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  1. I agree with @markedone about the sound pallette being similar to the last album, but for me that's not a deal breaker. I also agree with others saying this is the best thing he's done in 10 years - since There is Love. I still think Pause is my favorite. Lot of nostalgia with that one. I lost interest after, then came back around with There is Love. The stuff he's released after that has been decent, but I rarely came back to it. This new one has been getting a lot of plays recently, hopefully it holds up over time.
  2. I think you meant dingo. this is a dingo
  3. I'm going to pencil in my vote for Joe Buden
  4. yeah no joke. wildfires, kobe died, corona, AND fucking trump gets re-elected
  5. still boggles my mind that in the past 4 years the dems couldn't come up with anyone halfway decent to run against the most incompetent president in modern American history. IMO every one of the 2020 candidates were flawed in major ways that left their odds at more or less 50/50 vs. trump. really sucks because I don't like Biden either.. but what choice do I have?
  6. ^ yeah that article is nothing new really. pretty well known fact that smoking anything is going to have the potential to cause lung problems. and covid is gonna be harder to fight off of course if you already have a pre-existing condition, like respiratory issues from smoking. I'm fine with edibles tbh. they took a little getting used to, since it's not an immediate high like smoking and there are more factors that can have an effect on the outcome. but I found a doseage that works and don't really feel a need to return to smoking it. edit: @Rubin Farr
  7. donnie quietly slipped in an executive order today that essentially gives the US the green light to start digging up the moon, or doing whatever else they want that will probably result in its eventual destruction. is there anything he does that isn't on super-villain level? https://www.space.com/trump-moon-mining-space-resources-executive-order.html lol at "commercial development" of space. I'm envisioning trump branded moon rocks, tacky moon casinos, and of course - mickey d's big macs on the moon.
  8. I found a dead raven in my yard the other day. naturally, I interpreted it as a sign that we're all gonna die.
  9. unfortunately, it seems that was a joke: https://www.dailydot.com/debug/stephen-miller-coronavirus-hoax-tweet/
  10. not surprising...our toddler president doesn't want to share his toys with others. the idiot apparently told 3M to stop sending medical supplies to Canada so we can keep them all in the US. I get that toddlers aren't mentally able to understand possible consequences of their actions, but is there no one around to dumb it down for him? that the stupid tweets he fires off impulsively will come back around to make things worse for him? he really is the worst. threatening a company for sending much needed supplies at a time like this is incomprehensible. I don't know if I can take 4 more years of this jackass. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/04/03/3m-warns-of-white-house-order-to-stop-exporting-masks-to-canada-163060
  11. out today after 1st listen, my opinion is that this is really really really really good.
  12. donnie's stupid hotels & casinos aren't making any money right now, so guess what's next - government bailout! https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/02/business/economy/coronavirus-trump-company-finances.html?action=click&module=Spotlight&pgtype=Homepage oh wait...donnie forgot to read the part where he can't get any of that free $ though:
  13. that's fake news, unless it is confirmed by the world's leading virologist - Dr. Trump.
  14. every once in awhile I get a flash of guilt that I'm not doing more to help here. all these healthcare professionals busting their asses, putting themselves in harm's way while I sit in the comfort of my own home. my work has basically slowed to a crawl, so this is starting to feel a whole lot like an extended stay-cation. if only there was some way to mobilize a lot of us to help out virtually somehow, and I don't mean just donating money. but I get that this would require someone to think of, organize, and manage some sort of mass administrative online endeavor.
  15. I say cancel the 2020 election and let's just roll without a president for awhile.
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