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  1. IJO released a series of 3 "Arkiv" cassettes over the last month or so and the first of them has been uploaded to YouTube. Highly recommended! #2 and #3 are quality, too, but they haven't been uploaded yet.
  2. I've been patiently waiting on activity from OR since that Bewwip 7". Looking forward to this one.
  3. I've got to hear this. Adventures in Foam is a classic.
  4. I saw this on Redeye and was stoked on new Bjarki. Kind of a bummer, but he does have a new Cucumb45 EP coming out on bbbbbb soon, if'n you're unaware.
  5. I see what it is supposed to be, but that description on Bandcamp has me scratching my head.
  6. Highly recommend listening. https://rawrussian.bandcamp.com/album/leo-tood
  7. New 24 tracker from Torriko, including the 8 tracks from his recent EP on Further Electronix. https://torriko.bandcamp.com/album/rendici-n-recopilaci-n-1017
  8. If it's anything like the Start to End EP I will snag it instantly.
  9. There are a few other retailers getting their hands on these. I snagged a copy earlier today through Out Of Joint Records, but it's sold out now. It looks like Bogdan's Bandcamp page is prepped for a digital release eventually.
  10. Excellent release on Seagrave. https://seagrave.bandcamp.com/album/is
  11. Not crazy on Com Truise, though the occasional track of his will do it for me. I saw him live once with Clark and honestly I can't even remember the Com Truise set because Clarks was so much more captivating and interesting.
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