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  1. speaking of armageddon - shouldn't there have been an ancient text somewhere that predicted all this? y'know, like a cave painting somewhere in utah showing a big, dumb orange man wearing a red hat and khakis, sitting on a golf course grinning while the world around him is on fire?
  2. we're currently living in the dumpster fire age of politics, but yet it's the golden age of TV. go figure.
  3. probably best to stop there. anything he's done after 2004 or so (except live shows) has been pretty bad.
  4. a video could be released of donnie wearing blackface, screaming the N word, whacking off to pics of Ivanka whilst being pissed on by strippers, and it still wouldn't matter...he's guaranteed to get 40% of the vote no matter what.
  5. lol I'm sure that'll stop all the backwoods floridian cretans from their incestuous thoughts. "well, I was about to go home, get drunk, and bang my daughter, but I saw this billboard, so I decided that'd be a bad idea."
  6. Or it could be the master of puppets, Vlad himself, instructing his minions to slyly drop a little hint to donnie boy to quit fucking around and stop it with these Iranian threats...
  7. yep, pure tribalism without any thought toward the greater good of the country. it doesn't matter if "they" are right or wrong, only matters that you're with "them" and against "us." and remember, americans fell for the greatest con man act in modern history. donnie convinced millions of people he knows how to be a great leader and run a country. he of course has no clue how to be president, but he knows how to do what he's always done - convince gullible people he's right and everyone else is wrong. doesn't matter what it is - you either choose what he's selling you or you're screwed, similar to high pressure sales tactics used by a door-to-door salesman.
  8. ^ article is a good recap of everything we already know. I agree that impeachment is a waste of time. The only way is to vote him out in 2020. Sadly, I can envision a scenario that this doesn't happen...
  9. He should have just said "hey super rich Saudi Arabian dudes! I really have no clue what I'm supposed to do in this situation, so whatever you need me to do just tell me, ok? unless of course Vlad tells me not to, in which case I'll just tweet out a confusing, contradictory statement blaming the dems and/or Obama for everything. MAGA!" And you know there's a misguided, psychotic orange voice in his head going "c'mon donald, do it - use the nukes"
  10. Any CBD brands you'd recommend? I've actually never taken CBD, but have started looking into it since its everywhere now. Also, is an accurate way to describe what you feel like after taking CBD that you can tell you've been affected by something but you're not impaired? I guess I could just try it and find out.
  11. I'm no expert here, but wouldn't increasing taxes on corporations just mean they will turn around and pass that increase down to the consumer, therefore we would end up paying for it in the long run? I think the easiest solution is to raise taxes across the board - to corporations and individuals. This is IMO why we are in such a quagmire, because nobody wants to pay more in taxes. Everyone would rather have someone else pay for it! State level sales tax increases, increased federal withholdings from your paycheck, and a higher corporate tax rates are what are going to be needed to get this thing rolling. Then once that is done can the pressure be put on the bloated pharma-bro companies to change their business model, and eventually phase out the ridiculously high premiums we all pay in the country for healthcare (my premium just got raised again recently, so now I pay around $600/month for a family plan). But hey, I know this is a very simple way to view it and there's a lot more pieces to move around than just this, but IMO this is the biggest elephant in the room. Americans will have to be sold on paying more in taxes now with the guarantee that eventually it will work out to be lower than what they pay per month for health coverage AND will result in better care AND the chances of this not getting completely fucked up by power hungry CEO's/politicians are 0%.
  12. US politics are the greatest! We have the best government in the world! Everything here works so well, we really have nothing to worry about! We have an amazing president that truly cares about all Americans. Signed, Jimmy, 3rd grade, 1956
  13. if the media didn't report on everything little thing he does, then this thread would probably be still at page 300 instead of the nearly 700 page behemoth it has become. I agree us reacting to all the crazy donnie nonsense is part of the problem, but when you go to any news site and the #1 story 99% of the time is trump saying or doing something beyond stupid, I don't know what else anyone expects? commenting on disaster after disaster just seems unavoidable. I know everyone should be past it by this point - he's never going to behave like an adult or an actual leader - but nonstop coverage of every fucking tweet is the media's fault. I get that everything from the shit show needs to be recorded/documented so he doesn't get away with "it", but maybe could they stop the 50 daily stories about him and just give us the recap when this is all over and done with?
  14. one can only imagine what kind of "deals" donnie would have negotiated with the taliban, had they been allowed to come hang with him at camp david... I'm guessing free maga hats, trump branded schwag, and coupons for a free night's stay at mar-a-lago would have been part of the plan.
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