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  1. It was more a way to say that he's great and that I haven't listened to a better album this year. I couldn't compare him to Autechre or Burial for example (also because that's not the same kind of music) but - and it's just my opinion - what he makes is the "kind of techno" I'd like to listen to the most. I also liked the last one from Shifted or what's released on Northern Electronics but to me "Pool" is even a step higher.
  2. First listen was good but with second and third ones I can say it's one of the albums of the year. Best producer at the moment in my opinion.
  3. ambient


    Thanks but it's alright. Already have some of them actually, and will get the other ones quite easily in the end. I think I've been fooled by the "Remaster" written in the tracklist and thought it was something "new". Dublin is also one of my favorite sets. They were supposed to play at Primavera in June I think. We all hope they'll tour again soon...
  4. ambient


    I know they are bootlegs but do you know where I can get this? https://rateyourmusic.com/release/unauth/autechre/ae_live-2010/
  5. Would be nice (or not) to clarify all the ae eras first, no? I think I've heard a guy on YouTube (the one from deep cuts if I remember well) saying there are like three different ones. Not sure if it's right neither if it's really what he said. It could be a French guy (still from YouTube) who said that in the end... I don't know anymore... To me, elseq and the NTS Sessions are probably what I liked the most. But right now I'm listening to the live recorded in Toronto in 2001 (which we can download here on WATMM) and it's so good. Off topic (maybe one already exists) but what are your favorite bootlegs?
  6. https://boomkat.com/products/reel-torque-20 Awesome mixtape from the Australian duo (whose album "Snoopy" is one of the best of 2020). Side 2 of the yellow tape is my favorite. No tracklist as far as I know so it would be nice to try to find out some of them. Has anyone listened to that?
  7. Can someone give me some recommendations from FireScope (even if there are not a lot of releases)? I know some of them already (Morphology's LPs). Is the last John Shima album good? Thank you.
  8. Got used to new Autechre stuff with these two albums, and I still want more now...
  9. First track was the best so far.
  10. Any predictions on which streaming platform it will be?
  11. https://eartheater.bandcamp.com/album/phoenix-flames-are-dew-upon-my-skin A lot of hype around her for some time. This one's much more interesting than what was IRISIRI in my opinion. Nice folk vibes in most of the tracks (the first seconds of Volcano instantly gave me a Death In June feeling). Looks like a nice evolution from her Trinity mixtape which I also enjoyed. Mix of "electronic folk" and "psychedelic ambient pop". Some surreal, sensual vocals added to that. Not for everyone.
  12. Oh nice, I remember I really enjoyed Precious Systems in 2016.
  13. Four Pieces For Mirai was better in my opinion. I need to listen to Neurogeist one more time though...
  14. That's crazy... Thank you for the information!
  15. Might be a stupid question but I just want to be sure. The Mixlr live stream shows a bit more than 10 hours now. Is this the total of time they've been playing for the last few days? Or are these 10 hours "just" this today session? In other words I want to know if I missed something I won't be able to listen again. I just got the news of all that so...
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