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  1. Bola - D.E.G. (Skam, 2018) Another great record from Mr. Fitton. Bola is a great new discovery for me: listened to 4 of his albums recently (Soup, Shapes, Krougnine and D.E.G. - but the missing 2 albums are already ordered too). All albums I know by him are absolutely perfect, full with amazing tracks. Something between Tri Reptae era Ae and Plaid, but still very unique and recognizable, and full of very original musical ideas. Fantastic!
  2. I loved The Fifth Mission. Has a minimal vibe to it. And that dubby feeling like on later Sabres of Paradise records. Mixed with a hint of trip hop and electronica.
  3. I'm sure he was already many times mentioned, but I just now finished listening to "Sort \ Lave" from Richard Devine - my first experience of his music - and wanted to say, that this is really great abstract electronic music, with similar musical aims like Autechre, but with a very own, unique voice. Great listening experience! I think I have to check out more of his discography...
  4. If we are about to post, what WE would like, they would be up to, I would like S&R do a movie soundtrack. For the next Alex Garland perhaps. Or for whoever they want.
  5. We had that last year. I want a change.
  6. Yeah! Chiastic Slide / LP5 / Confield... instant buy. Warp please!
  7. First listen to Kroungrine by Bola. It's my first Bola record. And wow, it's really fantastic! Melodic IDM with a unique style and many ideas for musical development.
  8. First time listen to Bronchus One. It's a very interesting track regarding that it's from 1991. It has already a harsher industrial feel, that's not present that much on Lego Feet, Incunabula or Amber. Great track! (The whole sub rosa compilation is lush)
  9. Chabraendeky

    Ae in C#

    I have no absolute pitch... never noticed anithying like it. But... there are only twelve notes. It's just a case of probability perhaps...
  10. In classic counterpoint paralell fifths (and paralell octaves) are forbidden, because in that paralell movement the parts are not considered autonomous.
  11. hey! thnx man! does this have a name? is it a known technique in the theory? yeah. paralell fifths. And it's forbidden. :D ;)
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