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  1. Spamlet

    SIGN or PLUS?

    elseq is the peak btw, how many of u are on that page confield if you want something you can hold in yr hands
  2. Spamlet

    SIGN or PLUS?

  3. Spamlet

    SIGN or PLUS?

    It's my great pleasure and distinct honor to announce that I have just changed my vote from option 3 to SIGN
  4. As a structural conceit I guess it makes sense for the most cloying pop song to mark the transition into abstraction. It's just that Auto & Allo and Long Road Home kind of push it to the limit right away, IMO - there's no buildup. The repetitious twin-peaks-ass crooner of No Nightmares doesn't seem to mark a measured climax, more like a deep overindulgence. Everything after that is golden but has to earn its goodwill back. The structure here is sound in theory but in execution really uncalibrated In My Opinion
  5. Definitely gonna take some getting used to this one. The second half is lovely, feels like it would sit better if the centerpiece the transition from pop to experimental hinges on wasn't, y'know, trash
  6. Early impression here but I'm leaning toward "SIGN has a more cohesive artistic identity which stands out in a special way among their work, PLUS is more fun"
  7. I think a lot about how BoC once said they had like a fully acoustic version of MHTRTC but they didn't wanna release it out of fear of "alienating their fans." How much cool stuff have they done that they didn't feel fit their brand well enough? Just let us hear stuff, don't be scared of your own shadow!! Anyway PLUS is sick
  8. The first set of tracks seemed really promising to me, but parts of these five really sound like self-parody to me. Bummed about it
  9. hey yall just wonderin which free vst i can download to make mesh cinereal
  10. I don't think it would be too bitchy to send a pic to the label asking politely if a replacement for just the broken cover is possible
  11. it probably takes a lil more thought to achieve odd time signatures in yr own environment than ableton, which lets you just punch it in and have the piano roll show where everything you're doing is relative to the measure??? i do wish AE would do it more often though, and electronic music in general! this album would have been a great opportunity to - tho to be fair tracks like metaz form8 feel like they're basically playing in legato-mode throughout, which is the apotheosis i do see what's meant by calling this a step toward the "traditional," but clearly not a total surrender to it. i t
  12. I put their entire discography at the time on shuffle while playing Destiny, for probably hundreds, maybe something like a thousand hours. Really made a nice fit for the baroque and mysterious sci-fi atmosphere the first game had (in the sequel the bombastic tone of military heroism has kinda taken over, disappointingly). But yeah I kinda absorbed it through the second thread of my ADHD brain. Peak experience honestly. To this day I haven't listened to most of their albums linearly lol, but I do feel like I have an equal appreciation for all their different sounds. I truly believe that the cha
  13. My brain keeps mashing up esc desc with fantas by caterina barbieri
  14. it's not like they're the only ppl in the world who make their music mostly/primarily in a visual coding language or whatever vOv ain't so farfetched. i won't complain if they're not above using a VST now and then but they've been messing with kit for so many years, it's doubtful they much feel the need to take shortcuts
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