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  1. brap23

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    Still can't download Dublin 24bit.
  2. Not sure if it has been mentioned, but the official GC remaster will also be available on CD, and will include the bonus material like the vinyl. Sent from my Pixel 4 using Tapatalk
  3. This is really good, definitely needs more attention, and definitely has not received enough play here since I picked it up.
  4. brap23

    US tour dates

    Surprised not seeing a lot of talk about the recent US dates! Excited to see in Seattle tomorrow. They have any merch at recent shows?
  5. Never heard of these guys, but I was scrolling through posts and thought 'Giant Swan'?, um ok, maybe not. Then I accidentally clicked into the thread, followed the Bandcamp link, now excited to go pick this up in a local shop today. Love this!
  6. I'm the dork in shorts. Pretty sure there is only one of us. Sent from my Pixel 4 using Tapatalk
  7. I'm convinced we'll all be old and gray haired at this show. Sent from my Pixel 4 using Tapatalk
  8. I came to actually post about this and I was going to make a smart ass remark along the lines if it was anything like the RD-8, we wouldn't ever actually see it in the US. That prompted me to take a look and notice that the RD-8 is finally in stock everywhere in the US, including Perfect Circuit (where I preordered from) so hoping that ships pretty damn quick. Nice! I have the Cyclone Analogic TT-303, but I'll definitely pick one of these up if they are looking as good as all the other recent Behringer clones.
  9. Anyone catch the first show? Can't wait for Seattle show. Curious what merch they might have too.
  10. Did this become a real thing somewhere yet? Haven't seen on BC or anywhere else.
  11. Thanks again for the suggestions/info - I finally ended up going with the Livetrak L-12. More than I wanted to spend and probably more tracks than I will ever use, but overall looks much nicer than the other options and saw it was class compliant so I could easily incorporate iOS audio, a nice bonus. After I started leaning heavily towards the L-12 I did a lot of reading on the upcoming L-8 thinking I would hold out for that, but wasn't digging that nearly as much, but will very likely pick up one for my kid for Christmas, so Zoom thanks you all for the sales.
  12. Feel the same way, so much so that I tried to cancel my order with Amazon as just wasn't sure it was something that would get repeat listens. Sent from my Pixel 4 using Tapatalk
  13. This looks nice, but I couldn't find an 8 track and this is probably a little overkill when I was seriously considering the Pocketstudio. Looks like the L-8 is coming out at the end of November. Looks like another one that would have worked better than the Tascam options, but not sure I am patient enough to keep using the DR-40 until then 🙂 The Zoom R8 looks much better than the Tascam stuff in the same price range. See I can definitely pull the individual tracks into DAW the way I want, even some amount of DAW integration, and can record 24bit, whereas Tascam cannot. Pretty cool, pretty sure I will go with this one, as its pretty cheap.
  14. I moved most of my music hardware setup away from my desktop, which I have always used for recording. It seemed like the computer was always a distraction as my job is from my computer. But now I need a way to record tracks to later work on in the DAW. I'm looking at Tascam Portastudios/Pocketstudio - the digital ones look like they would let me import individual tracks into my DAW later as wav files. I'm not looking for anything too fancy, just something to get the job done (right now I am using my DR-40). Anyone have any experience with these, or suggest something along these lines that might serve me better? On paper, these sound like they would do the trick, but I've never used one. I'd be recording mostly Neutron, Model D, modular, TT-303 and hopefully sooner rather than later RD-8.
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