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  1. ^ Infrastructure? Sheeeeeet....that's way down on his list of priorities right now. He's got a war to fight against the dems, CNN, and the other half of Americans who didn't vote for him.
  2. And I bet none of those red hat wearing mofos have any clue either. They just laugh on cue when the strange city slicker makes dumb jokes and cheer when he starts hurling insults and raises his voice.
  3. Me too, although I didn't come around to Past is Prologue until after I heard Dive. I couldn't get past him so obviously ripping off BoC when he first came on the scene and never gave Sunrise Projector much of a fair shot at the time. I'm not sure if you were on WATMM back then, but there was some major Tycho bashing here when that came out. I think he even posted somewhere that he hadn't even heard much BoC before he started making music to try and distance himself from the BoC clone label that was dumped on him. For me it's Dive > Past is Prologue > Awake > Epoch. In fact I don't think I've listened to Epoch all the way through more than once because I found it so unremarkable.
  4. yikes...that track sounds like something off of those late 90s/early 00s chill out albums.
  5. ^ what he meant is thank you professor newton for not really answering the question and providing a perfect example of the doctrine of whataboutism for my MAGA army to follow.
  6. ^ interesting side note in that article about Trump refusing to leave the white house if he loses in 2020. I'm sure he won't believe the election results if he loses, but makes me wonder what if he tries to turn it into a bizarro Venezuela situation? I could see him asking for Russian military support to help keep him in power.
  7. looks like the joined date under our signatures got removed?
  8. John Goodman definitely needs to play Barr when the movie about all of this comes out.
  9. 100%. Arnie would win in a landslide. Mericans would be heading to the polls in record numbers to vote in their favorite action hero. Plus he has that whole governator thing as experience. I would love to see him and Donnie go head to head in a debate. Would be a comedy gold mine.
  10. The Great American Villain has once again gotten away with it all. Mueller's investigation failed to stop him. Dems are gonna fumble their way through the impeachment discussion and probably botch the election campaign, leaving lowest common denominator Donnie and his clan of racist barroom drunks to stumble across the 2020 finish line. That orange shit eating grin will be on display across all our screens for many more years to come.
  11. Dude you may not know, but her real name is P O C A H O N T A S. And I heard she lives in a wigwam, has a pet buffalo, and eats peyote for dinner.
  12. NuMetal WATMM? Are we switching to a Korn/Limp Bizkit site?
  13. Agree about the riffs/melodies lacking on the last 2 albums. I liked both UTQC and You're dead when they were released, yet I've hardly listened to them since then. The one album of his I come back to the most is Los Angeles, which is weird because I thought it was kind of boring when I first heard it.
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