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  1. 4:07 in nodezsh sounds like howling wind or people shouting from far away (which is what i thought was happening at first)
  2. biden can't even get through the name of his own website without fucking it up in some way or another.
  3. just noticed how similar they sound in a clip from the debate last night. exact same inflection at times.
  4. Doesn't matter which one is best, they all come together to form Samrod's magnum opus.
  5. It's incontestably true. (Btw just to clarify, anyone who posts "Lol" below this post is, by doing so, agreeing that NTS Sessions is the best, and admitting that everything they have previously said to the contrary is utterly wrong. I mean, I didn't make the rules, but technically speaking, that's how it works.) (Also, the same applies to anyone who edits their post to say "haha", or "hoho", or any other variant of "Lol" below this post. In fact, by doing this, they are further admitting that any subsequent disparaging remarks they will make about NTS Sessions are wrong as well.)
  6. anyone??????? from this era (early 90s) or who plays this stuff i mean ^ serves as a really memorable opening here:
  7. who are our favorite djs? mine's ratty
  8. I'm consistently hearing something.
  9. ??? not talking about the sustained sounds btw
  10. anyone else hear a voice-like sound (really faint obviously) in the last ~20 seconds of spaces how V?
  11. tnvm

    elseq 1-5

    been getting a lot of out pendulu casual last few times I've listened to it
  12. tnvm

    elseq 1-5

    I usually don't care all that much about track sequencing, but the progression of elseq is really interesting and evocative. like a journey into the huge central control rooms or engine rooms of some sci fi world (elseq 2 and 3). and then out to the sparse borderlands (elseq 5).
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