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  1. Vinyl & CD arrived today in Hungary too... 😄
  2. Vinyl pre-order sold out. I guess there will be a re-press after release date, same like with SIGN.
  3. I don't know if his music is anything like Autechre's, but I recently learned to know the music of Ben Lukas Boysen, and he cites Ae as one of his inspirations: Sauce: https://www.erasedtapes.com/artist/ben-lukas-boysen Some of his works under the alias Hecq show the Ae influence more perhaps, but I like his works under his own name better. It's good as Autechre are, but it's not like Autechre.
  4. I remember on a warp docu on the german Viva TV at the wap100 time. There are sections of it on YT.
  5. Yep, I can testify to that too. Marantz is great for the 'chre.
  6. Wow, they fixed it! More releases links now to the site you mentioned and not to the bleep-store. You're welcome.
  7. Might be, but atm we have no sauce for AE LIVE 16/18 and Warp Tapes...
  8. I have a third option for you: SIGN -> PLUS -> SIGN
  9. I like these very much. And I think they are well-placed in the context of the album. Especially the burst of joy of lux 106 mod after the almost bleak but tense ending of ecol4. Apropos: lux 106 mod - might that be a Oneohtrix reference?
  10. 10 hours of new Ae material released. It was a good year. And we have still two months left (blank)...
  11. I wrote an email to the customer service, that they might want to look into this.
  12. After all that tDR-bashing, we forget one thing, we all should appreciate in the newer tDR designs for Ae (Exai, NTS, SIGN/PLUS): you can read the tracklisting easily...
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