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    These are GREAT. well done!
  2. zoid

    E trax

    cool. Knight Rider vibes ๐Ÿ˜„ This one is my favourite one of all the tracks you posted. dig it. the last EP i released on my bandcamp was 5 tracks I made in 1998. Found them on a DAT tape in my parents house a couple of years ago!
  3. here's the next version of the last track. got the modular out for this one, all synced up just about! 3 sequencers are running here, the Tanzbar, the Digitakt and the Eloquencer. this was fun! it's a 16 bar sequence now but i still want to put more structure on the sequences and build some more changes into the track. happy with how it's coming along. guitar sound might be a little bit too glitchy.
  4. for me, my favourite kind of drum programming to listen to has those elements all playing off each other, similar to a drummer playing a drumkit. an example of this is"flim", one of the best examples of drum programming imo. it's interesting to me how electronic music seems to swing from more machinelike grooves (kraftwerk/early detroit techno/early afx for example) to more organic, human like grooves, like in drum'n'bass and everything with breaks, and everything in between. i do still love machine grooves too, but i'm really drawn to music where it's a mystery to me how it was made, like with flim.
  5. that's some good piano programming... is the piano all programmed in this track or is some of it played? I like it with the beats, lots of detail... sounds good! the drum programming is good but could be improved i think by making the elements work more like bd, hh and sn patterns on drum kits. does that make sense? sometimes i think its too much a stream of 1/16th notes...
  6. sounds good - i'm liking vector. a techno track in 7? nice work! seeing your dog made me want to listen to your tracks by the way ๐Ÿ˜„
  7. thanks Drum Up! definitely thinking along these lines too. i'v'e been chaining patterns on the Tanzbar and the Digitakt to create the sequences. this one is only 8 bars long, so definitely a bit short. will add more and make it 16 or 32 in next session. Also want to separate out some of the drum sounds - at the moment all the drum sounds are coming out the main outputs of the tanzbar. switching between sequences is tricky, i want to make the sequence intricate enough by chaining so i can press play, and the whole track plays. takes a lot of preplanning.
  8. started another track tonight. first draft:
  9. holy shit! i can't believe Bob Dylan played that year. I had no idea who else was playing actually, we just wandered around seeing shit band after shit band. i remember thinking several times "this band is playing here because their manager or someone got them a gig here, it's got nothing to do with how much they have practiced and rehearse. what a bunch of shit" very cool, thanks, i'll check out Offramp. one of my guitar teachers once recommended me Song X by Ornette Coleman which has Pat Metheny with his guitar synth. it's just a TAD too frickin weird though! Offramp sounds a lot more listenable :)
  10. oh sorry not literally die - "die on stage" means when a comedian is onstage doing their act but no one is laughing, and then they get heckled worse and worse "boo!" "get off!", it's horrible to watch. really painful. he kept trying to win them back, he wouldn't leave, but it just wasn't funny.
  11. cheers Polytrix ๐Ÿ™‚ i was mad into Squarepusher for years. Still rate him very highly but i lost interest a bit after Ultravisitor. Although Shobaleader One is pretty cool, i'd def love to see them live. In 1998 i finished school and went to live with my friend (who was a student) in Glasgow. 3 of us were sharing a one room flat. We heard Squarepusher was playing at Glastonbury but we were horribly broke, so we hitch hiked all the way and went in over the fence as many people used to do back then. It took us 24 hours to get from Glasgow to the festival, and another 6 hours to figure out where Squarepusher was playing. We arrived at the tent to find out we missed the set by half an hour. There was nothing else good at the festival except for some West African drummers playing in a field, so we spent most of our time in the comedy tent. Saw Neil Delamere die on stage, it was horrible. Despite this the whole journey was a great adventure, it was the best and worst weekend of my life up to that point!
  12. Ah nice one The Bro! Cool, love Luke Vibert. just got the Kerrier District rerelease on Hypercolour a couple of weeks ago, its amazing
  13. Thanks Drum Up! Yes, i was thinking about modulating the guitar sound actually... but the looper is recording the audio coming out of the max patch so i couldn't modulate it after the loop... the guitar signal chain is: guitar -> Blackstar HT1 -> audio interface input -> Max4Live patch -> audio interface output -> Boss delay pedal -> Boss reverb pedal -> ditto x 4 looper -> audio interface another input maybe i could try routing the signal from the looper into something else cause modulating it after recording would definitely be cool :)
  14. Here is the next version of this live track. I added a B section and changed the guitar sound to a more sinewavy synth sound by processing it with Max4Live. I think it's more appropriate now! What do you say?
  15. interesting sound design and rhythmic variations there, nice work :)
  16. listening back to the video, i'm hearing the incongruency of the guitar now really clearly. i think it's mainly the SOUND of it... hoping to shoot another video tomorrow night, going to try getting a more synthlike sound out of the guitar. not sure how yet...
  17. ok I checked all those out. Emeralds was my favourite of the three. they are all much more congruent than my mashup of jazz guitar and idm - the contrast of these styles is the problem but at the same time I don't want to dampen it down, it's who i am. will upload another video track next week if i get time!
  18. thanks mirror! those three are new to me, i'll check them out :) Over the past 4 or 5 months I've listened to all Dylan's albums chronologically up to Time Out of Mind. still have Love and Theft, and Modern Times to listen to. then i'm done, i'm not going to listen to the Standards albums! I enjoy the contrast of listening to music that is NOT all about production and timbre, just the song. My favourite Dylan album is Desire. LOVE every song on that one. i've never listened to JJ Cale actually, thanks for the recommendation, i'll check out that album. Pat Metheny playing Electric Counterpoint is something I relistened to recently - i'd heard it before but i hadn't made the connection that it was sampled in Little Fluffy Clouds - which i really love. That could be tricky given this was recorded live and there is no multitrack recording of it. but i get what you're saying, if i did record it i would do that :) thank you.
  19. cool thanks for the info, sounds like a really interesting synth. no worries! look forward to hearing more
  20. thanks for the feedback psn and Drum Up. i hear you RE the guitar part. it's not very techno. at least not the way i play it. it's been a long time since i used it in electronic stuff, i still play it and practice it (work in a music school teaching guitar), but i don't listen to guitar music. i pretty much only listen to electronic music. and Bob Dylan sometimes. can't think of the last time i heard any electronic music with guitar in it that i liked. so it's weird to use it but with live sets it's much more fun actually playing lines. might try some other approaches next time.
  21. yes it's far too noisy at the start. the audio is going straight from the interface into the camera. also it would have been good if the guitar fretboard was visible in the first part of the video. had a lot of fun doing this. any thoughts?
  22. cool! a great acid line comes in at 3.08, sounds like a modulating FM sound or something... aphexy. what box is that coming out of, is it the DSI Evolver? and how are you modulating it? that kind of hard-modulating afx acid sound is difficult to reproduce, i've been trying for a while. you are pretty close there. good sounds, there is too much on-the-one changes (like on the first beat of the bar) which makes it too predictable in places, so just bringing in some synthlines or basslines on off beats or a beat or two early or late would make it sound even better i think.
  23. kind of reminds me a little bit of Amber (ae album), especially at 45s... good work. think you have an interesting approach, strong melodies. some ideas for improvment: you could do a bit more subtle modulation on the lead sound. there's a nice build up to the change at 1.24, but after that you lost me with the following section. One idea to try might be to keep the same bass line / chord progression as in the previous section but have a new melody over it there. The new section after 1.24 is too different imo and loses the thread of the piece. That's what it sounds like to me anyway. And the snares that come in around 2.06 need more work or try a different snare.
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