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  1. hi there 🙂 I've just released my first album under the Showerhead alias, it's called 'Travelogue'. If you like Velum Break or Karen Gwyer it might be your kind of thing. Nostalgic and uplifting but also a bit manic and wild. It's on Bandcamp as well as streaming platforms. Hope you enjoy 🙂
  2. Tourist Kid - Crude Tracer https://melodyastruth.bandcamp.com/album/crude-tracer Wild and interesting ambient/something-else music OBA - Hometime Seriously stunning ambient/hiphop/downtempo mixtape that totally went under the radar... Skee Mask - Compro https://iliantape.bandcamp.com/album/itlp04-skee-mask-compro Great varied album, lots of fun Uon - Ouest098 https://westmineral.bandcamp.com/album/uon-ouest098 Something from Heurco S's new imprint, very warm and lush dub ambiance Also hi everyone this is my first post! listening to everyone else's favourites now...
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