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  1. Four Pieces For Mirai was better in my opinion. I need to listen to Neurogeist one more time though...
  2. That's crazy... Thank you for the information!
  3. Might be a stupid question but I just want to be sure. The Mixlr live stream shows a bit more than 10 hours now. Is this the total of time they've been playing for the last few days? Or are these 10 hours "just" this today session? In other words I want to know if I missed something I won't be able to listen again. I just got the news of all that so...
  4. You must have seen her name or her lovely face somewhere already. She's quite into the spotlight at the moment, and she's performing at Atonal and Unsound this year. If you go there don't miss her. She plays modular synthesizers and it's great. Her second LP just dropped on Important Records and it's as good as her first one released in April last year. If you're more interested she also made a Boiler Room a couple of months ago.
  5. I missed the limited bundle (100 copies) which includes a tape and a T-shirt.
  6. Even better. I should check Instagram more often.
  7. In that interview (November 2017) Jonnine Standish said that a new HTRK album was on the way. We don't know anything else but it's enough to get hype. Here's a very short mix they've created for an event in Melbourne about one year ago.
  8. Simple. Check all his other aliases (DJ Metatron, Prince Of Denmark, Traumprinz, Prime Minister Of Doom) and the Giegling label + sublabels. This is the very easy answer.
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