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  1. I have finally had a breakthrough with the Yamaha DX200. I have a love/hate for inexplicable synth quirks. In this case, the DX200's amp attack (that's right folks, a Yamaha FM synth with legit subtractive-style filters and filter/amp envelopes) wouldn't work for a damn. Made any kind of patch creation a waste. Factory reset it (only lost about 2-3 presets I made, boohoo), and everything suddenly works perfectly. As far as the synth itself, it's an odd duck to be sure. 6-Op FM synth with the subtractive elements listed above. And to top things off, it's practically impossible to know
  2. Saw them at a show where they claimed it was their first time performing "Diamond Sea" live (this was before Washing Machine came out). It was incredible. Odd show really. They were in an arena opening for REM, but still managed both a 20+ minute rendition of "Diamond Sea", and they played "Eric's Trip". I love the Ciccone Youth EP. A lot of the SYR stuff is worth checking as well. Their Stan Brakhage homage record is great, if a pretty direct rebuke to Brakhage's own artistic preferences (although I'm pretty sure the original recording was done in tribute, as it was done like a
  3. Love the hell out of this
  4. Here is last Friday's show: http://www.mixcloud.com/SubFM/taupe-beats-20-jul-2018/ Direct download link here: https://archive.sub.fm/taupe-beats-20-jul-2018/ Nicolas Bougaïeff “Dust (Guy Andrews Remix)”, Dust Remixes single, Mesh, 2018 Deadboy “So Cold”, Psychic Hotline EP, Unknown to the Unknown, 2018 Austin Ato “Maelstrom”, The Sound Of EP, Me Me Me, 2018 Frederic Hecker “What You Need”, Ten Years After compilation, Moma, 2018 Quarion “Jamaican Morse Code”, Cobblestone EP, Drumpoet Community, 2018 Shlomi Aber “Common Denominator”, Whistler single, Figure, 2018 AtomTM “Recycled Ter
  5. My apologies, I forgot there are download links for my shows! https://archive.sub.fm/?s=taupe&submit= Thanks for the nice words everyone! Friday’s show went 4 hours. Will post show soon.
  6. I'm live on www.sub.fm in about 35 minutes (8pm CST/2am GMT), tune in! Lots of great new music to play...
  7. Last night's SubFM show with Bronchuseven (aka DJ Sriracha), was a good one! http://www.mixcloud.com/SubFM/sriracha-and-taupe-beats-06-jul-2018/ Sriracha Cassegrain & Tin Man “Open Sea”, Infrastructure Facticity compilation, Infrastructure New York, 2016 Rrose “Drowned by Sight”, V – Five Years of Artefacts – Chapter One compilation, Stroboscopic Artefacts, 2014 Blawan “Careless”, Wet Will Always Dry album, Ternesc, 2018 Addison Groove “Allaby”, Allaby/Airbag single, 50 Weapons, 2015 Trevino “La View”, Front album, Birdie, 2016 1800HaightStreet “Razor”, Endless album, Lobster The
  8. 4-hour show from last week, sorry about the delay! (was just uploaded) http://m.mixcloud.com/SubFM/taupe-beats-22-jun-2018/ Tracklist: 1. Desroi “Birth”, Dwell in Motion single, Avian 2018 2. Autechre “Rpeg”, EP7 EP, Warp 1999 3. SOPHIE “Faceshopping”, OIL OF EVERY PEARL’S UN-INSIDES album, MSMSMSM/Future Classic 2018 4. Fushou. “Behave”, ALWAYS PROPER – THERAPY SESSIONS, VOL. 2 compilation, ALWAYS PROPER 2018 5. Sharif Laffrey “Everything Is Nice”, Tangier b/w Everything is Nice EP, ESP INSTITUTE 2018 6. Rambl “Doss”, Doss single, Here to Hell 2018 7. Uniting Of Opposites “C
  9. I am on SubFM tonight for 4 hours! Starting at 6pm CST/12am GMT! Got a lot of heat ready...tune in! www.sub.fm
  10. Figured I'd spam my mix thread here, lots of classic and modern house, check it out! https://forum.watmm.com/topic/95058-very-old-member-idi-amin-new-mixes/
  11. Ask and you shall receive! Apologies, this one's a bit sloppy in a couple moments, still turned out well. Enjoy! http://www.mixcloud.com/SubFM/taupe-beats-14-jun-2018/ Roy Of the Ravers “Emotinium”, 2 Late 4 Love EP, Acid Waxa 2016 Pearson Sound “Blanked”, Blanked single, Hessle Audio 2010 Baltra feat. Margaux Lonnberg “And I Think Of U”, No Regrets EP, 96 and Forever 2016 Randomer “Woodwork”, Concierge single, Clone Bassment Series 2016 Avalon Emerson “One More Fluorescent Rush”, Whities 013, Whities 2017 Duke Hugh “I Got”, Poly Valence EP, La Freund Recordings 2017 DJ Swagger “Lost”, R
  12. Couple things in the 140 range I've enjoyed lately
  13. Picked up the Criterion blu-ray of Beyond the Hills yesterday. Happy they're finally putting out Mungiu films (although they have yet to release his best). Had seen the film a couple times before but my reaction to it is different every time. As well, Mungiu's interview and the doc they added was quite enlightening. I recommend this film highly.
  14. Hello! Thanks again for listening! These are hardware mixes, all done live. I'm using a Pioneer controller at the moment, but still have a pair of turntables (Numark TTX's, I liked the extra pitch range) and a Native Instruments Z2 mixer ( <3). Here's my show from Saturday! http://www.mixcloud.com/SubFM/taupe-beats-08-jun-2018/ 1. Sano & TMO & Odopt “Postcard Jam”, Rare Dance Disc compilation, Public Posession 2018 2. Moullinex feat. UhAhUh “Painting by Numbers (Xinobi Remix)”, Painting by Numbers Remixes single, Discotexas 2018 3. Benedikt Frey “New
  15. Awesome, thanks for listening/sharing as always! I'm on live this Friday 6-8pm CST/Saturday 2-4am GMT to anyone who cares to listen! www.sub.fm
  16. Take the 12" of Envane and play "Goz Quarter" on 33.3rpm. I first heard the track that way and still think it sounds downright inappropriate at 45rpm (its intended tempo).
  17. Sorry, been slackin', several SubFM shows to share! Show I did with @bronchuseven on 5-25-18 http://www.mixcloud.com/SubFM/taupe-beats-b2b-sriracha-25-may-2018/ Quirke "Ttransport Craving" Benjamin Damage, Doc Daneeka "Infamous" Javonntte "Club246" Skee Mask "Kappelberg Chant" Simo Cell "How Do U Turn This On" Randomer "Myanmar" Interplanetary Criminal "Intergalactic Jack" DJ Seinfeld "Sakura" Detach "Jazz Stuff" Roy of the Ravers "Emotinium" Dylan Cameron "Public Space" Forest Drive West "Scanners" Simoncino "Front Line" Baltra "Fuck All Y'all Haters" Dream Cyc
  18. Sorry about the technical difficulties Friday (not sure what's causing it, gotta figure it out asap haha) I recorded it as a studio mix, enjoy! http://www.mixcloud.com/26thPsalmBranch/taupe-beats-5-18-18-mix/ Gas – “Untitled”, Pop, Mille Plateaux, 2000 DOKTA “Mr. Pink”, Metronomic, 20/20 Vision Recordings, 2018 D.C. LaRue “Let Them Dance (Idjut Boys Beats)”, Resurrection – The Remixes Pt. 1, Z Records, 2018 David Mayer feat. Xolisa “Sondela (Floyd Lavine’s Drumversion)”, Sondela EP, Connected, 2018 Talaboman “Brutal Chugga Chugga (L.B. Dub Corp Remix)”, The Night Land Remixed EP,
  19. Thanks! Yeah I like to keep the tracklists as fresh as possible. So much music in this world! p.s. I'm taking a cover show tonight on SubFM, going on in about 25 minutes (8pm CST/2am GMT), lock in if ya can! www.sub.fm
  20. Fun doesn't stop. This was *supposed* to be my first SubFM show that was gonna take place on 4/27/18. However technical difficulties got the better of the day. Since I spent quite a bit of time on the tracklist, figured I'd record it as a studio mix http://www.mixcloud.com/26thPsalmBranch/taupe-beats-would-be-subfm-show-4-27-18/ Tracklist Mall Grab – “Alone” Alone EP, Shall Not Fade 2018 214 – “Fly by Night” Ingalls Way EP, 20/20 Vision Recordings 2018 BD1982 - “Last Rites” Decades Tempest LP, Diskotopia 2018 PC – “Spirit Feel” Spirit Feel single, Church 2018 Channel Tres – “Co
  21. Last friday's SubFM show: https://archive.sub.fm/taupe-beats-11-may-2018/ Tracklist: Beesmunt Soundsystem "Opium" Ozel AB "Stoosh 95" Autechre "Tankakern" Marquis Hawkes "The Landsberger Funk" Huerco S. "Ragtime U.S.A. (Warning)" K15 "Bordeaux (Glenn Astro/Imyrmind Feel Dat Distortion remix)" Matthias Zimmermann "Eugene" Bruce Trail "Over Falls" Clockwork "Escape Sequence (Ayarcana Remix)" Ron & Neil "You Feel It" Seb Wildblood "Jazz Vol.1" Aphex Twin "CIRKLON 1" Gerry Read "We Are" Huerco S. "Cercy" Claro Intelecto "Signifier" Batu "Dekalb" Chaos In The CBD "Observe" Audion "S
  22. Really enjoying this mix so far, very good. Edit: great set thx for sharing. Any chance you'd make these avail for download so I can take them on the go? Hello! Thanks for the kind words everyone! Sorry for the delay. I don't have any really concrete hosting but I do have a Box acct so here's a link to the Dispiration mix! https://app.box.com/s/kga6rn2onj0zpefmlt5dr6ggqwvfyt37 And here's one for the "Better Late Than Never" mix: https://app.box.com/s/fn4z307dkrzcml6srcdudeqrwfjpzgs8
  23. Hello, if you didn't see my thread in the mixes area, I used to go by Idi Amin here way back. I had a SubFM show from 2009-2012, and I will return to the station tonight. Taupe Beats show 2nd and 4th Fridays 9-11pm EST/2-4am GMT www.sub.fm Pre-game with some of my more recent mixes https://www.mixcloud.com/26thPsalmBranch/
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