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  1. Ha yeah playing it now! Amber is the one album I don’t think about that often but when I play it I always think shit this is brilliant
  2. https://aleksiperala.bandcamp.com/album/northern-lights-megrez sounding nice
  3. Well I’ve committed to this series so I’ll have to keep buying them. Bloody good though so it’s okay
  4. Really enjoying these tracks - money well spent
  5. That’s me sorted for the next few days! Been waiting for this to turn up to give it a proper listen
  6. Finally ordered the vinyl although won’t be arriving till next month. Such a great album my favourite from him so fuck knows why it took me so long to buy it!!
  7. https://firstfloor.substack.com/p/skee-mask-says-no-to-streaming
  8. Reading this has now made me give it a listen not 3-4 years but a while 👍🏻
  9. Dam isn’t cheap to get vinyls to UK but hey what the hell I’ve brought it - been loving this all day so it feels right to part with the cash!
  10. Listening to this tonight and yeah it’s as good as I hope it would be...it’s going to be on repeat for a while
  11. New artist for me and been checking out western arrogance and really enjoying it - hyped on new track indivisible too. Looking forward to new album
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