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  1. Another one I've been working on https://soundcloud.com/avnerheart/amsq Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Here's another one I've been working on: https://soundcloud.com/avnerheart/just-great
  3. Like this Jurate4 one a lot! Very cool vibe and I dig whatever's happening in the drum world.
  4. This stuff is great! Is JTPE what you release your music under? I see a couple different SoundCloud accounts here
  5. Thanks for the feedback! Yeah those drum sounds came out a little on the snappy side in retrospect. I think I had just grabbed the middle chunk of a waveform from some sound, so they're kind of just 'on' then 'off'. Was going for a Melodies From Mars sort of sound :) Glad you like the melodies and parts!
  6. Thanks! I actually wasn't familiar with Kettel, but I just checked out his music. Very cool stuff. Also currently listening to your Valencia EP! Sounds great!
  7. I wanted to post some music I've been working on. Here's a track called 4 Corners. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts! https://soundcloud.com/avnerheart/4-corners
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