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  1. It's on the Criterion Channel streaming service for 6 more days along with a couple other of his films (Rebels of the Neon God, Stray Dogs). I found Stray Dogs incredible. That film will stick with me.
  2. Liking this (and I like the other Zenker Brothers stuff too). 2nd the subwoofer recommendation.
  3. Leaves Against the Sky is gorgeous. Really liking the pianos.
  4. @Nebraska Have you seen Tsai Ming-liang's "The Wayward Cloud"? Think you'd appreciate it. (Very much suggest not googling and going in as uninformed as possible)
  5. The "Something to Wrestle" podcast has a great episode about this documentary with some funny background. Also, I recommend "Wrestling With Shadows". That's another great documentary (and it's got classic Stu Hart footage, what's not to love?).
  6. I've only seen his film "Christine". Rebecca Hall and great musical selections are about the only redeeming qualities of this film for me. Ironically my issues with the film somewhat align to the documentary "Kate Plays Christine" but I loathe that doc as well. The former takes far too many liberties to explain an unknown. The latter seems purpose-built to moralize about how awful it is to take such liberties. At least the former has an excellent lead. The latter is a low-worth thought-experiment.
  7. 1) The Evolution uc-33a is such a wonderful MIDI controller. 2) I want a Roland Boutique of the VP9000.
  8. On "First Reformed": This feels like a dream project of sorts for Paul Schrader. He wrote a book once on "Transcendental Cinema" (focusing on Bresson, Dreyer and Ozu) and I think this film was...if not his attempt at replicating this style, was certainly an homage to it (the ending leaves no question). I also feel this film doesn't totally work. There's too many references (I counted Bresson, Melville, Bergman and even Antonioni's "Red Desert") that take things all over the place. Ethan Hawke does about as well as one could with the role. There's an interesting thread of an ascetic
  9. Post Tenebras Lux is one of the cooler-looking films I've ever seen. I like Reygadas.
  10. Watched Vitalina Varela yesterday. Floored me. Varela's face is so beautifully expressive and this was likely the best performance I've seen in years. The final scene calls back to an earlier moment in such a devastating way. You should see this. And @Schlitze, here's some trivia for ya, you fuck:
  11. I saw Harry Wu speak once many years ago (mid-90's). He spent the majority of the lecture emphasizing that China had created a huge industry of imprisoning people and not documenting anything, executing them and harvesting organs. Harry Wu is not a tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist and he presented some evidence for his claims that had been smuggled out to him. On the basis of that lecture alone (but I could cite other instances of China hiding the tragic plight of large amounts of their people), I wouldn't be surprised if they are doing internal testing within the mainland.
  12. DJ Screw is like Pringles. You'll never stop after just one: RIP Screw. Greatest to ever grace a pair of decks, no hyperbole. edit: Let me do this right. Check where the above came from:
  13. Hit you so hard yo grandma gonna feel it!
  14. Celebrating 100 posts in this thread with last Friday's show. Enjoy! Download link: https://archive.sub.fm/taupe-beats-28-aug-2020/ 1. Dro Carey “Healer”, Clear to You/Healer single, self-released, 2020 2. Jad & The “Yeah Band”, Going Away Party EP, 2MR, 2017 3. Low Tape “Autumnesia”, Reality Zone EP, Nerang Recordings, 2019 4. Otik “Antihero”, Thousand Year Stare EP, Gobstopper, 2020 5. Roy Of The Ravers “Emotinium”, 2 Late 4 Love EP, Acid Waxa, 2016 6. Elefants “Dice”, V/A 2019 compilation, FOL Records, 2019 7. Hugo Massien “Touch & Go
  15. I tend to believe record labels are the best way to explore new music. So watmm, what are some of your favorite labels out right now? I'll start with Banoffee Pies out of Bristol. The speed garage + breaks combo is lovely. https://banoffeepiesrecords.bandcamp.com/
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrh5kaWfyMQ&list=PL2B6AC29862DEF93B It's a playlist for New Order's "Movement" album if it doesn't embed.
  17. Friday's show, discover something new! Download link: https://archive.sub.fm/taupe-beats-14-aug-2020/ 1. JWords “Waythatwewere”, dancepackvol.1 EP, 1270641 Records DK, 2020 2. Necktr “Grow (Sourpuss Remix)”, Grow EP, Wormfood Records LTD, 2020 3. Yot Nam “Kamala”, V/A CLÆP THAT VOL. 2 EP, CLÆP VISIONS, 2020 4. Adelphi Music Factory “The Comedor”, Joy & Fantasy EP, Shall Not Fade, 2020 5. Promising/Youngster “Lack of Interest”, Nº5 compilation, SIN HILO, 2020 6. LOOR “Plants (Hodge Remix)”, Plants single, self-released, 2020 7. Rudolf C “Wand
  18. On again tonight. 2-4am GMT/9-11pm EST. www.sub.fm Listen in
  19. You claim the film takes place almost entirely in an apartment. This is false. One of Lynch's greatest talents is implying a sense of claustrophobia when it's not actually there. As well, I have no idea what "too far out of Hollywood" means. To be pedantic, part of Mulholland Drive (including what's shown in the opening credits) is actually in Hollywood. As well the idea of Mulholland Drive being geographically boring is equally baffling to me. It's one of the coolest scenic routes in L.A. and a lot of people do idiotic racing on it so boring is a bad descriptor. As far as the movie, I qu
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