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  1. correct. no hopping online and finding out about everything you want to know about in under a few minutes. I wasn't into electronic music back in 1994 because I was happy finding stuff with a lot of distorted guitars back then. I found out about Aphex in '94 through the On video. it was on a VHS tape of a bunch of alternative music music videos I ordered through one of these BMG music club type catalog services. think like Radiohead, Breeders, Afghan Whigs, Blind Melon, Nirvana, videos were on it...and Aphex! so to answer this silly question, Aphex, because I had no idea abut Ae until sometimes toward the later '90s.
  2. may sound harsh, but you coming to the realization there isn't anything you can do about your father's issues is something you should view as a positive. best to figure your own shit out first separately than whatever he's going through. we often times think we can solve other people's problems when we can't...it is up to them to solve their own shit...come to their own rescue, so to speak. best course of action would be for him to talk to a psychologist/psychiatrist...but I know people don't like doing that. especially people in their 70's. I want my own parents to do this and they won't. my mom says she's been like this all her life (she's 74) and won't change at this point, so I just have to deal with it. I think that's bullshit. it is never too late to change.
  3. zero

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    how do you like it? I've read most all his stuff, will give this a shot at some point.
  4. completely agree. I started watching this series about Teal Swan - The Deep End - and it was making me so angry listening to this woman, and hearing from all these sad sappy people she duped into believing her BS. why am I watching this is definitely what hit me about 30 min in, and so I turned it off! so many other shows, not worth wasting time on stuff that you know will irritate you.
  5. 2 guys have dinner and talk. that's the whole film. their conversation goes deep into trying to understand the human experience. one guy is pragmatic, the other is spiritually eccentric. both guys have strong theatre backgrounds, and use this to make their points. a lot of discussion on experiencing reality as it really is vs. living behind a mask of illusion. very philosophical with Buddhist undertones. highly recommended if you have patience and are into discussing life philosophy and humanity.
  6. would be nice if the global media behemoths come together and agree to give trumps 2024 campaign zero coverage. we know his twitter is coming back soon, and we really don't need every tweet of his being covered 24/7 like it was back in round 1 of the insanity show. I don't think this will happen, btw. I'm sure once he fires up the tweet device, it'll be the exact same thing as last time...his game plan of saying outlandish shit on twitter to get everyone with intelligence facepalming, and the other group with non-correctly functioning brains all fired up. then keep doing this over and over. the media can't escape their addiction to him, and this is how he keeps going. the tried and true trump game plan: 1)tweet bullshit in order to get online commenters all fighting amongst themselves. really enforce the us vs. them mentality. no way to work together on anything. 2)convince people to donate their $ to his campaign. pure grifting. we know from experience this works. 3)get together as often as possible in an arena and waive flags. listen to liars up on stage go on and on about nothing, insulting anyone in disagreement with donald. get the crowd to cheer wildly, repeat chanting mantras, becoming one with the bullshit. sell maga themed merch. 4)keep doing steps 1-3 until Nov. 2023. this should secure at least 40% of the vote. the super important remaining % needed for the W will come down to the wire on election night. I of course don't want this to happen, but unfortunately can see it all playing out in some version like this. if the media would not give him any coverage - or at least put him on page 24 - then this is one way to stop his brand of insanity.
  7. indeed. calculated in a way that makes no sense to most of us observers at the moment. what he's doing to twitter right now is pretty far out of whack from what we would think of as normal behavior in this type of situation. one would think that he would decide to buy the company in order to somehow improve it, in order to grow and become (I guess) even more financially successful. at this time this appears to not be the case. so wtf is the real goal here? I had sorta joked a page or 2 back that perhaps he bought twitter to tank it on purpose. like buy the thing to take it straight to bankruptcy. but that also doesn't really add up because like it was pointed out here, he had to take a loan to buy it, and he used some of his personal $. does he like losing money? I dunno. most people don't. but he's a big fucking weirdo, so who tf knows...
  8. the silver lining for me here is that I thought that I worked at a company that is currently being completely mismanaged, but seeing all this twitter meltdown stuff makes me realize it could be much worse. this was from a twitter engineer a week ago - https://www.technologyreview.com/2022/11/08/1062886/heres-how-a-twitter-engineer-says-it-will-break-in-the-coming-weeks/
  9. since she's just throwing around non-correlating statistics with one another, she could also point out that an average of 4 million birds migrate from Canada to the US each year, so we should be EXTRA angry at the bloe Jiden corporation for allowing this travesty to happen!
  10. the trump 2024 flags were flying high out in my neck of the woods today. the insanity show continues... can't wait until the orange con man is back front and center on all our news outlets. every.fucking.day
  11. I read that too - https://www.npr.org/2022/11/15/1136768133/kyiv-ukraine-missiles-russia seems too early to tell what happened in Poland. logic dictates it would have been from a stray missile(s) fired by Russia, since they are launching them toward the western part of Ukraine. but until all the facts are in, best I don't speculate. all...so...pointless
  12. lol man...I was having a boomer rant moment. I seem to be unable to escape these rant urges as I get up in years 👴 what I was thinking about when I said that is the tendency for people to always post these happy pictures of themselves on their FB/gram. like that's the fake shit I was meaning. pictures that make it look like everything's fun, happy, life's a blast...its the same shit as all the advertising and marketing pictures out there. yeah I was having a fight club rant moment. like anything, social media has its pros and cons. another outlet for a person to express themselves, either good or bad, is of some value. if it helps someone out by saying stuff online, when that person may not be able to say that stuff IRL (and its genuine), then great! but the downside of course is that by sharing that shit online, like you said, it can make the person look like a fool, and possibly draw in negativity from the comment brigade... I'm also in the watmm only club. no one knows me here either.
  13. remember the days back when internet trolling was fairly harmless? when was that, like 2005/2006? before social media took off I know. the "hey let's make fake celeb accounts on here, then post a bunch of hilarious dumb shit from it." that was all in good fun, no harm done because it was obviously all fake. now - a fake, impersonated account costs a company actual $. what is the term for that? like when Idiocracy becomes reality? side rant: this social media, living your life online stuff is all making it harder and harder to connect with reality for a lot of people. virtual life we know is a version of the best side of the person, hides the ugly real stuff. I can see how this is very very attractive for a lot of people - sell this image of yourself as a happy person, when you're really not. IMO we all just need to get back to more of the things that remind us we're all human. then work on fixing ourselves. not more of these distractions that promote blowing smoke up everyone's ass for personal gratification. I could do without it, TBH. just keep watmm plugged in lol.
  14. always wondered about the "stable genius" thing... was this the moment the power of stable genius ability entered into him? or this one?
  15. which is all the more infuriating with this stuff. these youtube guys say whatever the hell they want, most of it just complete and total National Enquirer level garbage, which most level headed folks get is not worth the energy to bother responding to. but ignoring it doesn't seem to be working either. because there are tons of people now out there that actually believe all this crap, and then start blaming anyone else who disagrees with it! the psychology of the situation is really incredible. there is no fix to this...YT, FB, twitter, etc. step in and try and censor it. but that doesn't work. arguing against it doesn't work. ignoring it doesn't work. the BS is then on a path to become normalized, and you wind up with the big lie! time to go become a forest monk.
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