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  1. How was this never released? Fucking so good!
  2. Just tuned in, wow this is bloody good
  3. In the pub on my lunch digging the shit out of this session! Ain’t gonna wanna go back to work
  4. Kept on telling me it’s was sold out but waited on the website page and managed to buy two tickets! I kept refreshing. Not very smooth experience
  5. Ordered! Big fan of ES magazine, especially as I’m from the same city! Loving Pin Drop, right up my street
  6. Just had a FedEx text message to say package due for delivery before 20/08, I’m guessing that’s my vinyl box set so it looks like UK set to receive over the weekend. No email notification though.
  7. All sessions have been raelly great, now listening to 3 again and it’s sounding better after every listen. Haven’t got a fav session anymore just loving all this new music from the lads.
  8. Can’t get any better, week off sitting in the sunshine with NTS 1&2 as my soundtracks for the day blasting into the garden neighbours won’t like it but that’s fine we don’t get a long! More excitingly we have new material tomorrow, perfect! Now let’s work on this tan
  9. It was violvoic but it’s now e0, my fav track will change from day to day
  10. Haven't stopped listening to NTS 2 since 4pm yesterday, it was even playing while I was sleeping, I'm sure I was dreaming about the track names? It's going to be on repaet all weekend. Violvoic is the beast!!!
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