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  1. I don't think it would be too bitchy to send a pic to the label asking politely if a replacement for just the broken cover is possible
  2. it probably takes a lil more thought to achieve odd time signatures in yr own environment than ableton, which lets you just punch it in and have the piano roll show where everything you're doing is relative to the measure??? i do wish AE would do it more often though, and electronic music in general! this album would have been a great opportunity to - tho to be fair tracks like metaz form8 feel like they're basically playing in legato-mode throughout, which is the apotheosis i do see what's meant by calling this a step toward the "traditional," but clearly not a total surrender to it. i t
  3. I put their entire discography at the time on shuffle while playing Destiny, for probably hundreds, maybe something like a thousand hours. Really made a nice fit for the baroque and mysterious sci-fi atmosphere the first game had (in the sequel the bombastic tone of military heroism has kinda taken over, disappointingly). But yeah I kinda absorbed it through the second thread of my ADHD brain. Peak experience honestly. To this day I haven't listened to most of their albums linearly lol, but I do feel like I have an equal appreciation for all their different sounds. I truly believe that the cha
  4. My brain keeps mashing up esc desc with fantas by caterina barbieri
  5. it's not like they're the only ppl in the world who make their music mostly/primarily in a visual coding language or whatever vOv ain't so farfetched. i won't complain if they're not above using a VST now and then but they've been messing with kit for so many years, it's doubtful they much feel the need to take shortcuts
  6. ahaha i'd been trying to remember that guy's name for years, thx. he does a nice thom yorke impression
  7. Yea I don't think I would like this near as much if I wasn't listening on good headphones. Wanna give it a shot loud on the stereo sometime soon, sometime I don't feel like I'd be annoying the ppl I live with. (Car stereo would be a cool format too I bet.) The sound design is top-notch no doubt, such that it genuinely plays an active role in what you'd traditionally call the "composition." I don't think that in itself is really new for Autechre, but I admire how the album seems constructed in a way which foregrounds that tendency. And that's kind of what I mean when I say it's accessible... th
  8. It's kinda the exact album I was wanting them to make, the gorgeous synth textures with the drums peeled back a bit! If that idea turns out to have limitations then it's my fault, sorry guys. But I think Metaz form8 and M4 Lema are gonna be some of my favs from them forever, and that different ppl seem to gravitate toward different tracks (as usual) is a good sign i'd say
  9. I haven't figured out my own opinion on this yet, hello, some parts are really beautiful, I bet it would be a good introduction for somebody curious to get into their not-early material but finding the heavier mixes of exai and elseq a bit too inaccessible. This one's more focused on a particular section of the sound and I think it's really cool to hear that, but maybe it lacks some range
  10. would love if sign meant sine waves... more stuff that's smooth not sharp, like the cover. the altibzz yulquen vibe or not, the lads are always welcome to just fuck me up ofc
  11. the jams you've posted are real cool, how fun it must be to get your hands on those patches
  12. Never been especially into this album as a whole (I think it's that too many of the beats are kinda loud and repetitive to my ears) but Rettic AC, Tewe, and Nuane are tha bomb
  13. the all end disc is the part of the vinyl set that has seen the most use by me
  14. Not sure where I stumbled upon this, thought it might've been this thread but seems not https://plumus-nanonum.bandcamp.com/ edit: nvm it was totally this thread (had to search "vimeo" instead of the artist's name) - still great though
  15. Spamlet


    i dunno but this mashup sounds great
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