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  1. before I read this, I was thinking who the mystery person could be on the other end of the earpiece...the article confirms who I assumed it would be:
  2. there really is no need for another one of these and IMO the media, tv networks, etc. need to band together and agree to not show or cover the next debate. donald is need of serious psychological help and needs to be placed in a psychiatric hold, not propped up in front of a camera. he acts essentially the same way as a mentally ill street person, except he wears a suit and has horrible hair.
  3. I don't much care for Biden and some of his stances on issues, but will be voting for him because he is not Trump. I am disappointed that there isn't a better dem candidate, and can't believe that after the 2016 disaster there wasn't some sort of "all hands on deck" movement within the party to find someone more appealing. or maybe there was and no one wanted to jump in, due to the toxicity donald has now brought to the job title of POTUS. as for the debates tonight - whenever I listen to trump it usually starts with laughing at him, before turning to anger/disgust, before turning it off.
  4. don jr's monthly cocaine bill must be astronomical. no wonder the trump foundation is bleeding cash.
  5. but he knows words, y'know lotsa other words...only the best words
  6. you gotta hand it to him, donald is the crown prince of american white collar crime... who else would ever dream up a long con scam to become president, so you can hand out government "deals" to those you owe money to, in order to wipe out your personal debt with them? AND you do it all out in the open, AND as @Squee kindly reminded us - will get away with it because you've created so much confusion due to non-stop bullshit coming out your mouth, no one knows what the fuck you are even doing any more? f'kin genius play, man.
  7. I would assume there is a Russian/middle east connection there. and if it's being reported on, then that must mean these loans are documented somewhere and not just IOU's and handshakes with Vlad and the gang. suppose that is part of the Deutsche bank mystery? I wonder how much he owes under the table to these and other groups.
  8. part of JR's plan to boomerfy the site for the 40+ crowd. make it more visually accessible for all our ageing eyeballs
  9. well sure, there's that angle. I suppose I was just naively thinking out loud why everything always has to be such a chest thumping contest with the R's. Donald picking this judge is first and foremost pure spectacle, what he lives for. piss off snowflakes & Dems, rile up the base. second on his mind is she'll be on his team, will do him a solid down the road when it's time to charge him with something. The senate R's must surely get this, but are so far mentally gone that Donald's logic passes muster with them. they are enabling a mentally unstable delusional person, instead of pausi
  10. this is just further proof that the part of the brain in which all rational thinking occurs is completely turned off in all R senators...it is purely animalistic shirts vs. skins, us vs. them, with no one stopping to ask why...like a bunch of dogs whipped up into a frenzy, coke heads being taunted with an eightball, none of them are thinking rationally...they are only interested in what stupid fucking nonsensical task their shit for brains owner has dropped in front of them... I hate always siding with the Dems, because I try and remain as impartial as possible when it comes to politics,
  11. and here I was hoping he would go with a wild card pick and nominate Judge Judy for the seat
  12. please tell me you just did something to remove it and I'm not imagining it was just recently there...
  13. just wanted to let you know that I'm in the "don't like it" camp. I feel it breaks up the flow of the posts with info I'm not interested in knowing about. also is the "who read this topic" blue link new? maybe I missed this being discussed earlier.
  14. I've never listened to his music before, definitely not what I was expecting when I saw his name here... but hey, I like a lot of '70s americana/folk albums, and this sounds like it could've come from that era.
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