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  1. anyone??????? from this era (early 90s) or who plays this stuff i mean ^ serves as a really memorable opening here:
  2. who are our favorite djs? mine's ratty
  3. I'm consistently hearing something.
  4. ??? not talking about the sustained sounds btw
  5. anyone else hear a voice-like sound (really faint obviously) in the last ~20 seconds of spaces how V?
  6. tnvm

    elseq 1-5

    been getting a lot of out pendulu casual last few times I've listened to it
  7. tnvm

    elseq 1-5

    I usually don't care all that much about track sequencing, but the progression of elseq is really interesting and evocative. like a journey into the huge central control rooms or engine rooms of some sci fi world (elseq 2 and 3). and then out to the sparse borderlands (elseq 5).
  8. love the pitch bending at the end of this version
  9. can't believe I forgot this
  10. I guess. idk... when I think "music like autechre" I just have something more like this in mind:
  11. basically just supersaws but really great filtering:
  12. which tracks have the best pad sounds (or use them the best)? maybe excluding the featured artists unless its something everyone might not have heard. a few to start:
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