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  1. It's leaked. There's glimpses of goodness. Some of it feels like a pop version of Stretch, Mequetrefe is a personal standout. S/t vocals, Bjork and SOPHIE feature on a few tracks. Overall pretty meh though. The impulse to skip to the next track is strong with this one.
  2. Nice. Almost good as we stay together and the first 10 minutes of the boiler room session
  3. Haven't listened to much this year but these were good: OPN - Age Of Low - Double Negative SOPHIE - Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides Young Paint - Young Paint Bibio - Phantom Brickworks IV & V Grouper - Grid of Points Gas - Rausch Pendant - Make Me Know You Sweet
  4. Best thing actress has done since Xoul IMO. Ai Paint Kat paint felt like an outtake from the London Orchestra project.
  5. I understand the comments saying it's a bit of a mess. My theory is that the title/theme is an admission of that. Auto-biographical maybe. The Ecco/Harvest/Excess/Bondage conspectus seems to describe the trajectory and various soundscapes Daniel has explored over the years. For example, I think Manifold and Raycats are a refinement of his early material. I don't think it's arbitrary that Juno-60 are heavily featured on these tracks. Toys 2, myriad.industries, Warning feel very r+7 to me. The vocals are an amalgamation of Games, ANOHNI, G.O.D., etc. This dude is literally brimming with ideas and has stretched in so many directions over the last decade: Eccojams, Games / Ford & Lopatin, ANOHNI, Good Time OST, touring with NIN. I think 'bondage' could be interpreted as feeling stifled as an artist. Wanting to go so many different directions at once. This album embraces that, and by doing so manages to tread some new territory in the process. I think it's one of his finest works tbh
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