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  1. https://aleksiperala.bandcamp.com/album/northern-lights-megrez sounding nice
  2. Well I’ve committed to this series so I’ll have to keep buying them. Bloody good though so it’s okay
  3. Really enjoying these tracks - money well spent
  4. That’s me sorted for the next few days! Been waiting for this to turn up to give it a proper listen
  5. Finally ordered the vinyl although won’t be arriving till next month. Such a great album my favourite from him so fuck knows why it took me so long to buy it!!
  6. https://firstfloor.substack.com/p/skee-mask-says-no-to-streaming
  7. Reading this has now made me give it a listen not 3-4 years but a while 👍🏻
  8. Dam isn’t cheap to get vinyls to UK but hey what the hell I’ve brought it - been loving this all day so it feels right to part with the cash!
  9. Listening to this tonight and yeah it’s as good as I hope it would be...it’s going to be on repeat for a while
  10. New artist for me and been checking out western arrogance and really enjoying it - hyped on new track indivisible too. Looking forward to new album
  11. Yeah really like this one added it to my collection. @dcom always dig your recommendations 👍🏻
  12. Oh yeah only just on board with this. listening to Vol 1 and enjoying it. Glad I checked this thread out
  13. If ads will help the running of the site I haven’t a issue plus it could encourage more guests/members to pay to join so would help with costs. I’ve just check my subscription and I need to renew, is there a way to auto renew each year? I couldn’t see the option @Joyrexunless I’m looking in the wrong place
  14. Wow! Okay well I know what I’m doing after work, nice to have the 10% off buying vinyl again 👏🏻 Thanks ae
  15. Wasn’t going to listen to the steam trying to be all ‘I’m waiting for the vinyl’ but so glad I did as it’s now made me more excited for the vinyl! No fave tracks as let as only the one listen and I’m not going to be tempted to download it, I’ll wait I think I can hold on........I think
  16. That was dam good! Want to listen again
  17. The reason I fell in love with Aphex!! IMG_1072.MOV
  18. I’ve been doing the same and it sounds incredible it’s turning into one of my favourite records. Exai was also the first Autechre album I brought and I’ve been turned on ever since. Can’t wait for Sign and the artwork
  19. Added this playlist to my library, thanks @estragon great stuff
  20. Vinyl ordered! I’m digging the artwork, nice to have something to look forward to! I’m happy
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