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  1. I love Cookie Monster like Cookie Monster loves cookies.
  2. Time has not been kind to you, Pennywise, not kind at all.
  3. ^ I remember that it was raining and Radiohead were playing in those rain ponchos out of solidarity with the crowd or something. Yeah, could be that they were on at the same time as the Chem Bros, cause I just saw a couple of minutes of their gig before I prolly had to rush off to the tent. In exchange, I missed Dave Clarke and the Butthole Surfers, must have been a good reason for that ... Damn, that was a long time ago ... /off topic
  4. Just kidding. This is literally me: (I'm the thin white guy with the spiky blonde hair. Actually felt a bit stiff that night, but my partner was on his game.)
  5. Nickelback all the way. Huge fan of theirs since I first heard "Lemon Tree". Second place would be a very close call between Autechre and Aphex Twin. ae would be suitable because of their immense output and complexity; they just don"t get old, and discovering new details in their music would keep me busy for years. Aphex, on the other hand, is just more diverse and has a track for every mood, so I'd probably go with him.
  6. I was there too! Helluva lineup. If I remember correctly, the "big three" at the time (Chemical Brothers, Orbital & Underworld) played in a row, and Prodigy were the closing act. Good times, not least because my first visit to an actual coffee shop preceded the festival ... As for OP, the question seems to come at a peculiar time, seeing as they've just made a bonafide comeback. *shrug*
  7. I basically just thrust my pelvis back and forth till I'm alone on the dancefloor
  8. I've seen them four or five times so far. I cry evrytiem. Looks like I'm gonna miss 'em this round though, sold out already.
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    Lol, not illegal at all, I got an ARC.
  10. Uh, you guise ... 900 h of AW mixes thataway: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B23ZLBzfzfvec3ZhVE1uV0JtSGs (Sorry, if this has been posted somewhere else already, a quick search yielded no results.)
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    Dyer will be more up your alley then -- it actually owes more to Thomas Bernhard than to Lawrence. It's really genuinely funny in an existential way. I'm halfway through Charlie Kaufman's Antkind atm. Incredible. Should appeal to a lot of people here -- think Pynchon meets Kafka meets Beckett with a side of DFW and PKD. And then some. Here' the Kirkus Reviews review: https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/charlie-kaufman/antkind/
  12. It sounded good on paper, but I had to drop it after the first season. Don't remember much about it.
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    If you like D.H. Lawrence, take a look at Out of Sheer Rage by Geoff Dyer. It's a book about trying to write a book about Lawrence, and it's hilarious.
  14. Ha, ha, ha, you and me Little brown jug, don't I love thee Ha, ha, ha, you and me Little brown jug, don't I love thee When I go toiling on the farm I take the little jug under my arm Place it under a shady tree Little brown jug, 'tis you and me 'Tis you that makes me friends and foes 'Tis you that makes me wear old clothes But, seeing you're so near my nose Tip her up and down she goes
  15. By popular demand; let's see how it goes. I'll start with: "Steamy Windows" Shitpost away!
  16. I swear I've been meaning to create one for months, even got some album/song titles ready to get it rolling. (TV shows would be another possibility. Maybe we should just have an all-purpose "shitty" pop culture thread.) But just like you, I seem to lack the balls. If you promise to post in it however, I'll do it. At the worst, we'll turn it into a ping-pong match. Edit: done https://forum.watmm.com/topic/98544-describe-your-last-defecation-with-a-songalbum-title/
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