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  1. I watched the first one recently also, as I keep seeing ads for the 4th one. you're correct, it's fine for what it is. stylized action movie with a simple plot. I only made it maybe halfway through the 2nd one tho. was like do I really need to keep watching this? p sure I know what's gonna happen.
  2. a few weeks ago I was curious about getting a lawn treatment service, so I submitted a request for a quote on true green's website. I knew what I was doing would have repercussions...but holy hell I had no idea how bad it would be. right away I started getting the automated text blasts trying to get me to tell them a good time to call. I ignored these. there was no STOP option. then I learned through negative online reviews that there would be a 1yr contract involved, which is no go zone for me right there. so I am no longer interested... some pushy sales guy calls a few days later. I was polite and told him I wasn't interested due to the contract, he kept asking me dumb questions, I told him bye and hung up. then another guy calls me a few days later, essentially trying to sell me again the same service. I told him I already declined, and to please not call any more. now I get these random calls from a variety of area codes that I ignore, because I usually know who will be calling me (and um caller ID), and can only assume it is more of these lawn service sales people. just now another guy calls me, and I had to take a deep breath to not hit the fan when he said he's calling from true green. jfc I hate sales so much.
  3. Bannon: China is bad, very bad... but working with a Chinese con man to rip off whoever gets in the way, is very $$$ very good - https://www.npr.org/2023/03/15/1163676898/chinese-business-tycoon-guo-wengui-fraud-arrest
  4. zero


    sounds like you're mentally in a better space now than when you first posted this thread. glad to hear you've been able to detach from the previous version of your life with the ex. I know it's cliche AF, but moving on in a more positive headspace is the only way to play this freakin game called life. and yeah, using this board as an outlet for thoughts is one of the definite pro's on coming to an online community like watmm, where you know you share something in common with the other posters. we all had our brains re-wired at some point by the clanging wrench stuck in a washing machine noises the soothing genre known as IDM offers.
  5. ^ pretty startling to see those figures. over 5,000 people left/were laid off after he took over less then 6 months ago. that would be a death knell for just about any company, if you ask me. and it seems like he has no real roadmap forward for twitter, just hell bent on making the woke left "pay", or something like this. the investors must be thrilled they sunk a whole bunch of $ into a narcissistic egotistical man child. he's behaving sorta like you-know-who. which makes me think maybe there's some weird maga angle to all this, as in devalue twitter enough so don don can buy it, then he can get all his megaphone tweeting control back, and control everyone who uses it (aka the Putin plan). because we know that truth social piece of shit will never ascend the ranks to be on par with a FB/twitter type brand.
  6. zero


    all this he/she/they/them/me/you/us/them stuff isn't gonna matter in the future. if transhumanism is correct, then at some point, we will be identifying as human or non-human. like are you made from 100% semen and eggs, or from bits and pieces of robot / cyborg / AI / John Travolta in Battlefield earth regalia
  7. that's negative shit bro, and it's coming from your mind. if you think of others right off the bat in a negative light, then it's no wonder you feel they are looking at you in some sort of negative manner. just fuckin clear your mind of all thoughts in any situation you encounter negative emotions/thoughts, and try and keep it clear for as long as possible. by clear I mean don't think anything at all. when thoughts enter, then shut them down right away. thoughts aren't reality. stay above that shit man.
  8. probably so. when all the "best mp3 player of 20xx" lists are either 4 figure $ audiophile geared splurges or Chinese no names, then it appears mp3 players are not what your average music enthusiasts go for these days. guess I have to give in and use the phone...even tho that runs antithesis to my personal mantra of not wanting to be disturbed when I'm going full on mind numbing backyard lawn chair zen dad leave me the hell alone with nature & tunes mode. I know yours is digital, but man this makes me yearn for the simplicity of popping in a tape/CD, and not really fidgeting with ur device after that. just zone out to the music and not pull the damn thing outta your pocket after every track to do who knows what with. long time ago I had a discman + 2-3 CDs that religiously used to accompany me on many a subway/public transit ride/walk through the city.
  9. had an ipod classic back in like 2005, it crapped out at some point. had a cheap sansdisk player, that also crapped out sometime before 2013. been using an ipod touch 5th generation for the past 10 years or so, and it has held up remarkably well. dropped the fckin thing a few times, screens cracked to hell, but it still works. bought a new laptop recently, and wanted to use that as the excuse to finally get away from itunes. I've never liked itunes for most obvious reasons, but put up with it like so many people have to do. so decided to buy a non apple mp3 player, cheap $50 one off amazon. it sounded like shit, audio was awful, gave it to the kid. then I bought one of the pretty decently reviewed ones again off amazon - HiFi Walker H2. the audio quality is OK, it seems to suffer from quietness issues though. messed around with EQ settings and again it was OK, not great, and probably not as good sounding as the ipod. but whatever, no more itunes. now the fckin thing has stopped powering on after about a week of use. I don't know why I keep doing this. is it normal to still want an mp3 player? I dunno. I know the old smartphone thing is an option, but my old phones all had battery issues, which is why they got replaced. I really don't want to fork out for one of the expensive Astell & Kern's, or really spend too much at all on a new one, due to reasons mentioned above. it seems like any of the sub $300 mp3 players are all Chinese no name brands... sooo has anyone bought a decent mp3 player recently, that is (a) not apple (b) not super expensive (c) pretty good audio quality and (d) has bluetooth? or am I chasing a white whale.
  10. lmao. are there any non-pretentious wannabe commies out there? hahaha hey that should be your play somehow. use the magical power of Karl against him.
  11. which one? if you say the OG 1960's one, then you are wrong. very wrong
  12. mental deep diving to get to the root cause of it, is the only way you'll gain insight into whatever it is that is bothering you. and through insight is how you will solve the "problem." this is one of the benefits of having consciousness. humans have the ability to reverse engineer their emotions. avoiding facing it only drags out the unhappiness/negative state. and yeah, chances are your unhappiness is based on something that is out of your control any way....the fuckin key to life is happiness man. it's really that simple. exercise, eat right, meditate, avoid negative people. and listen to a shit load of music.
  13. zero


    they were all just bullshit terrestrial balloons...not the extraterrestrial crafts controlled by aliens we all hoped they would be.
  14. ^ this "washington establishment" she speaks of as "failing us" uhh didn't she like work for trump, therefore was a part of the establishment? pot, kettle...doesn't really matter any more... donnie v haley v desantis... should be some comedy gold memes coming to screens soon
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