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  1. Nice just getting on board with this, a few listens in and loving it - to late to the party to bag a tape so digitals for me. My Saturday soundtrack sorted
  2. vinyl brought! wasn't in to this on first listen now a fave of the year so far
  3. album is getting better! On repeat, just can’t stop myself. Love it
  4. I completely dismissed this on first listen but I’ve gone back and really enjoying this especially Dance Tonight Revolution Tomorrow
  5. Im enjoying this one, just to add
  6. https://www.facebook.com/thewarehouseproject/
  7. cobra

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    Bums download fails each time
  8. cobra

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    Waiting for DL to start, could take a while
  9. Aphex - been listening for years and It still feels I like I’m listening to something new when I play some of the tracks that I’ve heard again n again
  10. didn't think I had a favorite album of all time but I also tell myself if I had to listen to only one record for the rest of my days it would most definitely be SAW2, so I guess that is my favorite album of all time
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