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  1. immediately voted for autechre in the poll out of instinctive fanboyism, then remembered I didn't actually listen to anything else.
  2. edit: nvm, fuck it also, ignatius, I don't think anyone's saying you have to value or pay attention to anything. just that ppl should just say they don't like something instead of solipsistically (is that a word lol) dismissing it as bs and assuming that the creator had some ulterior motive and doesn't actually care how it sounds.
  3. I think the takeaway is really simple though. Ae is legitimate music--as we all know. And so is the academic electronic music posted. I think both would sound like random noise to 95% of the population. But as Sean recently said: Awkward translation aside, it's perfectly reasonable to extend this principle to music that isn't Autechre right?
  4. https://medium.com/@shallowrewards/you-ain-t-nothin-but-a-hound-dog-b718ef1df1d5
  5. Again, I regularly see people throw the same exact criticisms at autechre. like that plaid or aphex are technically interesting and make actual songs, but autechre only care about mathematical generative processes, not musical results. it's a criticism that gets leveled at the boys constantly. (and if you read through this thread you might have some reason to believe it tbh.) even plaid themselves recently said that newer autechre is only "interesting academically." I really suspect that anyone who spends their lives composing finished works/making tracks is very invested in producing end results that "sound good" to them, even if those results aren't normal songs. completely agreed.
  6. but people say basically the exact same thing about autechre on a regular basis. does that not give you a pause before saying it about other music?
  7. the last thing they should do is pander to the regressive, nostalgia-driven tastes of the 30 yo boomers on this forum
  8. lol knew that post was going to get the sad emoji. but I'm serious, it changes the dynamics of things (maybe for the better but idk).
  9. almost positive that I'm the only one who feels this way, but I'm not a huge fan of the react/like/reputation stuff. feels like everywhere on the internet is a popularity contest now.
  10. on a lighter note here's another question he asked them (surprisingly no response though) https://forum.watmm.com/topic/81109-aaa-ask-autechre-anything-sean-and-rob-on-watmm/?p=2085149
  11. he didn't confront them directly or anything, it was in a different thread.
  12. this is an incredibly sad post though lol, JE with the hot takes. Needed more zoviet france or mick harris apparently. also enjoyed him accusing autechre of lying to appear more original when he asked them if a track was inspired by mick harris and they said no.
  13. just heard this, it's amazing this is an incredibly sad post though
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