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  1. looks like donnie's girlfriend is moving back in: https://www.politico.com/news/2020/02/13/hope-hicks-returns-to-white-house-114826 but sounds like she's going to be Kushner's assistant... lol doing what, helping him come up with new ideas for world peace? I mean seriously, WTF does that guy do all day.
  2. it's still crazy to think that after 4 years of essentially the worst president in modern American history, the dems still didn't figure this out. my thought is that there are a lot of voters that would like to go back to having a "normal" president after the extremities of trump - normal being a well spoken, white, middle aged guy. not creepy uncle joe, not super old "socialist" bernie, not gay mayor pete, and not female warren. was there not a Kennedy they could have dragged out of political obscurity to prop up as a candidate? or maybe I'm wrong, maybe they should've gone in the other direction and tried to find someone crazier and even more of a showman than trump...like an ex-wrestler. turn the election into a full blown WWE event.
  3. I think the best shot at getting any remaining swing voters to vote dem is to have a candidate who's a white, middle aged male with an honorable military background. There's of course a ton of military support in trump country, and having an ex-marine go toe-to-toe with bonespurs donnie and out "man" the great orange deceiver, I think would make some in the maga base think twice. I guess Mayor Pete would be the closest fit for this, but unfortunately there's too many folks out there that also can't get past the fact that he's gay...
  4. Since I wasn't able to make it through all 80 minutes, missed this state of the union nugget that we're gonna bring the MAGA lovin shit show to Mars...wouldn't surprise me if the Mars flag has donnie's signature scribbled all over it, or maybe a MAGA pin or Trump International logo tacked on.
  5. I also wonder what the dems are going to do when donnie wins 2020. losing against the most incompetent person in the world twice has got to cause some sort of party collapse. maybe that's what is needed though to put an end to the 2 party system.
  6. gotta give credit where credit's due - donnie has succeeded in doing what he said he would do back in 2016. he's turned the US political system upside down and into the embarrassing state it currently is in. it's really the only thing he's good at, and what he does to everything he gets involved in - barges in, yells a lot, and exits with the place in shambles...this period in US history should be remembered by one giant facepalm emoji, or possibly as the first time a country turned into bizarro world. bizarro world A world where everything is the exact opposite. Up is down, first is last, good is bad, wrong is right, white is black, logical is illogical, giving is taking, insanity is sane, liberty is tyranny, and vice versa. It's a place where literally, the sky is forest green and the trees are sky blue. Here at bizarro world, when greeting others we say "goodbye", and when leaving we say "hello".
  7. Surprised Donnie hasn't tried to travel ban China yet maybe an outbreak at mar-a-lago would change that unless more Chinese deals are to be made Then we're all expendable
  8. well, they can always just go under donnie's stupid wall anyway... https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/longest-ever-smuggling-tunnel-found-southwest-border-n1126571
  9. hahaha...dude looks totally ridiculous...wonder if that teller was able to keep a straight face when he walked up there.
  10. lol coronavirus was probably created by a mask company. "well dudes, mask sales last quarter were pretty low. I know! we'll cook up a super virus to get people wearing 10 at a time! masks will sell like crazy!!!"
  11. dos equis amber or modelo especial are probably my favorites. I really don't like corona. other Mexican standards already mentioned like sol, tecate, etc. are ok, but given a choice I'd go with something else.
  12. ^ Ha! I actually watched that Hannity clip and knew I'd seen the phrase "Thought Crimes" mentioned somewhere before...it was an HBO doc about the psycho NYC cop who threatened online to kill and eat people, but didn't really do it so his conviction eventually was overturned.
  13. Read that there are 2 confirmed cases in Toronto, now those anti viral surgical masks are a hot item. They've apparently completely sold out across the city, and are being re-sold online for around $100/mask. I can get a 10 pack at my local target for $5.99. Any Canadian watmmers wanna make some money?
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