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  1. lol looks like they had trouble spelling "Christian" but they nailed the spelling of Satan!
  2. ^ depends on the level of vitriol they're getting I suppose. I would guess they're talking about the ultra nasty stuff that crosses moral/ethical boundaries, and perhaps even legal too (personal death threats, misogynistic crap, racist garbage) more so than just the standard forum trolling fare. wouldn't think anyone would be that naive to think everything they showcase on all the apps is going to be met with positivity.
  3. this summarizes my thoughts on the matter. I know it's pretty much a given here, but Bandcamp is like the best thing ever. so much digital digging to occupy one's self with. if that site goes the way of the tech bro bogeyman, then it shall be a sad day indeed.
  4. I too thought that whenever the reactions came about here that they seemed somewhat juvenile. I don't do any social media stuff, so wasn't sure exactly what to make of them at first. but after people kept putting reactions on some of my posts, I decided it's only fair to respond in kind, and so started using them. I do think they are somewhat useful now, as it is essentially another way to communicate with the folks on here. I disagree about the "don't read don't care" part you mentioned, as everything I put a reaction on I have in fact read, and wanted the poster to know I agree with them - which is what I think the heart thing means? I do think the heart needs to be changed though to like a fist or something more manly, as this place is what, 99.9% guys? a bunch of dudes giving each other little hearts seems, um, well...
  5. https://bonobomusic.bandcamp.com/album/fragments the first 2 of his albums got a lot of plays from me back 20ish years ago. haven't been much into his stuff for the last few though. Black Sands was p good, the other ones got bogged down with too many vocalists for me. and *sigh* I see several tracks on this new one with the "feat" nomenclature after the track name, which I'd assume to be vocalists. preview track is pretty safe, sounds a bit like something from Four Tet's There Is Love album back in 2010. I lol'd a bit when I read this in the bandcamp write up:
  6. would probably be interested if he allowed you to punch him in the face repeatedly
  7. seriously, props to you for being able to sit through some of this stuff. I can't take more than a minute or 2 of watching/listening to people like this. just can't fucking stand these sorts of people. they are the absolute toilet of humanity.
  8. our dog usually doesn't bark much, but the other morning was barking his head off in the backyard. went outside and saw he had trapped a squirrel up a smallish tree/shrub, which was too far from the fence for the squirrel to jump to escape. immediately I was like yeah this is some nature channel shit here, let's see how it plays out. but the nonstop barking crossed the line with me, so I had to take action. tried to chase the dog to get away from the tree, the squirrel immediately saw this and bolted to the fence, tried to scale the fucking thing but failed, and so the dog was on his ass. the squirrel yelped as the dog nipped at it, and ran up another small tree with the same problem - too far to jump to the fence and no escape possible. I could've easily knocked the squirrel to the ground with a rake, and let the dog finish him. but then I started thinking of all the blood and fur that I'd have to clean up, and so sided with the squirrel. grabbed the dog and the squirrel bolted, found a small hole under the fence and was gone. I know the dog was super pissed at me, probably confused why I let it get away, as his programming tells him the main thing you are here for is to hunt vermin, take craps, and sleep. so my pointless thought is I wish karma worked they way I want it to. as in I saved a squirrels life, and so someone has to die. the first person I thought of was Sean Hannity.
  9. they're shooting 90 year old Shatner up in that dildo ship: https://www.blueorigin.com/news/shatner-powers-announced-ns18
  10. really does make you wonder how deep the crazy goes in some anti-vax people. let's say a pill is developed & tested to treat covid. is that too in the "not my body, my freedom, blah blah blah" category as a vaccine? or is a little red pill somehow ok in that regard...since everyone loves pills.
  11. sour cream w/dill is how they do it bruv. check it out - giant pierogi statue in Canuckistan:
  12. Sopranos movie - wasn't that bad, but I wasn't blown away by it. it felt like a classic Scorsese mafia movie, minus the experimentation he usually tries in a few scenes. in other words, a by the book movie about mafia guys in the '60s/'70s we've all seen before. I wonder if the story/script changed to become the Dickie Moltisanti show once they realized Gandolfini's kid is not that great an actor, and no way could carry a film focused primarily on him. the best part for me was the acting by Alessandro Nivola playing Dickie. where the hell has this guy been hiding? I thought he was fantastic.
  13. oh damn, that's awesome. I remember this was the phase where Maynard painted himself silver, and would have a blue spot light on him a lot of the time. he was hopping around on stage like some alien-like being.
  14. whole bunch of bitching going on on their site. from what I understand of it, pre-sale orders are getting cancelled for the Tool army: https://toolband.com/news/2021/new-tour-dates-announced/ just looked to see what they are in my area. nose bleed seats are $65, then add in the hidden fees and comes to $96 a ticket. the seats closer to the stage are in the $400-$600 range per ticket. hmmmmm.... I saw them on the Aenima tour in '96, and hold that concert in super high regard in the memory bank. it was in this run down ghetto part of SW Houston, and the venue (International Ballroom) was a former department store that had been gutted and turned into a warehouse type place for raves and industrial bands. it was hotter than hell in there, the pit was violent, one of my friends almost passed out because he was so fucked up. you know, the good 'ol days. don't know if I need to sour that by doing this corporate Tool concert stuff where I'll pay out the nose for the experience. plus, I may fall asleep if they start noodling away with the 10,000 Days jams.
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