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  1. 4 hours ago, kichiguy said:

    Was wondering where one might be able to view this?

    It's on the Criterion Channel streaming service for 6 more days along with a couple other of his films (Rebels of the Neon God, Stray Dogs).

    I found Stray Dogs incredible. That film will stick with me.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, TRiP said:

    Beyond the Mat
    Think i may have seen this when it first came out back in the day, was a great watch then but in heinsight probably even more powerful today. It couldn't of been more in the right place at the right time in being allowed so much backstage access. Probaby the best wrestling documentary ever and I couldn't recommed it more to anyone who may not be a fan, such a facinating world filled with so many crazy characters and a true slice of late 90's life which we'll never see the likes of again

    The "Something to Wrestle" podcast has a great episode about this documentary with some funny background.

    Also, I recommend "Wrestling With Shadows". That's another great documentary (and it's got classic Stu Hart footage, what's not to love?).

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  3. 23 hours ago, Ivan Ooze said:

    it's realy good and it's on netflix. i havn't watched any movies of this dude, thanks for the recommandation!

    I've only seen his film "Christine". Rebecca Hall and great musical selections are about the only redeeming qualities of this film for me.

    Ironically my issues with the film somewhat align to the documentary "Kate Plays Christine" but I loathe that doc as well. 

    The former takes far too many liberties to explain an unknown. The latter seems purpose-built to moralize about how awful it is to take such liberties. At least the former has an excellent lead. The latter is a low-worth thought-experiment.

  4. On "First Reformed":

    This feels like a dream project of sorts for Paul Schrader. He wrote a book once on "Transcendental Cinema" (focusing on Bresson, Dreyer and Ozu) and I think this film was...if not his attempt at replicating this style, was certainly an homage to it (the ending leaves no question). 

    I also feel this film doesn't totally work. There's too many references (I counted Bresson, Melville, Bergman and even Antonioni's "Red Desert") that take things all over the place. Ethan Hawke does about as well as one could with the role. There's an interesting thread of an ascetic "purity" of the clergy and its place/marginalization in a modern culture. I think it's the resolution to that (or lack thereof) that I found to be a hinderance.

    With that said, the final shot is simultaneously an affirmation of as well as a provocation to Bressonian values that got a chuckle outta me.

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  5. Watched Vitalina Varela yesterday. Floored me. Varela's face is so beautifully expressive and this was likely the best performance I've seen in years. The final scene calls back to an earlier moment in such a devastating way. You should see this.

    And @Schlitze, here's some trivia for ya, you fuck:


    A Warp artist's music is briefly used in the film. And good luck scouring the web to find confirmation on it (you won't), but it's true.


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  6. 7 hours ago, rhmilo said:

    That would be a first.

    At the very least, they have tons of Uyghurs to use for this. I'm sure they would if they could.

    I saw Harry Wu speak once many years ago (mid-90's). He spent the majority of the lecture emphasizing that China had created a huge industry of imprisoning people and not documenting anything, executing them and harvesting organs. Harry Wu is not a tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist and he presented some evidence for his claims that had been smuggled out to him. 

    On the basis of that lecture alone (but I could cite other instances of China hiding the tragic plight of large amounts of their people), I wouldn't be surprised if they are doing internal testing within the mainland.

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  7. DJ Screw is like Pringles. You'll never stop after just one:

    RIP Screw. Greatest to ever grace a pair of decks, no hyperbole.

    edit:  Let me do this right. Check where the above came from:


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  8. 2 minutes ago, Friendly Stranger said:

    Based on absolutely no evidence whatsoever, I think the sound will land somewhere between Onesix and Exai. I'd be ecstatic over a return to their more melodic sound but I think those days are behind them. Massively hyped for this all the same, and am confident I'll like it no matter what direction they go with it. 

    Lots of chatter on the artwork, which you know, sure. It could be more interesting. But I think it'll fit the aesthetic of the album and nobody will care a week after it's out. 

    Zabriskie Point rules

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  9. Celebrating 100 posts in this thread with last Friday's show. Enjoy!

    Download link:  https://archive.sub.fm/taupe-beats-28-aug-2020/

    1.    Dro Carey “Healer”, Clear to You/Healer single, self-released, 2020
    2.    Jad & The “Yeah Band”, Going Away Party EP, 2MR, 2017
    3.    Low Tape “Autumnesia”, Reality Zone EP, Nerang Recordings, 2019
    4.    Otik “Antihero”, Thousand Year Stare EP, Gobstopper, 2020
    5.    Roy Of The Ravers “Emotinium”, 2 Late 4 Love EP, Acid Waxa, 2016
    6.    Elefants “Dice”, V/A 2019 compilation, FOL Records, 2019
    7.    Hugo Massien “Touch & Go”, Dance Trax Vol.21 EP, Unknown to the Unknown, 2019
    8.    No_4mat “Caught”, Caught single, self-released, 2020
    9.    Locked Groove “Swimming Upstream”, Sunset Service album, Hotflush, 2019
    10.    Desert “Sense Likes (Baltra Remix)”, Sense Likes single, Cascine, 2017
    11.    Vin Sol “Air Rights”, 808 Tele Funk EP, Jupiter4, 2019
    12.    DeFeKT “Split My Mind”, Magnetic Resonance EP, Winthorpe Electronics, 2019
    13.    Maruwa “5 Am Tool”, Perfect Trail compilation, Snippets Music, 2019
    14.    Cromby “As Prescribed”, Dance Trax Vol. 20 EP, Unknown to the Unknown, 2019
    15.    Grant “Reflection”, Perception EP, Duke’s Distribution, 2017
    16.    Warwick “CTO”, Thinking of You EP, Lobster Theremin, 2020
    17.    Huerco S. “Cercy”, Apheleia’s Theme EP, Future Times, 2013
    18.    Chaos in the CBD “Come Together”, Come Together EP, In Dust We Trust, 2019
    19.    Roza Terenzi “Metal Glo”, Metal Glo EP, Klasse Wrecks, 2019
    20.    Pinch “Fortune Tellers”, Border Control EP, Berceuse Heroique, 2019
    21.    Randomer “Get Yourself Together”, Scruff Box/Get Yourself Together single, Hemlock, 2012
    22.    Interplanetary Criminal “Oh La La”, Nobody EP, Shall Not Fade, 2020
    23.    Harrison BDP “The Devil in Disguise”, Cathedrals EP, Shall Not Fade, 2020
    24.    Batu & Lurka “Curved”, Curved single, Fringe White, 2020
    25.    Bakongo “Bambara”, UK Funky Collection Vol. 1 compilation, Roska Kicks & Snares, 2019
    26.    Khotin “Piano Theme” Rhythms of the Pacific Volume 4 compilation, Pacific Rhythm, 2020
    27.    Anunaku “Atlas4088”, Stargate EP, 3024, 2020
    28.    Tristan Arp “Ingwer”, Pipeline EP, Human Pitch, 2018
    29.    KETTAMA “Comeragh Sport”, Dance Trax Vol.23, Unknown to the Unknown, 2019
    30.    Maenad Veyl “Take Nothing with You”, Onto Duat EP, Bedouin Records, 2019
    31.    Breaka “Steeze Flex”, Breaka 002 EP, self-released, 2020
    32.    DJ Fett Burger & DJ Speckgürtel “Ibiza Ritter”, Red Scorpions EP, Clone Royal Oak, 2019
    33.    Dampé “Garden”, Garden EP, Dirt Crew Recordings, 2019
    34.    Roska “480 BC”, Tectonic Plates Vol 3 compilation, Tectonic, 2012
    35.    DJ Seinfeld “U Hold Me Without Touch”, Time Spent Away From U album, Lobster Fury, 2017
    36.    Tuff Sherm “Ska Console”, Or.VA1 compilation, Orphan. Records, 2019
    37.    Awo Ojiji “Laura's Lodge”, Static Flow EP, Eternal Ocean, 2020
    38.    Demuja “Getting Dark”, Rush EP, House Puff, 2017
    39.    Ryan James Ford “Dreamcast”, Out of the Wreckage EP, SHUT, 2019


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  10. Friday's show, discover something new!

    Download link:  https://archive.sub.fm/taupe-beats-14-aug-2020/

    1.    JWords “Waythatwewere”, dancepackvol.1 EP, 1270641 Records DK, 2020
    2.    Necktr “Grow (Sourpuss Remix)”, Grow EP, Wormfood Records LTD, 2020
    3.    Yot Nam “Kamala”, V/A CLÆP THAT VOL. 2 EP, CLÆP VISIONS, 2020
    4.    Adelphi Music Factory “The Comedor”, Joy & Fantasy EP, Shall Not Fade, 2020
    5.    Promising/Youngster “Lack of Interest”, Nº5 compilation, SIN HILO, 2020
    6.    LOOR “Plants (Hodge Remix)”, Plants single, self-released, 2020
    7.    Rudolf C “Wanderer”, Honey Mushrooms II split EP, Salt Mines, 2020
    8.    Hermeth “Ghetto West Coast”, Viral Syndicate Vol. 6 compilation, Haŵs, 2020
    9.    Low Tape “Electrocity”, True Dayz for Confessing in Luv EP, Eudemonia, 2019
    10.    Casper Hastings “Renegade Rizla”, Reinvention EP, Sticky Ground, 2020
    11.    Tech Support “Listen (Dub Mix)”, Tech Support EP, Shadow City Records, 2020
    12.    Beta Librae “Urge Suffering”, Long Distance Relationship compilation, Post Bar, 2020
    13.    Roy Batty Jr. “Gravel Screws”, Dash Retention EP, Butter Sessions, 2020
    14.    Keleketla! “International Love Affair (Project Pablo Club Mix)”, International Love Affair single, Ahead of Our Time, 2020
    15.    Transformer 2 “Fruit of Love (Borai & Denham Audio Redux)”, Fruit of Love single, h21c, 2020
    16.    Asquith “Gang”, Temple Runner EP, Who’s Susan, 2020
    17.    Alec Falconer “Hiero”, Black Label Series 04 compilation, Banoffee Pies, 2020
    18.    Chungo “Pineapple (Breaka Remix)”, Pineapple EP, Scuffed Recordings, 2020
    19.    Harrison BDP “Reflections”, Cathedrals EP, Shall Not Fade, 2020
    20.    COMPUTER DATA “Departure”, Seele EP, Lost Palms, 2020
    21.    Athlete Whippet “Every (Edmondson Rework)”, Your Love is Lifting Me Reimagined album, squareglass, 2020
    22.    Melé “Conga Mode (Edit)”, Conga Mode EP, Club Bad, 2020
    23.    Route 8 “Morning Latte”, Signed & Sealed EP, This Is Our Time, 2020
    24.    Blâme “Surate (Mamboussa Remix)”, Bells EP, [re]sources, 2020
    25.    Zoo Look “Direct Contact”, Direct Contact/Ravioli Ocean single, E-Beamz, 2020
    26.    Piezo “OiOiOi”, ANSIA003 compilation, Ansia, 2019
    27.    Earth Boys “On a Limb (J Albert Remix)”, Earth Tones (Remixes) EP, Shall Not Fade, 2020
    28.    Jamahr “Cloud Formations”, Cloud Formations EP, Captea, 2020
    29.    No Moon “Set Phasers to Stun”, Set Phasers to Stun EP, X-Kalay, 2020
    30.    Roska “Etiqutte”, Eight Trax EP, Roska Kicks & Snares, 2020
    31.    Monotronique “Step N Slide”, MAAAAAAAD EP, Hyperboloid Records, 2020
    32.    Ray Kandinski “Celestial Dreaming”, Celestial Dreaming EP, self-released, 2020
    33.    Addison Groove “Cus' I Vuct It”, Freakin’ EP, self-released, 2020
    34.    Skream & Tom Demac “EMF”, EMF single, Hot Creations, 2020
    35.    Dj Whipr Snipr, nørus & Albin “Love Sinking Under (Main Phase Remix)”, Empty Streets Empty Life’s EP, Nerang Recordings, 2020
    36.    DJ Haus & Jensen Interceptor “Stuttgart”, Return 2 the Source EP, Unknown to the Unknown, 2020
    37.    Kim Ann Foxman “Blood Moon (Roza Terenzi's Eclipse Mix)”, Blood Moon single, [Emotional] Especial, 2020
    38.    Interplanetary Criminal “DTWYM”, Nobody EP, Shall Not Fade, 2020
    39.    Adryiano “NUTHIN 2 LOSE (VIP GARBAGE MIX)”, 100% AUTHENTIC VIP LOUNGE TRAXX, self-released, 2020
    40.    Bella Boo “Stars (Kornél Kovács Remix)”, Once Upon a Passion Remixes EP, Studio Barnhus, 2020
    41.    Wax “700007A”, 70007 EP, self-released, 2019
    42.    214 “Lost Shovel”, Rex and Shuffle EP, Klakson, 2020
    43.    Earth Trax “Copies of Copies”, LP1 album, Shall Not Fade, 2020
    44.    Stenny “ElasTCT”, Stress Test EP, Ilian Tape, 2019
    45.    Hugo Massien & DJ Haus “Random Access Memory”, Dance Trax Vol.21 EP, Unknown to the Unknown, 2019
    46.    Quirke “Se Seven 7S”, Steal a Golden Hail EP, Whities, 2019
    47.    Ryan James Ford “3nvy”, 3nvy EP, Djak-Up-Bitch, 2019
    48.    Prospa “Prayer (DJ Seinfeld Remix)”, Prayer (DJ Seinfeld Remix) single, Stress Records, 2019
    49.    Mall Grab & Nite Fleit “Moogie”, Moogie EP, Looking for Trouble, 2019
    50.    Grant “Take a Chance”, Perception EP, Duke’s Distribution, 2020
    51.    Anunaku “Bronze Age”, Whities 024 EP, Whities, 2019
    52.    Lee Kelly “Ezzzz Into It”, Excerpts From Layers of Identity, First Second Label, 2019
    53.    Dauwd “Jean Rouch”, Psssh 001 EP, Psssh Records, 2020
    54.    DJ Mountain Dad “Shook Goat”, Step on the Edge EP, LPH White, 2019
    55.    Chaos in the CBD “Come Together”, Come Together EP, In Dust We Trust, 2019
    56.    Walton “Rolla”, Depth Charge EP, Ilian Tape, 2019
    57.    Kerri Chandler “Bar A Thym”, Bar A Thym/Sunshine & Twilight single, Nite Grooves, 2005
    58.    Mor Elian “Planet Kismet”, Clairvoyant Frog EP, Visible Spectrum, 2020
    59.    Or:la “Farewell 24”, Farewell 24 EP, Hotflush, 2017
    60.    Interplanetary Criminal “Confused (VIP)”, Confused EP, Dansu Discs, 2019

  11. 26 minutes ago, Lapis Lazuli said:

    why. the film is off the rails when it goes too far out of hollywood. they should have just cut the scenes out. 

    You claim the film takes place almost entirely in an apartment. This is false. One of Lynch's greatest talents is implying a sense of claustrophobia when it's not actually there.

    As well, I have no idea what "too far out of Hollywood" means. To be pedantic, part of Mulholland Drive (including what's shown in the opening credits) is actually in Hollywood. As well the idea of Mulholland Drive being geographically boring is equally baffling to me. It's one of the coolest scenic routes in L.A. and a lot of people do idiotic racing on it so boring is a bad descriptor. As far as the movie, I quite like how it shifts. The tone is different but the film itself is still a linear trajectory.

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