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  1. Totally agree. The whole feeling of the new Squaerepusher album was kinda ruined for me because of the lot's of preview tracks. Hearing the already familiar tunes along with the new ones made them feel boring. I wished I could listen to the whole album at once. And the other thing: the albums of Autechre always have this stong dramaturgy, just releasing a single track from it as it would be a single would be completely un-autechrish for me. I don't mind to wait. But I would like to know, when the green one will be dropped!
  2. Baroque is comin' up in 2020... the new 'pusher has it's baroque moment too. Went buying some perruque.
  3. Yeah please do a complete discography review, we need the green album too.
  4. I'm with Berkeley. If perceived, it's real. Esse est percipe. So is the slowly ascending scale melody line in the third "movement" just before the big fortissimo cluster. Favourite moment.
  5. I don't know if this makes sense for anybody else than me, but "all end" was the Ae-tack I was waiting for since I first heard "Drane2"... I couldn't explain the mental connection between the two, but so it is.
  6. Sorry bro, but we just don't know yet how awesome the SIGN material is. So we can't do anything else that show our excitement and unpatience to hear it with being a community and keep us chatting, laughing, making the waiting time shorter. Ae fan community the best of all.
  7. Yeah, I'm not really fond of Blomkamp neither, but he used Pro Radii in one of his shorts... respect, where it's due...
  8. I would guess, that Neill Blomkamp and Darren Arronofsky are Ae-fans... the only directors (besides Cunningham) who used their music.
  9. Ian tdr: "Fuck, now I have REdeSIGN it!"
  10. Yepp, but YT suggested it to me based on my views and I never heard of this channel before. Could be nothing though. Just found it interesting.
  11. What I meant with the previous post: could it be that these Autechre discography reviews were hidden marketing ordered by Warp?
  12. We already had that with Oversteps. The design hinted on it with the Malevitch reference.
  13. Yepp, that's what I meant. That it's probably no solo album. Some guys here thought it could be.
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