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  1. Aphex - been listening for years and It still feels I like I’m listening to something new when I play some of the tracks that I’ve heard again n again
  2. didn't think I had a favorite album of all time but I also tell myself if I had to listen to only one record for the rest of my days it would most definitely be SAW2, so I guess that is my favorite album of all time
  3. Cheers for the heads up on this one I’m on board
  4. If this mix was the only thing I heard all year it would be more then enough for me - so good
  5. Listen to this for the first time, it’s really good! Thanks
  6. Liking this idea a lot, it will def help me discover more Rephlex releases
  7. How was this never released? Fucking so good!
  8. Just tuned in, wow this is bloody good
  9. In the pub on my lunch digging the shit out of this session! Ain’t gonna wanna go back to work
  10. Kept on telling me it’s was sold out but waited on the website page and managed to buy two tickets! I kept refreshing. Not very smooth experience
  11. Ordered! Big fan of ES magazine, especially as I’m from the same city! Loving Pin Drop, right up my street
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