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  1. Sean pls Me and a friend of mine need your help! What's a whootle? From Zeiss Contarex (starting around 5:30) we know you dont care about it, but.... what is it??? We need to know!!!!!!!
  2. Both SIGN and PLUS ended up on the Top 10 bestseller list of my local record shop. There must some decent people go shopping there... (I bought them as pre-orders from the AE Store of course, because I'm even more decent then they are... 😄 )
  3. incomplete without surface noise
  4. Vinyl & CD arrived today in Hungary too... 😄
  5. Vinyl pre-order sold out. I guess there will be a re-press after release date, same like with SIGN.
  6. I don't know if his music is anything like Autechre's, but I recently learned to know the music of Ben Lukas Boysen, and he cites Ae as one of his inspirations: Sauce: https://www.erasedtapes.com/artist/ben-lukas-boysen Some of his works under the alias Hecq show the Ae influence more perhaps, but I like his works under his own name better. It's good as Autechre are, but it's not like Autechre.
  7. I remember on a warp docu on the german Viva TV at the wap100 time. There are sections of it on YT.
  8. Yep, I can testify to that too. Marantz is great for the 'chre.
  9. Wow, they fixed it! More releases links now to the site you mentioned and not to the bleep-store. You're welcome.
  10. Might be, but atm we have no sauce for AE LIVE 16/18 and Warp Tapes...
  11. I have a third option for you: SIGN -> PLUS -> SIGN
  12. I like these very much. And I think they are well-placed in the context of the album. Especially the burst of joy of lux 106 mod after the almost bleak but tense ending of ecol4. Apropos: lux 106 mod - might that be a Oneohtrix reference?
  13. 10 hours of new Ae material released. It was a good year. And we have still two months left (blank)...
  14. I wrote an email to the customer service, that they might want to look into this.
  15. After all that tDR-bashing, we forget one thing, we all should appreciate in the newer tDR designs for Ae (Exai, NTS, SIGN/PLUS): you can read the tracklisting easily...
  16. I don't see it so. Move of Ten is imo a companion piece to Oversteps. A little brother. It's own thing, but sharing some genes. PLUS is a continuation of SIGN imo. The second half. Part two. But I agree with your zen version 100%.
  17. Oh, you meant that meme seriously? I thought it was irony... I change your mind: SIGN = main event, first part PLUS = main event, second part Listen to them back to back. Both will open up and change.
  18. 😄 As I see only in marketing not in acting.
  19. XD I'm a BP employee... We have this shit you quoted always somewhere in the office... in elevators, cafeteria walls, you name it. I laughed so hard, as I first saw the PLUS cover... the branch I work for was called "BP PLUS" XD
  20. Elseq was a digital release. It's hard6unfair to compare. Exai has a very sweet inner design imo. And I like the SIGN/PLUS design too. Okay, I guess nothing ever will beat Chiastic and Quaristice designs for me, but I can live with that. It's to much a first world problem for me to complain about the cover of my favourite bands next amazing album. I accept what it is.
  21. vinyl & CD available for pre-order with immediate download. Physical release 11.20. I recommend: https://autechre.warp.net/
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