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  1. tnvm

    elseq 1-5

    I usually don't care all that much about track sequencing, but the progression of elseq is really interesting and evocative. like a journey into the huge central control rooms or engine rooms of some sci fi world (elseq 2 and 3). and then out to the sparse borderlands (elseq 5).
  2. love the pitch bending at the end of this version
  3. can't believe I forgot this
  4. I guess. idk... when I think "music like autechre" I just have something more like this in mind:
  5. basically just supersaws but really great filtering:
  6. which tracks have the best pad sounds (or use them the best)? maybe excluding the featured artists unless its something everyone might not have heard. a few to start:
  7. hey, not trying to be rude or anything, but this seriously sounds nothing like autechre. it’s cool but let’s try to stay on topic.
  8. I dunno if that fits the thread mate, to be honest it sounds nothing like autechre.
  9. give this a listen, it'll blow you're mind. check it out!
  10. he's a very underrated artist in the IDM scene right now. if you're into Autechre you'll love him. don't sleep on Jack Johnson!
  11. great rec. all ae fans should check this out:
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