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  1. In 2001 I moved to Rome, there I met a girl, she was friend of the romans of rephlex rec, she borrowed me confield and the first listening was on the broken cd player of my pc. It was a hard listening, I usually enjoied the cubist touch it gaves to the simple/linear music but confield didn't need it, it was already cubist. It was better when I had the listening on another cd player but it took some period I could understand the real value of the work. Then i fell into it.
  2. 'I've got moss' is really nice, I like the combinations of layers from the start to the end, it trasmits a feeling of lightness, it's clear and complex at the same time and this is the most important thing in idm for me. I like your approach.
  3. Yes, it has ae vibes, maybe this is the reason why I would have expected some decunstruction start from the middle of track. I think this approach in make music is great, and the track is valid also in the way you did.
  4. I guys thanks for listening. I'm trying to make this sort of perpetual modification of the same without progression. I stare just to one image and I enjoy it for 2, 5, 10 minutes, it depends. Is there some of you with this predisposition? For example I can listen to ae parhelic triangle theme for 10 minutes in a row without any drug. Is it just me?
  5. On a concept like the first track take control of sound is essential, the concept is good but the soud is cheap. In "suominoise" a track like this sounds more clear, bright and wet, actually analog. In this regard the drone track is good.
  6. I like tre way the track progresses without hesitation and good taste. Nice job
  7. Nice drone, after 3 sec I fell into it :)
  8. First minute of 12.1b is very good, its complex and polite, then start becoming complex and rough and this is a tough terrain which is can be pounded only by ae for me. In general I like what you do.
  9. like your way tidy and accurate and you don't lost it even when you go more experimental. very nice composing
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