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  1. this is good! definitely sounds like Clams, but isn't a direct copy of the style he's so well known for. drags a little toward the end - the beatless tracks are a little boring - but it's only a 30 min album so no big deal. and IMO, cover art isn't this dude's strong suit...
  2. I'm not familiar with him, but looks like the dems have another latecomer joining the race today - former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick: https://time.com/5728099/deval-patrick-2020-obama/ I'd wager that the right-wing attack dogs pounce on the lowest hanging fruit, and will soon be shouting that he's Obama's surrogate...
  3. I don't think they ever will...they stay hitched to king donald and keep backing his delusions of witch hunt, fake news, etc. until he's dead. that's part of what is so maddening about donnie's sinking ship reality tv shit show...that no matter what happens to him, he's still going to maintain support from MAGA/fox news for years to come. history will look back at this period in time as the point when common sense disappeared from among roughly half of the american voting public...
  4. “I don’t know how you can impeach someone who’s done a great job" - Trump, Aug. 2018
  5. ^lol...so weird seeing that...I knew Theo back in college. had no idea he was a semi-famous stand up now. last I heard of him was back when he was doing the road rules mtv stuff...and pretty sure dude didn't grow up in a poor black area either. he's from Covington/Mandeville area, which is across the lake from New Orleans, where all the white families moved back in the day when New Orleans got too poor & dangerous. but anyway, comedians have complete artistic license to make up any bullshit they want in order to get a laugh...
  6. just look at that mullet... sorta like hay colored tentacles clawing at his collar. still sometimes hard to believe that this fucking guy became president
  7. from the Simpsons episode where homer becomes garbage commissioner and screws everything up, and the more experienced former commissioner says: You know I'm not much on speeches, but it's so gratifying to leave you wallowing in the mess you've made. You're screwed. Thank you. Bye.
  8. yeah, not super excited at this. I don't see him as having a better chance than any of the others candidates at beating donnie. I'm sure the dems were secretly hoping there'd be someone else jumping in last minute as their wild card, although I have no clue who that'd be at this point. "Look! Who's that masked white knight galloping in to defeat the orange villain and save the day? It's......Michael Bloomberg"
  9. lol, went back pretty far there...those god damned philosophers...this is all their fault! introduced those ideas about individualism, civil society, capitalism...screwed us all.
  10. Well since you're more or less attacking anyone who has posted in this thread, did you consider that responding to stories about what he's done and posting about it is an outlet for those who don't want to talk about trump IRL? I certainly avoid bringing him up or discussing anything political when I'm around friends/family. Kudos to you if you can sit back and not let this shit show affect you in some way and don't feel the need to joke or comment on it. I'd assume most people posting here are aware we're caught in a pavlovian cycle of trump news story---post comment---repeat. But I find when I'm presented with non-stop inane news stories about him, that I have to react some way. I do wish sometimes I could just ignore it though because as you implied, it is so self-defeating. As far as being uninteresting - I don't see how you can't find having an openly corrupt, washed up reality show billionaire, saying & doing some of the stupidest things any elected world leader in modern history has ever said or done, not be funny/entertaining/interesting? I find a lot of it pretty funny.
  11. might as well interview a mentally deranged cokehead for similar insight.
  12. seems like he's heading in a more chillwave / toro y moi direction. I like a lot of that, but I'd prefer he return to the psychedelic 1970's sounds he started out with. but whatever, it's his band so he can do what he wants.
  13. well, y'know, you non-americans weren't really kicking in your fair share, so us americans had to do all the work. 😀 I mean why are there only some countries meeting their commitment? we're doing the work and losing billions in trade! we're spending too much and you're sending all your pipeline dollars to Russia! but when you look at it - you look at both sides. I think there's blame on both sides.
  14. https://www.politico.com/news/2019/11/02/trump-smugglers-sawing-border-wall-064446
  15. ^well he also predicted it would be Harris with VP Beto running against donald, so pretty sure he's talking out his ass as usual...
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