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  1. Yes. And he's kinda honest but fair, even when a certain music is not his cup of tea.
  2. Wonky Angle started an Ae discography series just yet. He covered Incunabula and Amber now, and elseq and NTS Sessions earlier.
  3. Yeah, we can agree that we agree then. 😄 I saw where you were coming from of course, just wanted to start my post somewhere. 😉
  4. I disagree. Plaid almost never has two- or more-part songs. Their songs are always based and expanding on one polyphonic idea. Stop Look Listen has (at least) three distinctive parts, it's like a miniature symphony in structure. Nothing like Plaid ever did. I don't really know if I can define that "Plaid-sound"... what should that be like? I can't recall anything from Ae that sounds like "Rakimou" tbh... there are some tracks of both artists that have chimes-sounds and polyphony, but I could call those Plaid-tracks also "Autechre-like" with the same relevancy. But I think the basic vibe and approach of the two are very different. Like 'em both.
  5. The best thing about Chiastic Slide are the first 9 tracks.
  6. After numerous listens (from CD) I have to say "all end" is my favourite Autechre track ever. I was pretty depressed yesterday night, but after a listening session to "all end" in full darkness I had this great cathartic feeling, and was relieved. Amazing and uplifting track. So grateful for it. Thanks Sean & Rob!
  7. yeah, okay, but now it's time for the next three at least. Just imagine: Chiastic+LP5+Confield... how legendary was that run of albums? It needs to be repressed.
  8. Okay, then say that. My criticism was only with the term "self indulgent". You dislike what you want.
  9. I mean "narrative economy" is not an obligatory criteria for art. There is a great history in art for neglecting it completely. If that is obviously a choice of the artist to do so, it's wrong to demand it. It's like complaining about the lack of colour by a BW movie. I meant not that gantz and all end have the same structure, only that both have structure.
  10. No they're not. They just require a different type of listening. Why do you blame your impatience on the track? Where on your self-indulgence-scale would be Sederunt principes by Pérotin? Eine kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart? Movements for Orchestra by Webern? String Quartet II by Feldman? Sorry if I'm attacking too hard on this, but I can't stand this "self indulgence" criterium against art. I often read it in reviews of Malick-movies, and just don't understand it. I think it's ridiculous. There is the term l'art pour l'art. In art there is a place for just being what it is. It's false to criticise it with "self indulgence": to turn something aesthetical in negative, you know? You should accept them for the experience what they are and not expect something they aren't. For what it is, all end is perfectly paced and structured. No difference from Gantz Graf.
  11. Every art is self-indulgent.
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