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  1. You been following the ebola outbreak in the DRC? The WHO have sounded the alarm, but are having trouble getting other countries to help ($). Just think, it's only a plane ride away....
  2. agree, have no idea if this thread is meant to be serious or not.
  3. finished watching Maniac yesterday. this was OK, but I couldn't help thinking "haven't I seen something like this before?" Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Inception, Total Recall all came to mind. I didn't care much for Emma Stone's character, liked Jonah Hill's character but thought his acting was a little weak, and thought Justin Theroux was hysterical. That VR sex part and scene in his apartment were absolutely hilarious.
  4. donnie's team is loaded with douche bags, but OMG stephen miller has to be the worst of all. every interview I've seen of this guy, I can't go more than a few seconds listening to his full-on BS nonsense before I want to strangle him. I mean at least donnie's good for a couple of laughs (laughing at him), but this annoying smug prick is a human cockroach.
  5. yeah, I read Les got the idea for the costumes/masks for the Wynona video from those battery commercials.
  6. ^ that shot of him around the 4 second mark...he looks like he's wearing a mask, like one of those characters from that primus video
  7. I thought season 1 & 2 were pretty good. It starts to get a little too unbelievable later on, and I found season 5 to be the least tense/most boring of all them. It's definitely one of those shows where you'll find yourself saying "c'mon...there's no way he could know that."
  8. oh man, the humor back then was off the charts. this whole place was like one big ol' takin the piss aphex interview. I wonder if any of those old threads still exist somewhere? would be fun to look back through some of the pre-2004 stuff sometime. iirc, the place noticeably changed after the board crashed in 2005(?) and was down for months. people left, usernames changed, then came the clean up to get rid of all the potty humor and porn stuff.
  9. Well they're white so they don't count. That bigoted brain of his tells him it's only brown/black/red/green/orange (oh wait) people that should go back where they came from.
  10. ^ pretty much. pee tape, trump using the n word, sex tape with ivanka...I don't think any of it matters to the base or turtle man and the R's. don don could probably go on a murdering spree at this point and nothing would happen to him.
  11. Ha! I'm talking about the orange king. Although that would be a laugh to see Stephen King and Paul Ryan in a fight.
  12. Someone really needs to kick his ass. I'm talking about a brutal, gang-style, savage beat down. Would be awesome if it was someone like Paul Ryan that did it.
  13. Ross Perot died a few days ago. In a strange coincidence, I had a friend from out of state visiting here last week and on Friday we were driving around and passed by the Perot Science museum. He asked "is that guy still alive?" and I said, "no, he's dead," because I honestly thought he was.
  14. Been listening to this this morning and it's nice, but I guess I expected...something more? Some tracks sound like demo versions or something of the regular tracks.
  15. What's one thing that would be so vile that it would turn the Maga base against him, cause the R's to stop defending him, lead to immediate impeachment proceedings, lead to an arrest with not even his replacement Pence able to pardon him...I would think it would have to be a Trump & Ivanka sex tape...
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