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  1. damn, shoplifting is quite easy these days. back when I was like 19, I worked at a big department store in the mall, in the men's sportswear section to be exact. I still remember a coordinated effort by a bunch of shoplifting pros, who all sprung into action at once, and dragged a whole rack of clothes out the door. the store had loss prevention undercover dudes, who's job it was was to act like they were shopping, when they were really trying to bust shoplifters. anyway, when the rack went out the door, those undercover dudes all started running through the store full speed to get them. not fast enough though. they made off with a rack of men's jackets, or maybe it was polo shirts, can't remember now.
  2. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/dubai-uae-government-creating-rain-drones-cloud-seeding/ what could possibly go wrong here? shooting electricity at clouds to make it rain seems like a, um, great idea. I'm sure those UAE scientists have thought this all through and have the planet's best interests in mind, instead of the gazillionaire oil sheiks. I wonder what counter-effect this is going to have in some other corner of the planet. like they shoot electricity at clouds in Dubai, and all the birds start devouring people in Madagascar. well actually, that would be a win for nature. so yeah, blast away duders! and this totally gave me Animatrix vibes...the segments when mankind takes drastic measures to block out the sun in order to prevent all the killer AI robots from getting their solar power. this is probably how it all starts. shooting clouds to make it rain. then they come up with a way to make clouds darker in order to block the sun in to reduce those scorching desert temps. then comes robots sticking us in ooze filled tubes, and we have to rely on fucking Keanu to save us.
  3. I'm a few episodes into this now. one of those shows that makes you mad while watching. truly disturbing this surgeon was able to get away with this as long as he did. Baldwin's performance so far has been remarkably restrained, while Christian Slater is overacting the hell out of it.
  4. saw this mentioned recently in the US political trumpultery thread and decided to give this a go. pretty good I thought. didn't expect to see a fully nude Annette Benning...wow she was quite fit back then. not sure how I feel about the ending, but overall excellent acting.
  5. weird story. hadn't heard his name in years. I remember discovering him in the napster days, back when I was downloading everything DJ Shadow/Unkle related I could find.
  6. zero


    would be cool if the old classic saucers are still floating about. they have a certain art deco-ness to them that I dig. maybe the aliens have a sense of style when it comes to their crafts, like we do with our classic cars and vintage aircraft. they pull out the saucers and fly them every so often like we do the blue angels at air show demonstrations.
  7. zero


    also so weird that UFO technology has largely mimicked our own. back in the '40s UFO's had the classic grey, metallic flying saucer look. now they look and behave more like stealth aircraft. coincidence? or maybe their Moore's law is the same as ours...
  8. I recently watched Badlands for the first time, and was disappointed to realize the iconic Marimba theme that I always thought was unique to True Romance actually came from Badlands. and then I realized that True Romance is essentially a rip off of Badlands, or as QT likes to call it - an "homage."
  9. zero


    when are they gonna launch their attack? that's what we need to see. no more of these BS hovering videos. blow some shit up!
  10. The Shooting (1966) - one of Jack Nicholson's early films. I wanted to like it more, but the sound quality is so poor, I had to crank it way up to hear the dialogue. and the dialogue itself is not linear at all. it is supposed to be one of those existential westerns, or an acid western as they are also referred to.
  11. "I need you to spank me, daddy" -some pron actress
  12. I wasn't immediately hooked either. it was Galaxy Garden that finally made the light bulb go off for me. that IMO is his best. and I remember whenever Lemurian came out in 2008, it was met with rather lukewarm reception on here. the 2 main complaints were the awful album art, which resembled something like one of those year 2000 ibiza DJ comps. and that it fell into the "sounds like a BoC ripoff" camp, a la Tycho. thankfully Lemurian was re-released a few years back with new album art, which fit the summery, laid back, blazed out, instrumental hip-hop vibe that album is known for.
  13. interesting. a track with a female vocalist, and a 6min ambient, beat-less track as previews. definitely intrigued to hear the rest.
  14. based on your temperament and interactions on here, I would say you probably don't come off as an awkward creepy person IRL. at least that's my take. I would also take a guess that the nurse doesn't necessarily view y'alls interactions as flirting, since if she's the least bit attractive, then other single dudes are probably doing & thinking the same as you. it would be in fact super awkward if you did try and make some sort of advance that she politely declines because she's actually married or something, and you still have to go there for several more appointments. so yeah, wait until the last one before dropping to your knees and asking her to bang you. but tf do I know...I've been married 10+ years and have lost any such "game" I once had. I've also lost the ability to act normal in social settings, since I have a wife I can hide behind. I can sit there, not talk, drink beer, and stare into space while she gabs on with others. the pinnacle of human achievement right there, I suppose.
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