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  1. At first I thought this is really not my cup of tea but now I find it enjoyable. You should ask Björk to feature on some of your tracks.
  2. This tune has lots of potential. I enjoyed the retro vibe. I quite like the arrangement with different parts. I wish the most detuned synths were less detuned, it was a bit of an ear-sore. The pulsating synth grooves call for lyrics and vocals. Even spoken word rhymes could take this piece to the next level. I'll just leave this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lfgf9HatIHI
  3. Thanks for your input, there are no wrong opinions in music. This is a way the track might continue from 8 minutes 54 seconds onward: https://valtala.com/forumsample2018-05-04T11-34-04.mp3 https://valtala.com/forumsample2018-05-04T11-34-04.mp3 There's a piano melody. It might or might not suck but I think it's kinda nice. Scientific Method sounds like a soundtrack from a movie about artificial intelligence.
  4. Fluke is not psytrance. But it's a heck of a tune. God’s Food sounds like real forest.
  5. On Matrix Reloaded album there's also Fluke's Zion from the cave rave scene. That tune might work better on a dance floor.
  6. New version with 2 minutes more duration: https://valtala.com/forumsample2018-04-29T10-55-28.mp3 https://valtala.com/forumsample2018-04-29T10-55-28.mp3 Now the beginning is totally different with a mad melody. Effects added to rest of the track to make it less boring. Some questions: - does the speech sample work, - is the treble sufficiently softer, - is the flute no longer overpowered?
  7. You are right — sometimes we just dance between our ears. Mona Lisa Overdrive. Legendary orchestral psytrance possibly. Some angry synths.
  8. Thanks for your feedback — it seems I got at least something right! It's very useful to hear about your experience, for example too harsh treble and overpowering flute. I'm using an exciter, I'll turn it down a bit. The low end is one of the most difficult things to get right. I try to trust metering more than my ears with bass frequencies. Infected Mushroom is my all time favorite. Their albums are rich in so many aspects, including melodies. They said in a recent interview that they want to be able to "make a sober granny dance". The dance floor is the final test of any track. I don't e
  9. MP3 file: https://valtala.com/forumsample2018-04-25T16-29-33.mp3 https://valtala.com/forumsample2018-04-25T16-29-33.mp3 The file is 8 minutes 32 seconds. More than 1-minute intro. I'm attempting to make a 60-minute long track. Tempo would increase periodically. This is a work in progress. I would love to hear your feedback on this. No detail is too small for my attention. This is a learning process. My goal is to sound 'professional' but at the same time bring something fun, surprising and out of the ordinary to the table. I have no idea if I'll succeed but that's the goal. It could tu
  10. This is the sub-genre of noise, "suominoise".
  11. Solid piece of funk. Reminds me of Shaft soundtrack. I would be happy to see (hear) more progression with added instruments. This piece would be a solid foundation for all kinds of musical endeavors — with or without lyrics.
  12. I liked Untitled Test https://soundcloud.com/bo-deep/untitled-test very much. It somehow reminded me of the scifi movie Oblivion.
  13. This makes me think of a Saturday morning on Mars.
  14. This was flawless and full of surprises.
  15. Side chain compression on the bass might emphasize the groove.
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