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  1. What are they rapping / singing in this one, I can't tell? All I hear is "Juice, Juice, what's that world we have to lose" which is nonsense. It is a sample from somewhere?
  2. I'm sure you've got enough love already, you did sound design for Arrival, Black Mirror and Ex Machina, as far as I can see. Good job on the track, it's got the momentum and suspense and stuff, not surprisingly since you seem to be an established composer.
  3. For some reason when I saw the thread name I thought you were inviting people to post tracks that were made on 20.05.1996, and thought how weirdly specific that was. I was expecting some old school jungle maybe. Turns out it's just your artist name, heh. Were you born on that day?
  4. Yeah, watched it a few years ago. Some funny surreal ironic shit. Well, like most stuff on Adult Swim. Also a new episode of Chernobyl is out today. Fucking hell is this show grim but so well-shot. I'm so glad the Brits did it. We wouldn't have been able to make it so good, russian cinema sucks big time nowadays (and ukranian cinema is almost nonexistent). So I'm grateful I can watch it and it's not some cheesy low-brow documentary, but a beautifully shot and well executed horror story. I don't mind the british accents at all. It was a bit surreal though for a moment when they introduced Mikhail Gorbachev and he started speaking.
  5. thank for the kind words, eryngi. I'll be uploading some new stuff in the coming days
  6. Speaking of "Kidding", it's a fucking masterpiece and I'll leave it at that. Haven't watched anything that great in years. Thing is, this show is in the details, I think. The cinematography, the acting, all the little nuances (like the scene where they showed just their feet while they're talking, fucking hell, there're so many scenes like that in this show that I just wanted to stand up and applause) and if you haven't watched other Michel Gondry films you probably wouldn't appreciate it that much. My wife thought it was a snoozer, whereas I was so invested in it, absorbing all the details I could see.
  7. Thank for that, Brisbot, it was near perfect for me. I liked the visual style a lot and all the special effects and sounds and music. It was a very aesthetically pleasing show. I say near perfect because the drama was present but not overly deep like in Bojack, and it lacked some... depth maybe, I don't know. Although there are enough lifelike moments and little quirks and the humour is good. Ah fuck it, it's a perfect show. Thank you again. By the way, I read a few negative comments concerning the SJW / feminism bs in relation to this show, and I must say I didn't feel it at all. It touches on feminism in a few episodes but very slightly and in a humorous way and I wouldn't have noticed it otherwise.
  8. Conquer WATMM: mission completed ✓
  9. Good call, thanks. Actually I don't listen to as much music as I used to, maybe a few new releases here and there, and I might pop in a nostalgic compilation of those artists like once a month just to get back to that feeling mostly. However it's also sometimes detrimental to listen to good new music, as you tend to realize how shitty your own music is in comparison. But then again, there's this whole thing that "you shouldn't compare yourself to others" because it's unhealthy. So I'm somewhere in between - not entirely stuck in my own bubble, but also not 100% on the lookout for fresh edgy sounds and soaking them all up. Funnily enough, I watched a Bill Wurtz interview recently on an h3h3 podcast, and he says he exclusively listens to his own music, like nothing else. Just his stuff. Cause that's the definition of music for him, that's all he knows, and that's all he wants to make. And it works for him.
  10. thank you, dear sir, I'll take that as a compliment. funny you should mention early 2000's, I guess most of what I like is from that period (sort of early to mid IDM, stuff like Dron, Arovane, Proem, Geskia, Quench, Metamatics...) and I am somehow trying to emulate that sound cause that's the kind of music I like. And and the same time It's sad, as whatever I'm doing was done 20 years ago or something. But I am also trying to be innovative in the song structure / arrangement game... not sure if successful though
  11. I should get it up on Youtube as a music video. Does Youtube work well on your ipad, goDel? Thanks, Stick. much appreciated
  12. thanks BCM, you're the guy. will check out your stuff later in a day too
  13. sup with their faces... they look like uncanny valley
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