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  1. The irony to this quote is almost too good to be true.
  2. Friday's show was an odd one. Technical difficulties prevented a recording, however I was informed the stream did in fact go through. Either way, I like the tracklist/mix so I wanted to get a recording for archives/sharing. 1. B12 “Hall of Mirrors (Digitonal's Strings in Space Mix)”, Last Days of Silence album, self-released, 2008 2. Roy of the Ravers (Oriental X0X-Press (90's Bassmix Edit)”, White Line Sunrise II album, Emotional Response, 2018 3. Maruwa “Freeze”, Steel City Dance Discs Volume 10 EP, Steel City Dance Discs, 2019 4. ANF “State/Function”, Mauna Kea E
  3. I'm on SubFM tonight, www.sub.fm 9-11pm EST/2-4am GMT. Tune in, dance.

  4. Really it's just about one part of Catherine the Great's life. Her first marriage to Peter the III. Seeing as the point of the show is a comedy, I thought this was a brilliant choice. That part of her biography is ripe for comedic parody. With that said, I would love some epic historical biopic/miniseries on Catherine the Great's whole life. And yeah that would need a very different tone.
  5. Show from Friday. Discover new music/artists, dance, find catharsis or joy. https://archive.sub.fm/taupe-beats-17-jul-2020/ (Mixcloud link still to come) 1. ϙue “between soil and shadows (Lostlojic Remix)”, the spectre always leave the same way it entered album, mystictrax, 2020 2. Afro B feat. T-Pain “Condo (DJ Q Extended Remix)”, Condo feat. T-Pain (Remixes) EP, Afrowave Digital / EMPIRE, 2020 3. Pugilist “Eclipse”, eleVAte Volume 1 compilation, DEXT Recordings, 2020 4. DJ Firmeza “Intenso”, Ardeu EP, Príncipe, 2019 5. Dauwd “Really Good”, Psssh 001 EP,
  6. Awesome, D. Tiffany's one of the best out right now.
  7. Cat poop is also acceptable.
  8. Oh shit, I worded that very poorly. They were *almost* taken, both survived through surgery. Sorry work multitasking and watmm posting makes for foolish output.
  9. Watched the Dardenne brothers "Young Ahmed" last night. Tend to agree with the critics that the climax is "unearned" compared to their other films. It's beautiful nonetheless (the lead is amazing in his role). The brothers are usually good at adding *just* enough exposition for the viewer to have an emotional engagement with the protagonist(s) and their situation. This film tries a trick making the main plot itself suspenseful enough where they try to withhold even some basic exposition (background of the cousin and father, to start). Doesn't really work in the context of the Dardennes' s
  10. My family is very lucky. Both my father and sister were almost taken by brain Aneurysms, and they aren't blood-related. I went though a period of being super paranoid about this myself and got a lot of tests done to confirm I'm safe. RIP Grant Imahara. Very sad 😞
  11. If you haven't already, check out Carlos. Same director/star in a miniseries about Carlos the Jackal. It's excellent.
  12. 2nd this. I wasn't a huge fan of the film itself but the soundtrack is mandatory. I have lost my fucking mind on the Barnes & Noble 50% off Criterion sale. Giving the 4K restoration to Richard III tonight. I love the look of VistaVision (Olivier's not too shabby either).
  13. Yes, a lot. Peace Rage is probably in my personal favorites of all time: Prefer the beat stuff over the ambient stuff but it's all good. Like Prurient too.
  14. While not a documentary, you may appreciate the Bruno Dumont film "Camille Claudel 1915"
  15. There's a Wang Bing documentary called "'Til Madness Do Us Part" from 2013 which I recommend very highly to anyone who appreciated Titicut Follies.
  16. Oh yeah, forgot the Bastl Microgranny. Takes a while to click with it, but now I love running drums through it. Surprisingly great bitcrunch effect.
  17. Well put. I don't ever use the onboard effects but use the hell out of the onboard filters/lfo/envelopes (the pitch envelope is a gem). This is going JJOS, obviously. As well, the 1000 has my favorite sample editor. The vertical zoom along with the horizontal zoom is vital, imo. Also good tempo discovery feature/ring mod/bitrate changer/etc.
  18. RIP, best to ever do it
  19. Go to the mixes section in watmm. A lot of good examples of what's going on in current "techno" (which spans a large spectrum, imo).
  20. This rules. Well-constructed, well-mixed.
  21. It was impressive in the way it pointlessly derailed good discussion in this thread. Anti-intellectual bullshit has that power.
  22. Back at it! Enjoy! Download link: https://archive.sub.fm/taupe-beats-03-jul-2020/ 1. Seefeel “Rough for Radio”, Peel Session (27/05/94), Warp, 2019 2. ERP “Alsoran”, Alsoran EP, Frantic Flowers, 2007 3. Flore “Congos”, RITUAL Part 3 EP, POLAAR, 2019 4. Nídia “Nunun”, S/T EP, Príncipe, 2020 5. Skee Mask “Type Beat 3”, ISS005 EP, Ilian Tape, 2020 6. Baltra “bonbonjov v8D_4”, 'Ted' (Demos & Alternate Versions) album, 96 and Forever, 2020 7. Grant “Spiritual Path”, Grant 004 EP, self-released, 2018 8. Florentino “Latigo”, Illmitado EP, MIXP
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