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  1. Chabraendeky


    The guy made a drawing of an Autechre gig of 2016.
  2. A bundle is available for 120 eur on bleep.
  3. It is weird. But it was better I expected. To have this little pauses in between helps a bit to endure the length, but the emotional experience diminishes a bit too. It wont be my favourite version (that's the CD or the 24-bit wav), but doesn't feel wrong either.
  4. I have an old fashioned hi-fi setup, and have no network music player in it, but I have a CD-player and a turntable. And I like physical objects.
  5. I was for long time reluctant to buy NTS 4 on vinyl because of the sliced up tracks. But this week I gave it up and bought it from a local record shop (with the scond intention of keep the shop going in the corona-situation), got it yesterday, and listened to the entire thing. To have this long tracks chopped off into parts make it weirdly an easier listen, but somewhat lessens the impact too. TBH I was more pleasently surprised as annoyed by it. And the sound quality is great. I'm happy to have it.
  6. btw, is fucking a sex doll dingsbumsen?
  7. Listening to Zagreb. Almost finished. Fantastic. There is only one question left: second batch when?
  8. I started with wav (24bit)... nothing happens... and now even another mp3 doesn't start... They should make some hoodies too... I like hoodies.
  9. I bought both of the shirts... ?
  10. download doesn't want to start... ?
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