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  1. I think this bored Bernie thing is now getting to be stupid. Please, no more
  2. it's been a long time since I was in grad school, so I'm not sure on all the do's and don'ts in today's world... are you hoping to publish your thesis in a journal? I get an acknowledgment is different than a reference. but are you able to legitimately use an internet forum with mostly anonymous members like watmm cited as one of your references?
  3. oh yeah, I kinda forget sometimes about all the lyrics in his songs. if you're not singing along when "oh get me another tie, get me another shirt..." comes on, then something is seriously wrong with you 😀 re: the drugs comment. maybe I was projecting too much of myself into that one, as that's how it all started for me at least back in the late '90s. most of the friends I had at the time that were all into electronic music were the same way. classical music I suppose would be a good example of instrumental music that doesn't attract the drug crowd.
  4. IDM will never be popular in the mainstream because there are no words to sing along to. music needs lyrics to resonate with most people. I honestly think drugs have a lot to do with why people are attracted to music without lyrics. especially if you fall more on the loner side of the spectrum. no one wants to get high and listen to someone else's voice, you're trying to escape from other people and want to listen to something that doesn't remind you of humanity.
  5. gotta admit, I am a little sad to see the trump thread go. that thing was a roller coaster ride of emotions for the past 5 years. there is probably a screenplay waiting to be written from all the commentary that went on in there. I mostly posted wisecracks and news article links on all the stupid stuff that was reported daily about him. it was somewhat of an outlet to deal with the absurdity of the whole situation.
  6. no, mostly white males ranging in age from 20 - 50 who overwhelmingly adhere to liberal/left-wing ideologies. some of us are even so far past the left and now subscribe to fantastical belief systems not rooted in reality. it would be great if more women or other people from different cultures joined and I really have no idea why they haven't, as people here wouldn't mind at all. cohesive in the sense that we were all at one point drawn to the music that watmm in particular is dedicated to. fragmented when you get into the personal beliefs and attitudes of said people. some of th
  7. if I were 5 years old, I would think that is the coolest thing in the world. imagine showing all your kindergartner friends that... makes me wonder if him and Melanya sleep in bunk beds.
  8. the kool aid seems to be draining out of the MAGA clan slowly now that the spigot (aka donnies twitter feed) has been turned off. twitter should have done this a long, long time ago IMO. he violated their platform rules hundreds of times, and they looked the other way. the media covering his tweets non-stop are to blame as well. but hey, that got them clicks or something, so we had to keep hearing about every stupid little thing he tweeted for 5 years... I am just so glad his twitter days are over, well at least for now. it has been so nice the past few weeks not having to have endless co
  9. dual citizen thanks to a canuck parent. did the reverse brain drain and lived there for 10+ years. keep an account active up there so I can do all sorts of dodgy tax stuff.
  10. Ha, well I can make it even easier for you. I have a SIN, TD account, and CDN passport, so we can keep it all in-house, no middle man required! Just don't tell the CRA...
  11. ok, so why is it being promoted as something to invest in then, akin to a stock investment? that is largely the way a lot of people view it. wait, so it sounds very similar like a stock investment then? this is why it is so confusing to me. if I can make money from it by buying low and sitting on it until it gets inflated by whatever forces, then it's an investment strategy, no? sounds like a snake oil pitch, hence the ponzi/pyramid scheme comparisons...
  12. smart move to walk away while ahead. what did you do with all that money? did you spend it on useless crap? or put it to good use, like saving all the animals in Africa, like any good anti-capitalistic watmmer would do...
  13. @Cryptowen sorry man, I was knocking the phrase "crypto" earlier as being something negative and associating negative imagery with it, and didn't even think about your username here. no offense intended.
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