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  1. I went out hiking a mountain nearby a few weeks ago. Thought about my trip to Japan in early february. Classic boc moment.
  2. As autumn colors dead leaves and temperature drops, an old slaughter house makes for some creative skateboarding - set to that acrid avid jam shred-kind of tune:
  3. 11min video on my anticipated japan journey earlier this year. Was lucky to visit during the blossom and will most def. go back for more. quite a cosy piece
  4. All of last season on snow, in a 15 min video. A summary of things not turning out as planned and with that getting to know new people and in time friends.
  5. yeah yeah $$$ is the key to this one, but still, the lighting and the shots....
  6. Some of this summer caught on camera https://vimeo.com/105806636
  7. taken 2 weeks ago up in Tingvalla, Iceland - dividing continents with artifacts obtained in Holmavik earlier.
  8. Also just finished this video of a really cold but very beautiful day, when me and a friend took a de-tour around town before the usual snow cannon-check, just because the weather was so damn nice! Some awesome shots of thin ice breaking, and small paths forming in the river.
  9. ayeah some of you might enjoy this piece I did: I helped a friend capture her making of precious pralines, as a promo video for her newly opened store. Added le N.O.W. over it for online purposes, as the video in the store is muted.
  10. fell asleep to this tonite (via the ustream that fellow instagramguy put up) - a tune I find quite pleasing. Reminds me of Rue the whirl.
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