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  1. I'm always put off by TJ's macho posturing stage presence to the extent that it stops me from enjoying the set and makes me not want to listen to his music for quite a while.
  2. Saw them at Dekmantel this weekend. Seemed like there were some fuckups or technical issues and they ended the set rather abruptly.
  3. Cheers! What's wrong with tomorrow is my favourite, but they're all great tracks and still keep revealing new nuances. Also loving the first track of the new EP!
  4. Really loved Ecstatic Computation upon first hearing it, then saw her live twice and was so underwhelmed that? I haven't listened to her music since
  5. Yeah, 044 (Hilf Dir Selbst!) Is a masterpiecd, best release of 2021 for me
  6. eye

    elseq 1-5

  7. The first performance will be at Primavera in about a month. I hope I can stop myself from listening to the bootlegs before I get to hear it live myself. You can definitely hear the onesix set consists of multiple tracks, just not as eclectic as AE_LIVE 14/15. Still hoping they'll announce new dates for twentytwentytwo...
  8. What is there to see? Can't even see a preview without an insta account
  9. Yeah I was planning to buy them seperately, but that would've cost about 4 times as much. Also a bit strange that Sessions II includes all of Sessions I.
  10. Yeah, They Can't Be Saved didn't really work for me either. Light Box is a classic
  11. A bit of a letdown for me
  12. The 2020 Brussels gig is coming up this saturday, can't wait!
  13. Hockeysmith, that was it! Hope at least that mix materialises soon.
  14. How about some music. Did that new afx track (in a mix by another Cornwall producer) ever materialise?
  15. I'm not too sure Putin has gone off the deep end. But it is indeed sickening to see how deeply cynical the Russian regime has become (or has always been) in their total disregard for human life (including the lives of their own population and military) and for truth.
  16. what are you guys even talking about
  17. These dates are leftover festival dates from 2020.
  18. Zoviet France as support in London too
  19. Here's hoping for more dates. New font and design, new album soon? =)
  20. Exactly. What point are you trying to get across with this anecdotal evidence you're presenting, other than trying to legitimate the invasion? Yes, a lot of armies, EU and otherwise, have neonazis amongst them, and that's an issue that should be monitored closely, but what are you trying to say?
  21. eye


    Hoping there'll be a tour announcement in the near future
  22. Had a good life quality improvment when I decided to stop reading the occasional Pitchfork review.
  23. Loved it on headphones, was blown away when a friend played it on decent speakers :)
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