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  1. here's the solution - wear a costume when you go out drinking. no one will know it's you, no socially awkward eye contact avoidance, not much talking required. just like this dude:
  2. ok thanks. yes, I did kinda just blurt a couple things out there without using the correct terminology. I admittingly am not up to par when it comes to this world, which I know a lot of you guys are. I do understand people look at blockchain tech as as an investment. I was merely rambling about other potential uses for it besides digital art.
  3. could the technology behind NFT's, or whatever it's called that identifies a digital artifact as the original, not serve some other purpose, like identifying a digital document as the original? like a digital contract or something? I had a discussion with someone recently about NFT's, and we both agreed the concept of paying thousands for some stupid jpeg is ridiculous. but it came up that this sort of technology could be implemented in other avenues. and apologies if this was already discussed in the past 12 pages...I saw this thread again and this came to mind.
  4. *sigh* it is looking more and more likely that every single album I've ever purchased throughout the course of my life will be re-released at some point, and I will hem and haw as to whether I should re-buy my entire collection or not. I think the powers that be must somehow know that all our old CD's from the '90s are either scratched to hell, or will possibly digitally disintegrate soon, thus a new opportunity for a sale exists. do I hold steadfast and revere the original? or appreciate the extra frequency tweaks and bonus accoutrements. *end sigh* alas, there is a 99.9% chance I will e
  5. were you hanging outside your window with your laptop again, or did you finally get a phone?
  6. probably so. but realistically the amount of time, money, and effort to do that for all meth heads would be massive. and even then, you'd get dudes relapsing, and therefore all that effort is totally negated. again, I do not have the answer as to how to solve this, but I'd imagine some sort of cheap, fast medicinal concoction that science can come up, which causes physical symptoms forcing people permanently off meth, is what should be explored.
  7. I have no clue. but if stuff from science fiction ever becomes reality, then I would go with some sort of counter drug that would almost instantly reduce dependence, and create some sort of permanent toxin in the person's body that would make them violently ill, possible death, if they ever touch the shit again. and give this counter drug to hospitals, paramedics, possibly even *yikes* police officers to administer to meth heads. this would get into all sorts of "let's not fuck with people's personal liberties" debate I'm sure, but if we are, you know, just shooting the shit here, then I'd say
  8. I tried to go on a bender this past weekend, and realized I can no longer drink the way I did at one point before. hung out with several old school friends, did the whole day drinking into night drinking thing. I just get really fucking tired now, and feel like what's the point of getting so hammered. I guess that's why they invented cocaine, to keep you going so you can drink more. but I worry now that my heart would explode or something after too much of that. although I did it about a year ago and it didn't explode, but coke hangovers are the absolute fucking worst.
  9. thanks brian... but it's only a matter of time before capitalism vs. communism rears its repulsive head. if you see that shit here, you must nuke the thread, then maybe the entire site. karl marx's ghost is having a good laugh at all of this, probably fapping furiously out there in the ether realm.
  10. totally agree that bots just wanna have fun. if only they could figure out what a bicycle looks like. or a streetlamp or a bridge, then they could be free like the rest of us.
  11. just one of those realizations that some stuff is best left to remain in kid memory territory forever. so much silly crap came out in the '80s, and I remember it all so fondly. trying to watch it now ruins my memory of it. for example, I used to love the G.I. Joe cartoon back then. I recently tried watching an old episode with my 7 year old, and lasted about 10 minutes before turning it off. even he was like "this makes no sense."
  12. next time, hover over your computer with one of these. let it know who's boss
  13. da, was sarcasm. everyone knows Vlad is a gazillionaire mafia kingpin, currently ruling over the bandit capitalist state called Russia. sure "whataboutism" is a silly word, but the behavior it describes is not far fetched. aversion to answering a question, diverting the discussion to something loosely related in order to lend support toward your argument...this is my understanding of it - and exactly what you were doing. the reference to Vlad was a slight jab at you, to show how you are following the playbook of a known capitalist. and one I might add that Vlad's notorious disciple, Dr. Dronal
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