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  1. it's pretty good, yeah. I like the combination of the ominous pad with the drums, you should add more elements and finish that bad boy and drop it on SC.
  2. ah, understood. that makes sense. thanks for the constructive feedback!
  3. thanks goDel! I guess chronical was referring more to the arrangement / overall structure of the track which I do find very important. Most of my output is a little all over the place in hopes of escaping the loops, and it'd be nice to have a more structured approach. I appreciate that you liked that track, I purposefully made it minimalistic and claustrophobic because of the experience I had. What do you mean by "giving it the dubs"?
  4. Thanks for listening, chronical! Yeah I get what you're saying. I've been told this a couple of times already in fact, something to work on. The video you linked is fucking fire man. I thoroughly enjoyed it and want more. Who's this artist?
  5. Which ones? Stoke newington? I thought it's just a cool name for a track, that's all. I don't see how that makes me identify with my music less. Besides the whole album is sort of a tongue-in-cheek naive electronica as opposed to my previous release, so I just wanted to have some fun. Not everything has to have an underlying personal masonic meaning which I adhere to.
  6. I posted some new escape the loops on my bc recently https://escapetheloops.bandcamp.com/album/exercises-in-nothing unlike the previous ep, this one is not-so-serious naive electronica and idm for 5-year-olds, cos this is what I end up with if I jam with no particular idea in mind, but I quite like it anyway. if anyone happens to listen, curious to know which track you like the most so I can upload it to my soundcloud to represent the album. cheers
  7. doxxed in chatmm support group discord server pls
  8. True. I don't understand how chatmm can be detrimental to watmm, to me these 2 serve completely different purposes and compliment each other nicely. If you want some quick, real-time small talk or just catch up on what the folks are up to or you're drunk and want to listen to some tunes while exchanging memes or if you're on an international bus that has computer screens attached to its seats and you can access the browser and go to watmm and you want to share it with people jokingly, you go to chatmm. If you're busy and just want a feed of new releases or topics, you go to watmm. perfect balance.
  9. no sarcasm, it is truly delightful
  10. wow, the eloquency of the verbal communication in this thread is a work of art
  11. So a spike corresponds to a mention in a big media because of a content that was associated with a new release from Aphex Twin. Hence Aphex Twin is a driving force of WATMM, solved. Richard just needs to release music more often to make WATMM great again.
  12. In the screenshot the graph notably declines towards the end, which is what spi's talking about, I guess? 🤔 Funny to see a spike in August 2018 – could be due to the Collapse EP release and discussion? It was hot, as far as I can remember. Bring back dem dayz Edit: nvm, just noticed it says "Users", not views, so not sure what to make of it
  13. This. I've only been around for a year, but it's evident that WATMM is an awfully toxic place full of inside jokes which only people who came here 50 years ago get. And if you didn't come here 50 years ago you're an alien. But I have no one IRL to talk about IDMz so I'm here to put up with it.
  14. Nice textures and suspense, the style reminds me a bit of the Eco Futurism Corp releases, it's got the same bio-thing touch to it... Dope release overall, lots of interesting details, thanks for posting.
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