, but felt more like a Hud Mo album than a Mouse On Mars album.
  18. This has been really nice from Epic. Tons of quality free games over the last year and a half. I also like that they charge developers less in fees. Unrelated, beat the first section of The Last Campfire. Gives me some N64 Zelda vibes in terms of how the world is structured, though the gameplay is a lot simpler.
  19. I bought it on PS4, but I missed the sale that's happening on it. I use both Epic and Steam. Don't really understand Steam loyalty. Unrelated, I was finally able to snag a PS5. Feel like the bundle is kind of a ripoff, but I got Miles Morales with it. Should come in two weeks.
  20. I beat Hyper Light Drifter. I did enjoy that. Got it for free from Epic Games Store. Ghostrunner is first person wall running and killing. Like a modern Mirror's Edge with a sword. It moves too fast for me.
  21. Downloaded the Ghostrunner demo. Couldn't get the hang of the controls. Kept dying near instantly. Having a bad run with hard games. Started Gorogoa on PS4 and downloaded The Last Campfire too (from No Man's Sky devs). Still waiting on a PS5 to play Miles Morales.
  22. I tried Cuphead. Unbelievably difficult. Took me dozens of tries to beat the first boss on simple, and then they told me you don't get credit unless you beat it on regular. I am just terrible at platformers. Art style is amazing though.
  23. Le Samourai (1967): stylish fa sho, struggled a bit to work through the why of the ending.
  24. Went through a lot of the Amazon shows as I got a free trial to watch The Expanse. Finished The Boys, and it was solid. Now working on Jack Ryan, which based on the pilot I liked better than Patriot or Tales from the Loop.
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