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  1. I beat Solar Ash. Some of the boss fights are frustrating. World is pretty cool. 3D Monument Valley at times. Think I may finally try Cyberpunk 2077 next.
  2. Severance. Pretty good stuff. Stylistic, some great characters. I'm in.
  3. I got recommended this on Spotify. Never heard of it before, but it's great. Very old school Warp vibes. Perhaps I'm the only one getting to this late, but thought I'd share if not. https://apollorecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-album https://kalaharioystercult.bandcamp.com/album/sw-mydefinition-lp-oyster30
  4. I started Solar Ash. It's the new game from the makers of Hyper Light Drifter. Cool art style.
  5. I finally beat Horizon Forbidden West. 116 hours. Got every trophy but three. Amazing game. Story not as good as the first.
  6. I watched this when it came out. I agree it's pretty cool. Didn't appreciate them flirting with another season, but never committing.
  7. I'm like 20 hours into Horizon Forbidden West. Super good so far. It's massive.
  8. I pre-ordered this on Amazon and still remember popping the CD in my player in my college dorm. Such a perfect record.
  9. New The Expanse season. First two episodes were meh. Picked up after. There are these vignettes you can only watch online on Amazon Prime, which is so silly. The last one is pretty great though.
  10. I finished Guardians of the Galaxy. Just okay. Felt it was overhyped. I just started The Pathless. It's an indie, Journey-like game with a bow and arrow.
  11. I love those Tomb Raider games. I've been playing Guardians of the Galaxy. Started on hard, and combat is kind of clunky.
  12. I just beat Far Cry 6. I didn't like it was much as 5 or 3, but it was fun being a headshot machine. I will start Guardians of the Galaxy soon.
  13. "Balk Acid" from A Shocking Hobby has always been a favorite.
  14. Defenders is all right. The first half of Season 1 of Luke Cage is excellent. Mahershala is amazing. After the first half it goes very downhill. You can skip Iron First. Jessica Jones season 1 is amazing. Not great after that. Daredevil worth going all the way through. I could not get into Punisher at all.
  15. Started Far Cry 6. So far not as interesting as Far Cry 5, which I really liked. Still working on Disco Elysium, but it's get too monotonous if I play for too long at once.
  16. I made a playlists of all of my favorite tracks of his. Unfortunately Spotify doesn't have In Pine Effect and the Bandcamp releases. Put those on a Youtube playlist.
  17. I beat Deathloop. It's a pretty cool game. Mixture of detective plus FPS plus stealth plus roguelite. Really amazing art direction and music. Gameplay hasn't evolved much since Dishonored 2. The levels evolve by time of day, which is cool, and the detective element is like Hitman 3. Kind of have to do a lot of work to piece the entire story together. I just started Disco Elysium. Seems like it will be a slog.
  18. Dial M for Murder is my favorite. I watched The 39 Steps for the first time recently, and I liked that more than I expected.
  19. I liked it as well. Worth getting the "real" ending too. As for Sekiro, I couldn't beat either of the bosses a few hours in so gave up. Loved the stealth parts, hating killing 20+ enemies multiple times to get one or two hit killed by impossible bosses. I beat many games on hard, so I don't understand why their games are so difficult for me. I am close to the end of Deathloop. It's pretty funny and a pretty cool concept.
  20. Hard to keep track of his output, but I love a lot of his stuff between his own name and Locust.
  21. I started collecting all of my faves that aren't on Spotify as a Youtube playlist:
  22. Hated that game. Controls were so bad, and they combined that with precise timing for many key actions. Just brutal. Glad I watched rather than played the rest.
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