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  1. I read an interview with DJ Shadow some years ago where he talked about how he can no longer get away with the level of sampling he once did after he got famous. when he did try and reach out to the unknown artists from the '70s he was going to sample for a new track, they either refused, or tried to get him to pay them way too much $$$. it really clicked for me when I read that as to why he went so downhill after Private Press. he started trying to come up with his own stuff instead of sampling, and that's not his forte.
  2. it's so fucking depressing when you catch up with an old friend you haven't talked to in ages, and during the course of conversation find out they've fallen down the anti-vax nonsensical right wing rabbit hole. it's like you thought you knew this person. like we used to hang out all the time, shooting the shit, drinking beer, what not. they seemed to share common values with you and had many an intelligent conversation with. how are you not able to see all that crap is a bunch of bullshit you now believe in? FFS. all this divisiveness that really reared its ugly head since oh about 2015 when orange shithead came onto the political scene is just so fucking frustrating. like I really thought things were going in the right direction in regards to society having more accepting attitudes toward multiculturalism, getting along, following common sense principles, etc. then all this other crap comes along and now we're trending back to the racist, backward ass closed-mindedness of like 100 years ago. fuck it. bring on the AI overlords. some humans need serious brain re-programming, can't deal with all this technology. some of them need a lot of help trying to navigate this brave new world. idk what to do anymore. just manage my own bubble I guess.
  3. what are they all going to do tomorrow in Ottawa...fly flags and storm an empty parliament building? can't recall hearing about much rioting in that town.
  4. ^ I'll let him reply, but I read that sentence and interpreted it as meaning that the landscapers planted it and then mulched around the base before he could add compost into the hole. would think it's p obvious that mulch goes on top, and not below.
  5. good to know. yeah probably me being a little paranoid thinking that trimming a young plant/tree will do something bad to it. I also second the advice about adding compost into the hole and mixing that in with the native soil when planting something new. also some general planting advice is to make sure the spot where you're planting is not in too much of a water ponding area. I had a shrub go through crazy transplant shock as the spot was too wet when & where I planted. I was dumb and thought that hey extra water = good, since it gets crazy hot here and didn't want to lose it due to drought. but nope, that spot stayed wet for far too long, and the shrub of course acted accordingly and dropped all it's leaves, then eventually branches died. I left it alone and after about a year new shoots started growing from the base, as the roots had adapted by that point to the terrain and soldiered through.
  6. I normally try and avoid trimming anything that hasn't grown a lot or matured yet. I had a similar thing with low branches on a persimmon tree I planted a few years back. I left it alone after planting, as I'm worried chopping stuff off of it after recently planting will cause it more stress/shock. 2 years later it was much bigger, and then I pruned the lower branches off it.
  7. IMO sampling too many lines of TV/movie dialogue in a track is annoying and distracting. I want to hear the music, and not some random conversation from a movie. sampling a few words to include in a track here or there is ok, if they can be blended in and manipulated creatively so they match the vibe of the music. an example of this bad movie dialogue sampling that I can think of off the top of my head would be DJ Shadow cops and robbers mix of Stem, where he added a whole bunch of dialogue from the movie Heat. totally unnecessary. vaporwave has been criticized as a genre of lazy sampling. find a random chill out CD with unknown artists from 2015, take a track from it, pitch it down, maybe loop a few bars, add some effects, and rename it as your own. IMO they should be crediting the original artist and calling their track a remix, but it doesn't seem to work like that. I like the end result of what they've done, but if I was the original artist, yeah, I'd probably be slightly pissed. haircuts for men definitely broke the sampling rule when he pitched down IZ-US and called it his own.
  8. yeah I wouldn't think it would make it up there. I'm sure there are some cold hardy varieties of fig that could take super low temps from time to time, but not the consistent low temps that happen roughly Nov - Mar where you are. I mentioned above about one of our neighbors figs getting wrecked last year when it got briefly as low as 0f / -17c here. it was already fairly mature, meaning root system was hardened, and those temps killed all its branches.
  9. brian start a youtube channel man. you can then teach everyone everything you know about music, and potentially get paid for it! you're wasting your efforts here attempting to discuss harmony with watmmers who apparently aren't interested in it.
  10. good idea, except when they get too big and become a major PITA to lug around. I've just been through that recently and am tired of moving stuff in and out due to our just barely freezing winters we get here. it'll be in the high 60's one day, then down to the upper 20s at night the next, which is usually enough to kill potted stuff. I dragged a bunch of large potted plants into our kitchen, then got yelled at by the wife for the bugs starting to crawl out of the dirt. yeah I could keep them in the garage, but that's a lot more work and it'll usually only be a few days when I have to bring them in. oh the trials and tribulations of gardening...
  11. our neighbor has a fig tree planted along their back fence line in a pretty shady spot and it does fine. well, did fine, until that crazy freeze hit Texas/the south last year, and totally nuked a bunch of the landscaping. that fig got toasted. but they left it alone, and I saw it started to grow some new branches by end of last summer. not sure how much that helps, but if you live in a hot place, then shade for some of the plants/trees is a good thing when its like 100 outside.
  12. like what if they start believing only a lobotomy will save them from the evil dem pedophile George Soros Bill Gates blah blah blah misinformation juggernauts, and they start performing the shit on themselves? sounds insane, but so is just about other piece of garbage that gets trotted out from this "cult." and I have a hard time rationalizing this is in fact a cult. it's more an offshoot of the MAGA political pushback scene than a more laser focused agenda-minded cult, like B Davidians, Heaven's gate, Manson, etc.
  13. @brian trageskin serious question - do you post any of your music online? I'd be interested to check some of it out if so. asking this here instead of PMing you in case others were curious as well. I see you posted some Squarepusher chords you did in YLC. this forum kinda sucks for searching for stuff, so maybe there's already a thread of yours you could direct me to?
  14. haha, yeah there's a few in my neighborhood with them still up. even one with a life sized creepy Santa standing by the front door, with some weird Jesus in a manger scene happening out in the front yard. after 40+ years on this planet, I still don't get people, man...
  15. the crap they're coming up these days is sooo amateur hour. bottom of the barrel boomer BS totally lacking in creativity. Elvis? really? like that hasn't already been done to death. c'mon Q guys, at least give us a new one about aliens. aliens are cool. I like them.
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