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  1. yeah, okay, but now it's time for the next three at least. Just imagine: Chiastic+LP5+Confield... how legendary was that run of albums? It needs to be repressed.
  2. Okay, then say that. My criticism was only with the term "self indulgent". You dislike what you want.
  3. I mean "narrative economy" is not an obligatory criteria for art. There is a great history in art for neglecting it completely. If that is obviously a choice of the artist to do so, it's wrong to demand it. It's like complaining about the lack of colour by a BW movie. I meant not that gantz and all end have the same structure, only that both have structure.
  4. No they're not. They just require a different type of listening. Why do you blame your impatience on the track? Where on your self-indulgence-scale would be Sederunt principes by Pérotin? Eine kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart? Movements for Orchestra by Webern? String Quartet II by Feldman? Sorry if I'm attacking too hard on this, but I can't stand this "self indulgence" criterium against art. I often read it in reviews of Malick-movies, and just don't understand it. I think it's ridiculous. There is the term l'art pour l'art. In art there is a place for just being what it is. It's false to criticise it with "self indulgence": to turn something aesthetical in negative, you know? You should accept them for the experience what they are and not expect something they aren't. For what it is, all end is perfectly paced and structured. No difference from Gantz Graf.
  5. Every art is self-indulgent.
  6. Where do you put the Eggshell? da-bumtsss
  7. Listening the first time legally to Quaristice (Versions). It feels more like a "proper AE album" like Quaristice, and I love it for that. But I love Quaristice too for being so different and ununsual. And when I realize that, I guess I understand, why Quaristice was the regular release, and Versions just for the fans.
  8. The credits are for the original songs, not for the musicians. Bell is among the musicians too btw.
  9. On one of the Tour DVDs - must be the Homogenic Tour - Plaid is delivering the beats. Almost every track is a Plaid remix. The bestest! It has to be this (it's a while I've seen it): https://www.discogs.com/Björk-Cambridge/release/235100
  10. 'Scintili': first time listen... Woaaah! WOOOOAH!!!
  11. The new Isan album "Lamenting Machine" is out today! https://www.anost.net/en/Products/ISAN-Lamenting-Machine/ I've pre-ordered and could download it today. I had only time to listen to the first two tracks yet, but they are all good old Isan: athmospheric synth-patterns with swooping basses and glitchy drum sequences. No big change to the style but good stuff!
  12. Chabraendeky


    I think some of the tDR covers are great too. Tri Repetae, Chiastic Clide, LP5, Exai are great. Hell, I even like the covers of Quaristice and Oversteps covers a lot!
  13. Chabraendeky


    Yes, Oversteps reminds on Malevitch or on japanese kalligraphy. But not on other Ae covers.
  14. Chabraendeky


    IMHO the Rutterford cover designs are the weakest. No originality at all.
  15. I don't get the hate. I received my copy today, no. 432. It's a great record. Tom shows again his versatility - here his compositional talent is showcased in it's best. "Mixtures" is a real gem! I love it! PS.: Obviously he doesn't give a fuck, what fanboys of his "Feed Me Hard Normal Big Loadas"-era expect. And I'm glad about this. He shouldn't.
  16. Yeah, I would be suprised if not.
  17. Could be. This part of the interview is chinese to me... any opinion, someone? that "3D super woofer" might be a two-casette ghettoblaster https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Hitachi-3d-Super-Woofer-Boombox-Ghetto-Blaster-Trk-3d82-Boombox/13030442300
  18. Now it's gone again... weird,
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