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  1. Never been especially into this album as a whole (I think it's that too many of the beats are kinda loud and repetitive to my ears) but Rettic AC, Tewe, and Nuane are tha bomb
  2. the all end disc is the part of the vinyl set that has seen the most use by me
  3. Not sure where I stumbled upon this, thought it might've been this thread but seems not https://plumus-nanonum.bandcamp.com/ edit: nvm it was totally this thread (had to search "vimeo" instead of the artist's name) - still great though
  4. Spamlet


    i dunno but this mashup sounds great
  5. gonk steady one @ 9:43, a momentary thing that sounds like it mighta been a vocal sample at one point (the gonk???)
  6. i dont mean to be a buzzkill because im sure lots of folks will like this album more than me and that's super cool, but having listened to my super special vinyl a few times now i agree with this - i feel like his weird superstar status is leading daniel to punch way above his weight. the concepts behind replica and r plus seven could have fueled a few more classics imo, and while im super happy to see the dude continuing to experiment im definitely left with a feeling that a lot of it is a little... dumb still, nothing else out there really sounding like this. 100% a worthy listen however you end up coming down on it
  7. All I recorded was one minute of Same and almost all of... Chrome Country (they played it as part of the encore), but if you wanna see some of what the show looked like to an iPhone, here! Some other highlights included: -Pre-show music was just an ominous drone track (release it as a b-side daniel) -The cowgirls from the music video (probly not the actual same dancers) moseying from out behind the stage, thru the audience, and out toward the exit -Quite abstract percussion and cello solos -While you weren't looking, a giant hillscape of garbage bags inflated on either side of the stage -Final track that isn't on the album with (intentionally?) dreadful lyrics about the astonishing-ness of being alive, the waves on the shore, the wind in the trees, the birds and the bees and the butterflies, ending with bright lights coming on pointed directly at the audience so the dang stage got hard to see
  8. They sold the record on vinyl after the show (in a merch room with a robo-piano playing a piano rendition of the whole thing, classy) so I'm sure rips of that will be floating around in a few minutes R Plus Seven is still my fav Oneohtrix, but who cares about my opinion? If you like the direction suggested by Garden of Delete I think you'll dig this
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