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  1. Bleep Advent 2018: Day 20 Oneohtrix Point Never - Love In The Time Of Lexapro (Warp) "For the twentieth day of the Bleep Advent 2018, Warp present this highly collectable CD edition of Love In The Time Of Lexapro by Oneohtrix Point Never. By far one of our favourite EPs of 2018, it continues the worldwide take over that began with 'Age Of', 'The Station' and 'We'll Take It'. Limited copies straight in from Japan so move fast..." Tracklist: 01. Love In The Time Of Lexapro 02. Last Known Image Of A Song (Ryuichi Sakamoto Rework) 03. Thank God I'm A Country Girl 04. Monody 05. Blow By Blow 06. Babylon (Alex G & OPN) (Looks like a smash and grab of LITTOL and The Station EPs)
  2. What did you order? I went for the print and that arrived within the last week.
  3. It felt like a future classic from the first listen. Beautiful stuff.
  4. Some of my favourites from 2018 (alphabetically ordered). If there has to be an AOTY, NTS Sessions is mine. Autechre - NTS Sessions 1-4 cv313 - satosphere sessions Eleventeen Eston - At The Water Gas - Rausch Luis Miehlich ‎– Silences M. Geddes Gengras - Hawaiki Tapes Oneohtrix Point Never - Age Of Sangam ‎– Goner variant - thru the cosmos [eta​/​aquariids] Wanderwelle - Gathering of the Ancient Spirits
  5. Autechre - Quaristice (Extended Cuts) Thumbs up shot with the 'chre mad lads or it's a no from me dawg
  6. Let me know if you want 'em, oscy - I can up a zip somewhere.
  7. Still got these tucked away: Petition futureimage to make nofourfourfourfourno for ya
  8. Someone at Werp is having fun with Media Studio https://twitter.com/WarpRecords/status/1072179409396883456
  9. Aside from the Laxir sets and a bunch of other end of line ae, most stuff goes in the 'Tracks' playlist for me. Might tinker with some more thematic playlists rather than rely on shuffle.
  10. Really happy we got more from the land of wind and ghosts that is sinistrail. 'sinistrailAB air' was but a single heartbeat in the grand arrhythmia of NTS, one that many ears may have overlooked while being engulfed in the broader strokes of the wide epics on offer. 'sinistrail sentinel' broadens that breathy expanse, allowing it to pulse and shudder into a larger form, one that couldn't be tamed into one of the sessions. It stands alone confidently and with no less importance as a mere giveaway. A fine gift to cap off a bountiful year of Autechre output. SCORE: 96.3° C OUT OF 100° C
  11. I already have a bunch of carts stashed away to keep my SNT happy, but the occasional browse on ebay is dangerous territory! I needed that nice SMW. I have a couple of PAL copies floating around, but I've always wanted a clean, original Japanese copy. I think it's been sat in a box for the last 25+ years, it's close to pristine! Fortunately I did likewise with some other choice cuts a few years back: Japanese cover art was great back then. There was something very specific about the skinny Super Famicom game box dimensions that meant artists didn't have quite as much space to fill as with other formats. Most covers were very bold and colourful to attract attention, they kind of had to be: Funny how the same problem is happening in the dominant digital age. Switch is the first system in a long time where Nintendo have been swamped by third parties, in fact they haven't had it this good since the SNES days. Trouble now is, all those games are vying for your money in the eshop, which is bursting at the seams with a weekly onslaught of new titles. Oh, and as for Smash... there's a rumour that my Switch might get lucky at Christmas, gotta wait and see
  12. 1 fancy new trak a week during December to mimic the weekly NTS seshes? srpls
  13. New York Times: The 28 (?) Best Albums of 2018 10. Autechre, ‘NTS Sessions 1-4’ "The electronic duo Autechre delivered a magnum opus — eight hours of music — commissioned by the online London station NTS. It’s a fully imagined artificial universe of improbable timbres and rhythms, of repetitions cracked and warped, of long waits and sudden tangents, of propulsion and suspension, of expectations set up and undermined, of menacing implications and funny noises. Brittle, fractured, pointillistic patterns lead, eventually, to weightless, sustained rapture. The final track is nearly an hour long: a reverential, euphoric haze."
  14. Turns out getting that Super NT is going to cost me more monies... finally got myself a very nice copy of SMW. Also loose carts of Goemon 2 + 3 arrived
  15. I suspect this last bit of 'chre for the year is cannily releasing now, just in time to hit the charts and become the UK Christmas number one Soundboards aside, 2018 played host to the biggest output of Autechre... ever. It almost seems greedy to wonder what's on the horizon, especially when NTS remains as bountiful as it is. Fingers crossed for some WARP30 related shenanigans in 2019!
  16. Nothing special needed for this one. 1) Play the track you want to grab 2) View source 3) search for 'mp3' and you'll get a link you can copy and paste to another window, right click, save as. Job done
  17. Cover art from the AS player: Here's yer download. 128kbps sauce, No 24bit flacwoovs in Adult Swim land
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